Sunday, April 1, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

FAQs and what this blog is not about:

Due to some criticizing remarks I recently got, many of which were a result of misunderstanding, I decided I'm going to write this and add it to the 'Start Here' sidebar. I do hope that next time someone feels like writing an impulsive response, based on wrong impressions, they will check it out. Also, since some questions are repeated over and over again, I have already written separate posts to answer them. To make them easier to find, I will include links here.

So, let's get rid of some misconceptions:

* This blog is not about pointing fingers and being judgmental. When I started writing here, what I had in mind was an online fellowship where I could exchange ideas with likeminded women, and have peaceful discussion with those who disagree. I think this has been quite successful in general, and I intend to keep it this way. No battlefield here!

* While I believe in masculine leadership, it certainly doesn't mean I think husbands have the right to abuse their wives. Or vice versa. In a marriage, both husband and wife should be loving, generous and respectful towards each other.

* I'm not against education for women. Quite the contrary! Neither do I think women should be weaklings with no practical skills. If we're nothing but brainless ornaments, how are we supposed to give support and advice to our husbands, run households, raise the next generation?

Here are some FAQs. Click on the question to go to the post where it is discussed.

"Why are you against feminism?"

"What is a woman to do if her husband is unable to support her?"

"What is your point of view on women's rights?"

"What can stay-at-home wives offer their families?"

"What should a woman do if her husband is an abuser?"

"Do you think it is always wrong for women to work outside the home?"

I feel I should also add that - while I have no problem with commenters who politely disagree - rude attacks and personal insults will not be published. And while I enjoy discussions, my time for answering questions and objections on this blog is limited, so commenters who insist on trying to drag me into lengthy arguments will be sorely disappointed.


Tracy said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm so glad that you are here. From what I am reading, you have quite a head on your shoulders for your young age. (By God's grace, I am sure!)
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that you will return soon. I pray that I can encourage women of all ages in their spiritual life, and their quest to make their house a home.
May the Lord bless you!

Anna S said...

Thank you, Tracy! It really is an encouragement for me. In my area, I'm often labeled weird and feel isolated because of my views regarding home and being family-centered. One of the reasons I decided to blog was wanting to reach other women who share the same idea.

Candy said...

HI there, I found your blog from Homeliving Helper. I am so glad I did! I will look forward to all your future posts! Im off to read that link you included in this post about your recovery from feminism..


Anna S said...

Hi Candy! I'm glad you liked my modest blog. I'm only at the beginning. :)
The link I have included speaks more about modesty than about feminism. If you wish to read more of my thoughts on feminism, you can read, also from LAF:
... and of course, I will be posting more here soon

Candy said...

Wow, I just read your testimony. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I know it will bless someones life for sure.


Anna S said...

Thank you for taking the time to read my story on LAF. I hope many women and girls read it and learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately, those are mistakes made so often by young girls lured by the temptations of this world...

javagirl1111 said...

Woohoo! This is great;-) I'm also a young lady against feminism:-) I think we need to be blogger friends! LOL

Anna S said...

Javagirl: Not many people in my area share the same ideas, so it's great meeting someone like-minded on this blog.

Father Mackenzie said...

Sounds like a pretty neat, interesting blog. My mom reads it often, so I'll have to check it out from time to time.:)

Anna S said...

Excellent, feel free to comment and share your thoughts :)

Emily said...

Anna - I love LAF, and read your story not long before discovering your blog! I was very touched by it and can certainly empathise with the "downfalls" you experienced. It just goes to show how awesome our God is and how amazing His grace is that changes us!

In His care,


Anna S said...

Emily - thank you! I hope many people, especially young women, read my story on LAF, and if it can be an encouragement to even one person, I think I can count myself blessed.

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled upon this blog from LAF! It is a great encouragement to me as a 13 year old who has 'strange ideas' (according to some) about feminity and my role as a girl then a women.
I was reading the comments and was wondering where I can find your testimony on LAF?

