Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Daily Domestic Maintenance

Often, I have these days when I wake up and there are so many things calling me that I simply don't know where to start! I'm horribly unorganized, and until recently I would fret and try to do everything at once. Now, however, I take my home management binder and pull out my "Universal Daily to-do List", which includes the following:

* Making beds
* Watering the plants and making sure my cat has fresh food and water in her tray
* Taking out the garbage
* Washing the dishes
* Laundry: loading the washing machine, or folding, ironing and putting away, or both
* Looking around and seeing if there's anything that needs to be put in its place, or tossed into the garbage, or if there's any spot that requires "emergency cleaning"

Voila! Once I've done all that, I feel free, relaxed and able to concentrate on other things that need to be done: shopping or major cleaning (if that's a shopping/cleaning day), cooking meals, studying, or any other project that needs to be done that day.
It mind sound trivial to you, but until recently, I felt so overwhelmed that I would try to rush through everything and ended up forgetting to do things.

Some time ago, I read this great advice on Lady Lydia's blog, "Homeliving Helper": don't attempt to start your day before you're dressed and your hair is combed! So true. I could jump off my bed and start doing things that needed to be done, saying, "well, it's urgent!" – And next thing I knew, it was nearly lunchtime and my hair was still uncombed. So my day only starts 'officially' after I get dressed, comb my hair, say my prayers and have some breakfast.

What about you ladies? What sort of daily plan works for you?


Ways of Zion said...

First off, I love your blog...

My day starts with getting Husband up and out the door, then helping the children dress and finally myself. I also feel that my day dosen't "start" officially, until we've said our prayers and eaten breakfast. Usually things work in this order:
1) Make beds with Micah's help
2) Clean up the dining room and kitchen, unload the dishwasher from last night and begin to fill it
3) story time/home school preschool
4) go for an hour walk with the chilren or let them play outside while I garden (aka weed!)
5) lunch
6) naptime for children = clean the flours (vacume and wash if needed)
7) various odd chores in the afternoon and then right before husband arrives home I get into clean clothes, brush my hair and teeth again, get dinner ready and in the oven and clean the downstairs bathroom (espcially now that we spend a lot of time outside and there is usually dirty handprints all over it. Micah sets the cutlery and Elisheva is learning to put her spoon and fork on as well. I try to have dinner ready to go right after Husband gets home so that it is not so rushed.

Hope that was what you were looking for.

Anna S said...

Ways of Zion, I'm glad you enjoy my humble blog, and thanks for sharing your daily schedule! It seems a lot like mine... only I don't have a husband or children yet... and no dishwasher either :)

Christie Belle said...

Sounds like you have a good method going. I always try to do a little each day to, at least when it comes to the big tasks. Dishes, bed making, etc. are also on my everyday list.

Buffy said...

Hello Anna

I notice that looking after the cat is high on your list. If she is anything like mine she makes it known that she needs feeding NOW. In fact she is a bit like an alarm clock sometimes.

Thank you for commenting on my blog by the way. You are always welcome there and I am interested in your views on the many questions in life!

Anna S said...

My cat IS an alarm clock. She's used to being fed VERY early in the morning, and she doesn't care if it's weekend :P