Friday, April 20, 2007

My home-management binder

When I first read about the idea of home-management binders on "Noble Womanhood", I was fascinated. "That looks great!" – I told myself. However, I thought something like this is only meant for married ladies, who have large homes, children, and vegetable gardens. Would it work for a young unmarried woman who only has a small household to manage?

Then I decided to give it a try. After all, I already used shopping lists, to-do lists and a menu planner; I had a daily planner and a book of recipes which I had collected and where I put notes with new recipes I haven't had the time to try just yet. All those resulted in a mess of small and large pieces of paper scattered all around. I decided it will make sense to keep them all in one place.

The home-management binder I eventually made has 3 sections:
1) Home – this is where I keep my "Universal daily to-do list", my "Weekly shopping and cleaning list", small shopping and to-do lists, and of course, coupons.
2) Projects – this is a section for things that take some time to plan and do, and includes current and possible future projects. For example: cleaning in spots I reach only occasionally, crafts, home decoration ideas and things that need to be repaired. This is also where I put bills that need to be paid. Whenever I have some free time, I look into this section and see what needs to be done. It helps me use my time wisely.
3) Food – a section for new recipes I will try when there's time and for original menu and table decoration ideas.

And you know what; this little binder has been tremendously helpful. I'm usually praised for my excellent memory and organization skills, but the truth is that I'm actually a horribly unorganized person, and I'd forget most of what I need to do unless I wrote that down. That's precisely why I need to keep all of my errands in perfect order – or prepare for a disaster.

I would love to hear about your practice of home organization!


Anna Naomi said...

How fun! I recently read about such a binder somewhere online, and made my own. I haven't added everything I want yet, but I'm working on it. Currently it holds recipes I want to try, recipes that are good and I need to add to our family cookbook, a housekeeping schedule that would be great if I followed it (!), menu plans when I make them, a list of big tasks I'd like to do in the next year, and various warranties I need to keep for appliances I have. I also have a daily to-do list and planner, that is wonderful!

Tracy said...


I have a secret sisiter, and she is getting married in September. I recently made her a home management binder. It included lists of how to thoroughly clean each room weekly, spring cleaning, home maintenance, medical records, family trees, car information, recipes, frugal tips, etc. I hope that she likes it!

Emily said...

Fantastic idea Anna! I unfortunately don't have much of a home planning system, but hope to soon! Currently my housemate and I are looking into making our own food organisation binders. So, one step at a time I guess!

In His care,


Anna S said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Tracy - the binder you made sounds much bigger than the one I have right now. Excellent ideas. I might expand and add a few more sections in the future.

Kathleen said...

Anna, I just did a big post about mine! It's under the category "Home Management Binder".

Heather said...

If you still like the home management binder[this is a bit after the fact as I am reading your archives], Heather over at Want What You Have did a great series on this subject. You can find it here:

Kate said...

I first heard of this concept on your website but am only now putting it into practice. Right now I am researching how others set theirs up and so far I think I like your concept the best as it fits in with my lifestyle and personality. I went back to read this post on it and just wanted to let you know it helped me!