Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cheerful ironing

Ironing is one of my favorite daily tasks. I love the smell of freshly ironed clothes, and the homely feeling of just standing there in front of my good old ironing board. This ironing board is as old as I am and maybe older, and brings back wonderful memories. I remember my mother using it when I was little, and she already had it when she used to iron my diapers (no disposables back then)! It creaks horribly and sends my cat into hiding behind the sofa, but I'm not in a hurry to replace it with something new.
On another note, Laura invited me to participate in a new blog she started, Maiden Fair, so now I'm going to write there too from time to time. In 'Maiden Fair', we'll be writing about things that are important for young ladies in their journey between childhood and marriage.


Vicky said...

Hi Anna!

Have you heard any more about the kitten? :) I keep thinking about the little guy, since the picture you posted was such a visual of how tiny and delicate they are as newborns!

Anyway, I have a humble question: do you have any good links or books on ironing? :) Sadly, as much as my mom was a SAHM and housekeeper, she did not teach me to iron! Ok, she didn't teach me to iron *clothing* - we only got to practice on my dad's farmer hankies and the pillowcases - nothing that needed much ironing!

So, I've been slowly learning over the past 6 married years. It's a long process, though, because it is something I strongly dislike - maybe because I am not good at it? When I started to bake as a young girl, I disliked it as well, but as I became more proficient, I learned to love it. I am hoping this is so with ironing as well! It is my dream to be a SAHM (my DH stays home right now while our situation warrants) and one of my goals during this time is to learn how to iron better. I can do alright on most parts of a shirt or pair of pants but there are areas that give me trouble (inside seam of dress pants, neck/shoulder area of a dress shirt). And since I have to dress up for work, I find I can't get away with NOT ironing my clothing. *sigh* But I'm hoping practice makes....improvement. :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Anna S said...

Hi Vicky,

No news about the kitten for now (I'm almost afraid to call and ask how he's doing...), but I hope I can post an update about him (or her?) next week. He's been on my mind as well, of course, the poor tiny creature.

I used to hate ironing as well, and Mom still teases me about it sometimes. I guess a long time will pass before my ironing technique is as perfect as hers. I didn't learn from books or websites, only through practice, and have improved gradually.

Emily said...

I have to admit, I rarely do any ironing! My clothes often dry nicely crease-free and in shape, so I don't usually have any need to iron. When I do, however, it's quite nice to watch a video sermon or something or listen to music.

PS. When was your birthday Anna? I see you have turned 22! Well happy birthday for whenever it was! I hope you had a truly wonderful, special day :)

Tracy said...

I really don't mind ironing. Good thing since we wear so much cotton, and it all has to be pressed. I try to watch a cooking show, or something while standing. It makes the job go a little faster.

Serena said...

What a wonderful old ironing board. Mine creaks awfully, as well, but it's not half so charming-looking as yours. I enjoy ironing, as well. It really is a homey sort of task.

Anna S said...


Thank you for all of your kind comments! I have many clothes that aren't supposed to be ironed (the crinkled type), and I admit it's kind of convenient.

I didn't have my birthday yet, but since it's only a couple of days away, I might as well already say I'm 22. How time flies! *sniff*

Coffee Wife said...

I would give anything to have a lovely wooden ironing board!!