Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I love FlyLady!

I simply love FlyLady for all the wonderful tips on cleaning and home organization! The great ideas are really too many to count, but here are the ones that helped me most:

1. Shine your sink
This might not make sense - how does a shiny sink help when your whole house is a mess? Yet I've found out that it works miracles for me. If my sink is clean and shiny, I feel relaxed and contented enough to tackle the biggest pile of mess and clutter I can find.

2. Declutter for 15 minutes a day
I don't think I can over-emphasize the importance of regular decluttering. But suppose you're like me - someone who tends to accumulate unnecessary possessions - and those, in turn, accumulate dust? What if you have piles of clutter you are simple afraid to face? Doing a bit every day does the trick!

3. Pick up after yourself
This one makes a huge difference about how your home looks at the end of the day! A pair of shoes here, a glass or dish there... before you know it, your house is a mess. Picking up after yourself helps you maintain cleanliness and order.

4. Keep the bathroom clean
I think few things are more depressing and discouraging than a dirty, messy bathroom.

5. Set your timer for 15 minutes
When I face a cleaning day and I'm not in my best shape, I often feel overwhelmed - "oh, this will take hours! I will never finish this! I'm so tired!" - but if I work for 15 minutes and go as fast as I can, then rest for 5 or 10 minutes, then work for 15 minutes again (repeat as many times as necessary) - this really works when you can't do a lot at once.

... Waiting to hear your favorite FlyLady tips!


Anonymous said...

Another great post, Anna! I haven't read FlyLady, but I do know the "Power of 15" in my own home. It really is true! For a few days, I even timed myself doing certain chores around the house. In 15 minutes I can: starch & iron 6 of my husband's undershirts; tidy & wipe down 2 of my pantry shelves; fold one average load of laundry; put a shine on both bathrooms (sink, toilet, wash floor, put out new towels), or give one bathroom a more thorough cleaning (scrub tub & shower, and inside of toilet tank); make a dessert & pop that into the oven........and there are so many more.

Homemaking can seem overwhelming if you look at everything that needs to be done, and see it as requiring attention all at once. But constant monitoring of small jobs, together with breaking down larger tasks into manageable ones, really does make it less intimidating and, I would say, even enjoyable!


Anna S said...

Brenda, wow, you're really efficient! In 15 minutes, I can usually fold a load of laundry and that's it... or iron maybe 1 shirt. :-) Of course, you probably have more experience.

Mrs. Brigham said...

I love Fly Lady. When I was first married, I was clueless about cleaning my house, but thankfully came across the Fly Lady website. Her 30 days starter tips thing and daily emails were the thing that helped me take control of our house, get it clean, and keep it clean. I honestly do not think I would have been able to master much of the homemaking skills I have now without Fly Lady's help.

Sheri said...

When Tony and I first got married, I also signed up for the FlyLady emails. I don't know why, but somehow through moves and changing email addresses I lost track of her. Great reminder Anna!

I do still strongly believe in shining my sink every night... there is something wonderful about waking up to a beautiful, fresh and clean kitchen. I also do set my timer for many small jobs and for keeping track of time for our little ones too.

PaulaB52 said...

Hmm, favorite Flylady tip? Having a day to do the major housecleaning at one time. My mom was a spread it out thru the week type of woman. I'd rather do it all in one day.

Also, her helpful tips in conquering Mt. Washmore saved me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words, Anna. There are other areas where I wish I were more efficient! Working in my garden, for instance. I start pulling "just a few weeds" and before I know it, an hour is gone! I just lose myself out there.......

I also wish my garage were tidier, & my projects area too. Some parts of the house are tended to in an ad hoc fashion, but at least the basic living areas serve us well, and there is a reasonable order there.

I'm always learning & improving,& I like to listen to how other (usually older) women have succeeded in their homemaking skills. A la Titus 2? :)

Lean Not said...

I really like the 37-fling boogie (or something like that!) :)
It is fun to keep throwing stuff away just to be ruthless. Some things are not really needed, but it is hard to make the decision to throw them away. When I'm challenging myself to count to a certain number, it makes it worth it to get rid of stuff I should have gotten rid of long ago. :)

AnneK said...

I love flylady too. 15 minute work REALLY works for me. We just moved into a new house and I was so overwhelmed, but I realized working just 15 minutes everyday (other than basic cooking and cleaning) accomplishes so much. Doesn't tire you out either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna so much for introducing me to FlyLady. I wrote about it on my blog.

And I plan on writing more!

God Bless!

Emily said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing Anna! I need them...!