Monday, July 16, 2007

Clutter and junk

I finally started packing, and I'm decluttering as I go. I almost can't believe the amount of junk my shelves and cupboards can hold! I'm awful at accumulating clutter. I mean, I'm familiar with the 'if it's not useful, beautiful or meaningful, throw it away' rule. But when I plan to throw something away, I start thinking: well, it's not useful right now, but maybe I'll use it later? Maybe I will need it someday and then I'll be sorry about throwing it away (needless to say, it never happens...)? It looks ugly, but maybe if I repaint it, it will look good (I never have the time...)?

So I'm quite happy we're moving, because packing and unpacking stuff I don't actually need is too much of an effort, so I threw away an enormous pile of junk today, and I'm sure there's more to come.

Now, about something quite different: after a long period of silence, LAF posted some new updates and links! I enjoyed reading this great article, originally published in 'Jerusalem Post', by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of the bestseller 'Kosher Sex' and host of 'Shalom in the home'. It's called 'America's uninspired children', and talks about how parents these days, too busy and tired to pay attention, leave their children's education to the media. TV is turned into the ultimate babysitter, and the consequences are destructive: "The mother, meanwhile, is haggard, psychologically raw, and physically and emotionally exhausted. After giving so much of herself to her job and then coming home to a host of domestic responsibilities, she looks in vain to be rejuvenated and resuscitated by the affection of her husband. Since he cannot offer it, she slowly withers and is unable to inspire her children either."


Mrs. Brigham said...

Isn't it just amazing how clutter piles up! I always thought we were doing a good job keeping clutter in line, but then we would have to pack up for another military move, thus shattering my delusion. ;o) I started the "one in, one out" rule when it comes to clothing and items like that. This rule not only cuts down on clutter, but spending as well as it forces me to think of what we *really* need.

I'm looking forward to reading the article you mentioned, as well as the other great links Jenny posted today! :o)

Sheri said...

Yes, Anna, it is so refreshing getting rid of the junk and clutter! Savannah and I just did that this morning in our refrigerator.

Serena said...

Finally...about LAF, not you packing! ;)

I'm the exact same way, with the exact same reasoning, when it comes to clutter.

Isn't that a good article by Rabbi Boteach? I'm glad that LAF put it on their site.

(I might have accidentally tried to post a comment similar to this one that didn't get finished. I'm sorry! Please disregard that one!)

Susie said...

I'm am still going through that process of decluttering as well. But it does feel very nice when you can see the fruit of your labor (i.e. clean cloests, less boxes, organized desk, etc).

Also, I love the articles on LAF. I can't remember how I stumbled on that site but I'm so glad that I did!

Laura H said...

You should see my room, and I am not even moving.:) I have a problem with clutter. I am doing better though, and my room is not so messy!Mom says I will marry a man who is so clean, and organized that I will drive him crazy! LOL! Well, we will see! Maybe I will be cleaner by that time!:)Hopefully, with the Lord's help!
Laura H.

Tracy said...

Clutter CAN accumulate so quickly, can't it? A move is a wonderful time to de-junk. AND to make a resolution not to allow it to re-gather!

Coffee Wife said...

I'm going through this RIGHT NOW hahaha! A lot of clutter has piled up over the past year.