Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Course assignment

"Make at least two suggestions explaining the possible interaction between the 3 variables: music volume, alcohol consumption and number of condoms sold in pubs and bars. State the dependent variables. Can one or more of the variables be both dependent and independent?"

Do you think this is some kind of tasteless joke? Nope, that's the course assignment I got a couple of days ago. As if there are no better examples to give so we can learn about market research methods. I suppose they thought explaining about prices and variability of products in grocery stores just doesn't do the trick anymore.

This is just one out of many encounters with inappropriate content I've experienced in my 3 years of college. But it's especially disturbing because this is actually a part of the study program. No, it probably doesn't outshine the time when a sex shop sold its produce (as "souvenirs") off a counter that was placed right in the middle of the campus. Or the constant promotion of bars, pubs, shows and parties (during one of which a girl has been raped after someone slipped a drug into her drink). Or the time when one of the teachers included jumping playboy girls in her presentation.

Again and again I ask myself: is college an appropriate place for a young lady? I don't want to be judgmental. I simply tell the facts.


Anonymous said...

Is this particular course study for a psych class?

Come August my daughter will be taking some courses through a local junior college. Sports Psych is one of the courses and I'm fairly certain alternative lifestyles will come into it. sigh.

One other option would be for her to take courses (on-line) via a decidedly Christian college.

As your college education comes to an end, Anna, and you have developed a hindsight concerning further education, would you have proceeded differently?

Your thoughts on this are appreciated.

Candy said...

Oh my goodness! I cant believe they ask that!!!

Anna S said...

Haus Frau,

This particular course is called "Introduction to Market Research"; it revolves around consumer behavior and different types of questionnaires. To teach that, there's no need (obviously!) to use examples such as the one I mentioned.

Would I go to college if I knew 3 years ago what I know now? I'm not sure. I wrote about it a few weeks ago in a post called "My experience of college education). I'm not saying college is all evil. I'm going to have a degree in nutrition, and I did learn useful and important things - but I believe those could be learned from home, in a safer environment, and much cheaper.

My study program was career-oriented, and wouldn't be very useful for a lady preparing to focus on marriage and motherhood. Perhaps a broader study program would contribute more to general education, or some selected courses from a college that holds modesty and chastity in higher esteem.

... While I might have doubts about college education itself, I'm pretty much convinced living away from home, in the corrupting atmosphere of my campus, would have been destructive. A local college is certainly better.

I believe education is very important. I was blessed with a love of learning, and I would feel my personal growth is stunted if I didn't learn something new all the time. But I honestly feel I've learned more on my own than in college.

Tracy said...

Oh my... My husband and I had lunch alone at a local restaurant today. We had a wonderful conversation about our children, and our hopes and dreams for them.

We have decided to start telling our girls now that path that we would choose for them. We very much desire for them to be home until the Lord provides a husband for them. If He never does, then we would like them to remain with us.

I'm so thankful that we agree on this issue. I know so many parents who can't wait for freedom when their children are *gone*.

We also discussed college. We are leaning towards none for the girls. Again, I'm glad that we agree!

Anna S said...

Since you read my blog, I think you know I have a similar opinion regarding young women's role and their education. I believe home is the best place for a woman; a place where she can contribute to her family, learn, develop her talents and prepare for marriage and motherhood.

If God sends me daughters, I think I will make the same choice for them. However I understand I can only choose for them until they grow up. Once they are adults, they will decide for themselves. Just thinking how serious the consequences of their decisions might be makes me anxious. Therefore I believe it is important to teach and educate girls about the feminine role as early as possible, and also warn them about how dangerous and harmful it can be when we stray away from God's design.

One of the reasons I decided to run this blog was to tell about wrong choices I made in the past. If even one young lady learns through my mistakes and is spared the pain of making her own, I'm blessed.

Jordin said...

Oh, Anna...
I know exactly where you're coming from. I had to write a sestina last semester that SUPPORTED feminism. That was so hard for me, but I think I was able to work around it a bit. I might actually post that poem on my blog!

You really are doing a great job on this blog. I hope that many young women visit and see God's Truth shining through you!

Christie Belle said...

Oh, wow. I am so sorry you have to deal with this stuff while trying to better yourself in college. It is truly a shame that you can't even continue your education without having such worldly things constantly shoved in your face. I do admire you, though, for not falling in with the crowd, which would definately be the easier road to take.

Anna S said...

Dear Jordin and Christie,
Thank you for your support!

Jordin, in a sense it was lucky that I studied something ideologically neutral (even though it was career-promoting). Otherwise the struggle would have been more challenging.

Christie - I believe education can and should be continued. I certainly intend to expand my horizons. Only it doesn't have to be in college. My Grandpa never completed his college education, yet he was a very intelligent man, appreciated classical literature and poetry, and spoke 4 languages. How many college graduates can say something like this about themselves?

Emily said...

I can't say I'm completely shocked Anna, being a university student myself. We don't tend to get crude stuff like that, but rather heavily feministic-themed things thrown in our face.

I agree in with you in saying I believe I have probably learnt more in my own time, of my own accord, than I have in university. Nevertheless, I know this was God's plan for me - not necessarily to go to university, but to move out of home and seperate myself from the unhelpful relationships with my family and friends from back home, so that God could work in my life and make me the woman I am today (it's all a work of His grace). Had I not moved out of home and come to study here in a different city, I would still be stuck in my immature ways (not to say I am so mature now!), not growing very much, and still very much like the world.

God has a unique plan for all of us, and He will use less desirable situations for His glory. I agree with you in that, unless God calls a girl otherwise, that she should remain at home. For me, I was that "called otherwise" girl, and am glad because it was God's plan for my life!

Bless you Anna, and I hope you received my email.

In His care, Emily

Anna S said...

I think I understand very well what you mean when you say God in His grace can turn undesirable situations for the best.

I know for sure that if it weren't for some painful mistakes I made in the past, I would never be the person I am today. I wouln't mature, develop and grow towards God.