Saturday, April 7, 2007

No Father To Protect You?

I would like to dedicate this to all the young ladies out there who were born into a world touched by feminism, egalitarianism, deterioration of family values – and who rejected what the world has to offer, in favor of something better, deeper, in a noble attempt to build a new world around them.
I speak to you and pray for you – you, who have been born to a ruined family, or a family where everybody are self-absorbed and "family time" is nonexistent; you, whose father was not present in your life; you, who'd fall asleep, waiting for a goodnight kiss from Mom, but she was never there. You have seen egocentrism, greed, immorality and vanity. You have been taught nothing is secure and therefore nothing is worth committing to. You have been taught your worth equals your paycheck, and the path to happiness is earning as much as you can, and then spending it all. As a child, you probably received too little attention and guidance, and too many toys and clothes. It is possible you had no siblings, and therefore didn't learn the joy of giving and sharing.
And there you stand, horrified, looking at what our society has become, and saying: "No! This is not what I want. I want to do things differently. I want to make a change. I want to be a respectful daughter, and a lady, and have a beautiful family, pray to God and experience the simple joys of life. I want to be a helpmeet to my husband and a joyful mother of children. I want to make my life full by serving others rather than following selfish ambitions. I don't care about what's 'normal' or 'popular'; I want to do what's right!"
No one is immune to social pressure and corrupting influence, but it is more difficult for those who have never experienced a loving touch of their father's hand, who have never seen a family built upon God's design. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's possible to do things differently. Sometimes it seems impossible there are actually happy marriages out there, based on fidelity and respect, and a mother who is always there for her children, and daughters whose father extends a protective wing over them; it seems like a fairy tale. Who could count the young women who cry into their pillow, thinking, "I want that too, I'd give anything to have it! But I don't know how – no one ever told me"?
Pray. Know that if you have no earthly father, your Heavenly Father is watching even closer over you. Praise Him for planting these desires in your heart, for making you love Him and turn to Him, no matter what the world might have to offer. You are a King's daughter.
Pray and hope. There is hope, even if you took the wrong path, even if you feel desperate at the moment! Remember that "He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill".
Doubt can overcome you very easily. Find people who share similar convictions. Treasure the gift of friendship and guidance from older women who have walked a similar path. But most importantly, pray.
Ladies, I am one of you. I wish I had a miraculous solution, but I don't. All I can offer is sincere prayer of my humble heart. I pray for strength and commitment, and for husband and children; I pray for making a difference.
And every day, I feel my prayer takes me further and further from where I used to be.


Emily said...

What a beautiful post Anna, so full of hope and encouragement - thank you for writing it.

I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home, and for the most part of my life, was "Daddy's girl". Being my only biological parent (my mother died when I was 2, and my dad remarried my step-mum), I was always close to my him.

However, although we were Christians, we weren't particularly a Christian family. Sure, we went to church each Sunday together, but that was about it. And although I was close and loved by my dad, he never taught me spiritual matters and never really acted as a true protector. My parents, although again are boh Christians, do not have much of a Christian marriage either.

So I can definitely empathise with the kind of girls you have aimed this at. I was brought up with mainly worldly values, and it has taken a lot of Holy Spirit work to change those deeply-ingrained mindsets. And I am so grateful to the Lord for it! It is a blessing to have your eyes open and to realise what truly counts in this life, and how we were designed as women.

God bless you Anna!

In His care,


Tracy said...

This is well written, Anna. Thank you for reminding young women that no matter their present station, or where they have been, there is a Father who loves them.

Candy said...

Wow, Anna! This post blew me away!
You are one amazing and wise young woman! MUCH wiser than your age.
I pray God will continue to bless you as you are blessing and encouraging others!!
God has given you such a special gift of encouragement and writing!


Anna S said...

Emily, thank you for writing and sharing your story. Tracy and Candy, thank you for your encouraging comments.

Kathleen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

And here I am, stumbling upon this post a couple years after you wrote this.. I grew up in an intact family but some of my values are changing. I am already married, about to become a mother and so very lonely and isolated because I realised that I cant stop this change inside me, a change of values and ideals. Im not surrounded by people who will support this change but I am holding on. This post is very uplifting. Thank you!