In God's Love,

Anna S said...


Welcome! You can find my testimony if you follow the 'Why is modesty so important?' link on the sidebar.

Rightthinker said...

Love, the blog! I just stumbled upon it. I'm SO happy to find young women who are strongly convicted about what the Bible teachus us women.

The Bible speaks absolute volumes about our gender roles, and the importance they play in humanity. We are, unfortunately, replacing gender roles with a blending of whatever people choose-not what is right.

Thanks for the blog, keep up the good work, and never ever give up the truth. God has a special plan for a woman with conviction of His will as you do.

God Bless!

Maggie said...

What a neat FAQ section! Great idea.

Soarer GT said...

I'm a 20-something American guy and an atheist since high school.
I can't say I buy into the religious aspect of your blog, but a lot of the ideas you present are both interesting and appealing to me. After years on the dating scene, and finding myself appalled by modern "hookup culture" it's refreshing to see that there are still traditional women like you in the US.
Somehow, my disillusionment with materialistic, narcissistic, throw-away culture has lead me back to an appreciation of the values held by my ancestors.

After a lot of soul-searching (if you want to call it that) I realized that I have a desire for the role of husband and father. I think, subconsciously, that's the sort of thing I've been preparing myself for all these years.
A man is supposed to do the best he can for his wife (and eventually, his kids), so I've tried to make myself more physically fit, financially fit, and emotionally supportive.

Still, I have trouble believing that any relationship could actually work nowadays.
After seeing the ravages of divorce and the corrupt family court system affect other (usually older) men around me, I think I'd rather ride a bicycle through Iraq than get married.

You seem like a nice enough person. I hope you find the type of relationship that you are looking for and the kind, saintly, Christian dude you are hoping for. I also hope things work out well for the other ladies who think like you.

Anyway, I'm glad that some women are waking up to the cultural devastation brought on by feminism.
I used to buy into their ideology myself, until I realized how it was ruining a lot of lives.
I can't say I hate women - I actually I think they are inherently wonderful- but I am more than a bit disappointed.
Maybe one day, things will change and relationships between men and women will get better.

As for me I've stopped believing in marriage, and prefer to remain committed to my career and education. It's occasionally lonely, but I find the bachelor life to be worthwhile and rather satisfying.

Best of luck.

Anna S said...

Hey Soarer! You raise such interesting points that my fingers simply itch to start typing and discussing them. I'll save it for later, though, as time is short now.

Always feel free to contact me by email!

Anonymous said...

My email is

It would help if we discuss this further privately if you prefer. I promise to be respectful even if we disagree.

Anna S said...

Georgia, drop me a line anytime at

Kittee said...

Dear Anna,

Your wonderful thoughts have been a true inspiration and have compelled me to start a blog here of my own. I pray that you are doing well in your new marriage and home!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy with the world.

Blessings upon you!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Anna;
reading through your blog was very enjoyable and especially very much enlightening concerning jewish life which obviously as you have portrayed is pro peace and life. I myself almost totally agree with what u have mentioned about women and married life and the importance of the family.... what bothers me though and is quite baffling ( since I am very much interested in getting to know and comprehend various religions and am doing research in thais matter)is what I got to know about the teachings of The Talmude which(If I'm not mistaken) is what the Orthodox Jews believe in (If I'm mistaken please let me know). What I have come to know about The Talmude has been troubling my mind for some time now and I feel I really need someone to shed light in this matter. If I were to give examples I would refer to parts of The Talmude in which it is considered right to marry a 3 year old girl and say that virginity comes back to a 3 year old as tears come back to the eyes or other things concerning being brutal and cheating the non-jewish neighbor. You see I can go on and on about things like this but since you are a jew who has "chosen" to be a Jew, I presume you have done much research and decided that Judaism is the best religion out of all the ones which are present in our world.
Could you please enlighten me about your religion, the Talmude, or any other Holy scripture you read and also give me your attitude towards the teachings of The Talmude and its anti-Christian anti-gentile(none jewish person)stance?

