Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hiding from truth behind 'science'

Abortions have no long-term effects? A woman doesn't mourn her lost baby? She just shrugs it off and continues business as usual? Can you believe any of this? What a downright lie!

Yes this is what I've been told, very matter-of-factly, by one of our professors, who teaches Publics Health course. Just so you get an idea about what sort of woman she is, some minutes before that she told us about the latest feminist congress she attended.

When I approached her during the break and asked if she knows anyone who has gone through an abortion, and how can anyone claim this has no long-term effects on the woman's physical and emotional well-being, she made an attempt to hush me up by saying that studies were made, and proved that 'overall, on a general scale, abortions only cause a short-term discomfort and there's no scientific proof that women who went through abortions suffer for a long time later on.'

Alright… so now we need scientific proof to show that a woman who lost her baby suffers for many years after the event and never quite forgets it? Excuse me, but I think that's bollocks. I asked her for sources of the aforementioned studies, but she didn't remember any exact quotes. Not that it matters. It's only too easy to guess who could have funded studies with such spectacular outcome, which support the abortion industry and the abortionists' agenda and goes against common sense, morality, decency, faith, and every positive value that is the pillar of our culture (I'm sure it was the same gang who tried to convince us that casual sex and promiscuity aren't supposed to hurt us and break our hearts and that chastity is a retrograde patriarchal myth).

That same teacher later argued that 'pro-choice movements put the woman in the center' – I felt it was beyond my ability to continue arguing then, but may I ask, the center of what?? How on earth promoting abortions, then pretending nothing happened, helps women? How on earth telling women they are not supposed to mourn their lost unborn babies because this 'has been proved scientifically by numerous studies', does anything to promote the well-being of women?

I know I sound a bit angry in this post, and I guess this is because I am angry. I can't feel anything but anger when I hear this sort of crap being pushed down the throats of 70 students who nod and take notes. I can't help but be angry when I hear that a woman must give up on the idea of having a large family if she wants to be a capable and intelligent human being ('most women of the Third World have ten children and are uneducated; Mary Sue has ten children, therefore Mary Sue is an oppressed, uneducated slave who belongs in the Third World'. Do you get that kind of logic?).

So, where am I getting with this rant? I think we should keep two things in mind:
1. Not everything that is 'scientifically proved' is true, logical, or trustworthy.
2. Whether we like it or not, this is precisely what we are being taught in secular colleges all the time. Be careful. I repeat: be careful.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,
You seem wise beyond your years. I remember myself at your age (18 years ago, and without the benefit of growing up in a Christian home) and can't believe how the Lord has changed me. Abortion is definately a lie from the devil! My husband and I conceived a child while "dating" in high school. His Christian parents agreed with my un-churched parents that abortion was the best thing for all we could "get on with our lives." Well, we just celebrated 20 years of marriage (Praise God!), and with 4 children so far, I'll tell you that the pain of our loss just never goes away. Every family photo, every meal, every day spent with our precious children are only reminders that someone is missing. Thank God for His forgiveness and would be too much to take without His love. And many women are left unable to ever conceive again because of the trauma abortion does to their bodies, or the monstrous way in which the abortion is performed. Because of that, I consider myself so fortunate that God has given me 4 precious blessings. But, the pain is always there...

Kris in PA

LisaM said...

well noted!

Anonymous said...

I remember a girl I went to school with some years ago thought that it was actually good for a woman to have an abortion, sort of from a hygiene perspective, I guess. She referred to it as Dusting & Cleaning (for D&C). This gal had had two abortions, and I can still hear her saying, "I think it's good to go & get cleaned out every now & then". !!!!! Huh?!?

Why is it that so many people view abortion as no more serious than going to the dentist for a filling, & the aftereffects as no more serious than getting over a bad cold.......?

I've heard it said that abortion is the Holy Grail of the feminist movement, and it's not hard to believe, when you hear people like your professor spouting off about the latest "studies".


Anonymous said...

If those "studies" were true, there would be no need for ministries like Project Rachel. I have lost a baby, due to miscarriage, not abortion, and it took me quite some time to get over it. I'm at peace now, because I take comfort in the fact that it was God's decision, God's choice, for me to not give birth and raise that child. I wouldn't be able to handle it if I thought /I/ had been the one to cause my child's death.

