Saturday, June 2, 2007


The picture is a bit blurry, but you can see I actually have pansies growing! If you own a big garden with all sorts of plants, it might sound a bit funny to you, but I'm really excited! These are the first flowers I actually grew from seeds. Watching the entire process was fascinating. I love plants and very much hope to have my own garden someday.


Lean Not said...

I love pansies. It's great that you are enjoying gardening. It is very rewarding.

This may sound strange, but I name my houseplants. ;-D It just makes the whole nurturing thing that much more fun. :)


Anna S said...

Naming houseplants? This is original :P

Hmm. Maybe I should try that. Anyone has a good name for a cute little cactus? :-)

Autumn said...

I think that pansies are so pretty! I have never tried growing them from seeds. Do they require a lot of attention and care?
Oh, if you really want to name a cactus, maybe "spike" =)

Emily said...

Aw they are lovely Anna, you must be so proud! I am pretty bad with looking after flowers, but hopefully that'll be something I learn over time!

PS. So glad to hear your work is going to plan. Keep working hard and it will go so quickly, trust me!

Anonymous said...

Before I had a healthy size garden, I tended container gardens on my apartment porch. A garden is a garden - no matter the size.

Your pansies are lovely, Anna.

I think you should name your cactus: fluffy. ;o)

Perennial Pioneer said...

Like pansies! I had a whole garden, of pansies until they died. I am notorious for killing plants.
Perennial Pioneer

Anna S said...

I think I'll name that cactus "Fluffy Spike" :P

Serena said...

What a vivid purple! So pretty! I like the name "Fluffy Spike". I would wager you won't find another cactus with that name!

Lean Not said...

Here are some of the names of my plants: Dante, Anneliese, Herbie, Emma, Meatball (mom named that one!), Mary Lennox, Cecily Cardew, Gwendolen Fairfax. (note a literary theme)

I know it is silly to name plants, but . . . why not? It makes me laugh when I water them. "Here you go, Emma. Here's your fertilizer." :) Why not add some fun into your day when you have the chance. :)

I love "Fluffy Spike"! :D

Anna S said...

I should post a picture of Fluffy Spike one of these days :P