Saturday, April 28, 2007

Questions I've been asked

Emily from 'Unfurling Flower' asked me some questions about my view of the role of a grown-up, unmarried daughter living at home. I would like to thank Emily for this 'interview', because it challenged me to put into words some things I haven't really defined for myself before.

You can read it here.


Becky said...

Anna, somehow I lost the link to your site awhile ago and have not caught up with you until now. I read through your last few entries and enjoyed them.

Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement on what we are going through at my house. Losing a beloved pet is much harder than I thought it would be.

And I asked the question awhile ago as to who was visiting from Israel (my map tells me where the visits are from but not who it is). Someone suggested it might be you. I am not sure you want anyone to know that, and if not please feel free to delete this comment. But I am just curious.

Emily said...

Again, thank you Anna for participating! It is an honour and a privilege to have your wisdom and thoughts shared on my blog. I'm glad it challenged you. Tracy's one should be posted up on Monday - it is excellent what she has to say!

In His care, Emily

Anna S said...

Thanks for visiting.
Yes, I'm from Israel. Perhaps I should write this in my welcome note?.. I mean... this is the second time I'm told "I will understand if you don't want anyone to know that" :)

The reason I didn't write this next to the headline of my blog was because I wanted it to be non-political. I know from experience that the moment I tell I'm from Israel, I get dragged into political discussions... and I promised myself I won't let this happen here.

Tracy said...

Anna, I enjoyed reading your answers to Emily's questions. I've enjoyed her building homes series, and I think this was a nice way to finish it.