Monday, April 9, 2007

Some more crocheting

Here are two more items I made lately.
Mom kept telling me how she misses her white scarf that got lost somehow, so I gave her this one instead:

One of our drawers looked like it could do with some decoration, so I made this doily:
(The funny part is that both of these were made during bus trips :) I do spend a lot of time in the bus.)


Tracy said...

I especialy love the doily. Very pretty. Makes me want to ride the bus, too!(0;

Anna S said...

Thank you, Tracy. :) I'm always inspired by the lovely works of Mom and Grandma we have at home.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful at crocheting. Your hands smust fly when you're doing this. My hands hurt after a while and so I have to take a lot of breaks so it always takes me a little longer to complete things. I may just have to try making a scarf like this one...though much more simpler because I only know few stiches.

Thank you for sharing your work...your mom must be so happy to receive such a lovely scarf :)

Anna S said...

Thank you, Glamour Mom!
As a matter of fact, I know only a few basic stitches as well. Crocheting itself is made of a few stitches in various combinations, you can see it in any pattern you find.

Christie Belle said...

Oh, you are so talented. I would love to learn how to crochet. Maybe one day! I just learned about cross stitching last year, so maybe this could be my next task. Again, beautiful work!

Autumn said...

All of these things are beautiful! I wish that I could crochet. For now, I only know how to quilt, cross-stitch, and I can use the sewing machine a little bit. Knitting and crocheting are next on my list!

I linked you to my blog!


Anna S said...

Christie Belle and Autumn, thank you!

I learned cross-stitching from my mother some time ago, but unfortunately, I didn't have too much time to practise it (if I tried to do THAT in the bus, my poor fingers probably wouldn't heal for weeks...). And I'm not that great at sewing. Sure, I can do simple things, mend and alter clothes, but I have A LOT to learn.

Autumn: I haven't learned quilting yet! Is it difficult? Do you think I could teach myself?