Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Blessing of a Daughter at Home

Being a daughter at home doesn't mean being a financial burden. A creative, hard-working daughter can be a blessing to her family (yes, financially as well) while developing the techniques of spending less and stretching every penny that will be very useful someday for a stay-at-home wife and mother. Here are a few humble ideas I have been practicing for a while:

* Ever since I realized I'm good with numbers, comparing prices, finding the best deals and so on, I have taken hold of all the grocery shopping. I don't just scribble a shopping list hastily before going to the store – I keep it near me all the time, and whenever we use something up or run out of something, I put it on the list right away. I also made a list of items we always need to have in the house, so I can compare my weekly list with the big list.

* My mother has excellent skills in cooking, baking and canning, but she doesn't always have time and strength to do it all. Her knowledge and my energy make a great combination, and I've learned to cook and bake from scratch, so we only buy basic products. We make our own marmalade and can our own vegetables. When we do sometimes buy cucumbers in brine, I recycle the brine – just put fresh cucumbers in it, and in a couple of days, voila – they are salty and crunchy.

* Don't waste! I use old jars for storing home-made marmalade, old supermarket bags for our trash and old clothes for dusting. I wash dishes by hand and I dry all of our clothes on an old-fashioned clothes line. In the evenings, rather than turn on the lights in all our rooms, we sit together in one room. It saves electricity, and it's great family time!

* Being humble and keeping things simple is the best, and most obvious, advice I can give. I never waste much money on clothes. I replaced expensive personal care products with cheaper ones (baby soap works just as good for my skin as pricey "cleansing gel", and petroleum jelly is a great moisturizer); I keep my hairstyle simple, so my mother can cut my hair when needed.

* Last but not least, earning money can be an option without tearing oneself from home and neglecting one's duties. I have been tutoring young children since I've been a teenager. I also take translating and typing jobs when offered. Of course, this is an area where every young lady can be creative and play to her own strengths. I'm not saying a daughter can't be a blessing to her parents if she doesn't earn anything, but if she has skills or talents she can easily turn into money, why not give it a try?

Any young lady can be creative and think of many different ways to help her family while living at home. And I don't mean only young girls, either. Personally, if I get married late, or if marriage is not in God's plans for me at all, I intend to continue living with my mother and helping her in every way I can.


Candy said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog :)
These are excellent tips! Thanks for sharing! :)


Candy said...

I forgot to mention...
That is such a beautiful picture of you above "your favorite websites" on the top of your blog there. You are gorgeous and the background...so pretty!

Candy :)

Anna S said...

Thanks, Candy!
I think every wife, sister or daughter probably has her array of useful tips :) I always enjoy learning from others (you can see I have both Homeliving Helper and Biblical Womanhood on my list of favorites)

Anna S said...

Candy: now I'm really blushing :) I'm glad you like the picture. It was taken on Crete last autumn. A gorgeous place to visit!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that you've learned all these things while growing up and probably from a younge age. Mothers are great teachers :)

When younger, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have when my mom tried to teach me things. Once I was married...well, let's just say it was very hard for me. I moved away and I didn't have the "tools". But in time, I learned as well.

What a wonderful daughter you are to help at home and if needed, to work outside the home.

Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog. My readers may also enjoy your inspiring tips :)

Anna S said...

Thanks for the comment, Glamour Mom! :) Of course, I will be delighted if you add me to your blog.

While my mother was growing up, there was never much money available, and the family just had to make do with what they had. That's why Mom is so skilled in everything concerning domestic arts.

Unfortunately, while growing up I didn't have the most important guidance a girl can possibly have -an example of godly marriage to watch and learn from. That, I believe, is a lesson far more important than learning how to keep house. So I pray to God with all my heart to send me a husband and guide me in the path of godly wife and mother, if that is indeed His plan for me.

Tracy said...

Again I find wisdom in your words. Thank you for sharing with us. My daughter, Autumn, is 14 and is enjoying reading your posts as well.

Anna S said...

Thank you for stopping by! If there's anything that makes me happy, it's hearing about young girls who are learning in an easier way (through loving guidance of their family) what I had to learn the hard way (through painful experience and a whole load of mistakes). I pray for all the young girls out there, in this dangerous world of ours.

Sheri said...

I pray my girls grow up to feel the same way; believing that they should be and are blessings to our home and family in the ways you mentioned. God is faithful and he has such good plans for “His girls at home.” You certainly are a jewel to your mother and I'm sure she is very proud of you Anna!

Becky said...

I agree with Candy. You are a lovely young woman. And you do such beautiful crocheting. I just learned to knit a little over a year ago and I love it. Everyone is getting knitted gifts now. Scarves, dishcloths, afghans. I even do baby booties! It is so fun.

Anna S said...

Thank you, dear Sheri and Becky!

In a bit, I think I will post some more about crocheting.

Becky: handmade gifts make such a lovely impression, even if it's something small! Mom wears a crocheted scarf I made, and even though it's not fancy, she loves it. :-)
Our home is decorated with embroidered and crocheted items my mother, grandmother and aunt made together. Sometimes, Mom says to Grandma, "do you remember how the three of us sat and worked on this and that?". So many lovely memories! It's heartwarming. I hope I can sit and work together with my daughters someday.

Emily said...

Hi Anna,

I admire you so much for your commitment to be a blessing to your family as a stay-at-home daughter. While other girls your age are going off to pursue their own selfish agendas (or living at home pursuing their own selfish agendas), you are staying with your family and using your skills to serve them. Such a beautiful picture of godly femininity! God bless you!

In His care,


Anna S said...

Thank you, Emily. I am encouraged to read your comment, and will very soon return to your blog for some more inspiration. :)