Thank you for you time and take care.

eli said...

Dear Anna;
thanks for putting my post up on the board, I'm eagerly awaiting your response. To tell u the truth my first conception was that u would not put it up because it had questioned Judaism, I'm really glad you proved me wrong.
As I mentioned previously I am greaaaaately interested in getting to know new religions from truthful sources and I hope your blog will provide me the info I need. Due to my interest I have been doing some extensive research on Judaism and Islam because I think that these are the two most misunderstood religions of our world.... and I must confess that I have so far(especially after reading you blog) been more and more baffled from the things I have discovered.
For example Anna, did you know that Moslems have the exact same ideas concerning men and women not touching each other prior to marriage, Not being in a place where they are completely alone with a man? Not talking about sexual subjects in relation to each other when they are not married? My goodness I can just go on and on and on and give you a very long list...
Concerning Covering the hair for example and modesty not only of the way they dress but also of the way they behave in society?.... Covering their hair in front of any male apart from husbands fathers, brothers and I think uncles... It is just amazing the more I study and I can't but wonder whether the author of Judaism and Islam are not the same...
Dear Anna sorry for making my post so long but as I read more and more of your beautiful blog I become more intensely interested in acquiring the truth and I heartily hope that you shall help me find it.
If you like I can give you and anybody else who is interested the info I have gathered and ask you to be kind enough to answer my questions and supply me with authentic information. My head is now full of various question marks and I need answers. I truly hope we shall be able to help each other out.
take care
here is my email:

Mrs. Anna T said...


Thanks for providing an email address so I could contact you. I hope my email answered some of your questions.

For those who may see this thread in the future - I generally do not allow theological discussions here. I have learned they can get out of hand. For religious questions, you are welcome to contact me at

eli said...

Dear Anna;
I have started my own blog "help the truth" in accordance to what I said I wanted to do regarding my search for an understanding of Judaism and Islam. As I consider your blog to be extremely helpful in regards to orthodox Judaism which I believe to be the most authentic kind of Judaism, I have put your blog in my Blog List as a great reference for understanding of Judaic concepts and life style. I have started reading the Quran myself, being particularly sensitive to its references to Judaism and Christianity and its outlooks towards them and have already put some parts of its chapters online. The reason I am posting here(and not to you email) is for you and any other person who visits your blog and who may be interested or willing to contribute, to come visit my blog and give his/her opinion concerning what I'm sharing.
I would be really glad if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think. Of course as I have explained there I am making it a step by step experience in which everyone else can take part or contribute if they like.
Hope to see your comments there.
Thanks again for the helpful sites you introduced to me-- am really enjoying reading them

Becky said...

Hi Anna,
I just found your blog, and although I can see right away that we would probably disagree on some things, I'm thrilled to have found such a lovely and well-spoken person as you via blogging. I have read a few of your posts with interest and I will check back when I spend time reading blogs. Thanks for what you have to share with all of us.

Jo said...

I have read a number of Christian womens blogs and I am very interested in the range of views that Christian women have on many different topics including the wearing of modest clothing, education/home schooling, feminism etc.. I grew up in a conservative Christian family with out TV and other popular culture, were I wasn't allow to wear trousers /makeup and jewelery etc.. We wore hats to the meeting but did not cover our head at other times, however my parents believed it was important to educate both sons and daughters and saw nothing wrong in me finding employment. I now have a university degree and work full-time in a senior position (statistician) - the Lord has carved out a path for me and found me work that suited my family (I have two sons - 17 and 21) and didn't take over my precious home-life.

Even though feminism is strongly disliked by many Christian women it did make sure that I got equal pay for equal work (to men) and that I am treated correctly in the workplace (eg not seen as the office sex object). Like all things, there are elements that are good and others that are not or gone to far. They also brought about other changes in the workplace that have created a more equal environment.

I will continue to read your blog with interest.

Jo (from Australia)