Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tempting chocolate truffles

Yesterday, I decided to try making my own chocolate truffles. The result is before you. They might not look as good as store-bought, but I assure you, they are delicious.

To make those, you will need:

300 gr dark chocolate
100 gr white chocolate
50 gr butter
1\3 cup chopped nuts
250 ml cream
2 tbsp. brandy or liqueur
cocoa powder or coconut chips

Break the chocolate and cut butter into small pieces; melt it all together, then add the cream, nuts and brandy. Let the whole thing cool off. The melted chocolate smells terrific!

Put into freezer for 2 hours (or more, if you feel it's too soft to work with), and roll those yummy chocolate balls in cocoa powder or coconut. That was when the real fun began! I wish I had a picture of my hands and face taken. I was covered with chocolate and cocoa powder... but I had such a good time!

Put the ready truffles back into freezer for another couple of hours and serve. Surprisingly, they come soft enough even out of the freezer.


Emily said...

Yum, they look amazing Anna! Will have to try those out when I've finished my finals!

In His care, Emily

Anna S said...

You might even want to try them to sustain you during studying for those finals :P Good luck!

Emily said...

That is very true Anna! Hmm, I have some time in about a week or so - may have to make them then!

In His care, Emily

Autumn said...

I absolutely LOVE homeade truffles. Mom makes them at Christmas every year. And they are great! Hers are dipped in chocolate though, not rolled in the powder.