I want to say to all the women who have abortions due to the "inconvenience" of a child, "You know where babies come from. If you don't want kids, don't do that!" Even the youngest of mothers (like 12-13 years old) know where babies come from.
I have a tiny bit more sympathy for women who are pressured into an abortion, by parents, spouces, boyfriends, doctors, etc. Many of them are lost and take bad advice from those they love and/or trust. And there are also those whose children were forced on them thru' violent encounters, again, I give them my sympathy. BUT, for /all/ the women who don't want the child, for what ever reason, there are millions of parents out there who would love to adopt your child and give it all the love and attention you don't want to give it. Many adoption agencies will even pay for all your medical costs if that is a big concern to you.

They put people in prison all the time for murder and mothers who kill their babies at their most helpless are given a pat on the back. No wonder our culture seems to be going downhill.

God help us all.

AnneK said...

I hear you sister! I just get hopping mad too when I hear those things. When I hear about these things being taught in colleges here, I am very glad for my Eastern "Third world" education! Sanctity of life is very important to us. At least during the time I was there, I have heard it was very difficult to get an abortion. The doctors would try their maximum to talk you out of it and suggest alternative measures like adoption.
I do not know if a woman ever forgets, maybe they don't but I wonder about it when I see the lackadaisical attitude of these women. It makes me sad and sick.

Tracy said...

I'm thankful that there are women like you who are willing to question the "experts". I agree.

I know a woman who had an abortion, and she has told me that it has affected her profoundly. She now works at a Crisis Pregnancy center, counselling women to keep or give their babies up for adoption, but to choose life.

Mrs. Brigham said...

Don't you just love when scientific studies are twisted and perverted to showcase one's own cause. Yes, there are studies that conclude abortion does not cause ill effect, however, others conclude just the opposite and common sense would tell you the same thing. Sure, some women may not feel any remorse or show any problems from their abortion, but many more will feel the effects probably for the rest of their lives. Even after my miscarriage I was depressed, upset, and felt guilty. I would imagine if a miscarriage causes such feelings, an abortion would have to cause at least that and probably worse.

I am almost certain that there was a peer reviews study released either in 2005 or 2006 that shows abortion causes long term effects on a woman's mental health; sometimes immediately, other times years later, particularly if she becomes pregnant again with a "wanted" child.

There have also been studies that show a correlation between abortion and breast cancer and previous abortions and miscarriage & premature birth risk, among other ill effects. Of course, a correlation does not equal causation in the realm of scientific study, but logic and common sense would certainly support these findings.

The most important thing when relying on any scientific study must be examining the *actual* study itself and looking into who conducted and funded the research to see if any motives might be behind it. It's scary that universities and even lower level schools, such as high schools, are not teaching sound critical thinking skills, but instead teach people to believe everything they hear or read without further thought or investigation.

Anna S said...


I'm glad you were able to go on with your life and seek God's love. Many women's lives are ruined forever.


I think that at least some of the women who say, 'ah, it's nothing' are actually in denial and just can't face their pain.


My heart goes out to those girls and women who are pressured to have abortions and told by family/husbands/boyfriends/friends 'you just have no other choice, there's no way you can have this baby'. These women are so vulnerable. My mother was pressured to 'get rid' of me, and I'm so grateful to her for not giving in to this pressure.


What makes me really mad is that she, clearly, presented not facts, but her own biased opinions.


I'm considering starting to volunteer in such a center myself.

Mrs. Brigham,

It's funny how we were taught to read scientific studies and be critical, but when a professor with her mighty authority says something, people just shut up and take notes...

Dora said...

Anna, please don’t be in a rush to judge. Are you sure your professor was talking about the psychological impact on the woman & not physiological side effects?
It’s hard to imagine anyone, especially a woman, trivializing a loss of a child (even an unwanted one). And even if she was talking about the soul & the heart matters, I first would have thought that she means that a woman can overcome a lot [and don’t we all know that :) ].
Yes, we can (& probably should) mourn over something like that, but it’s not a valid reason for an absolute ban on abortions. Not everything we must endure in life brings us joy …

Laura Marie(Perennial Pioneer) said...

I agree with you, and I must say that Mrs. Brigham has hit it on the nail. Abortions can cause breast cancer, and such. If we have that negative poison in our minds, it spreads to the motherly instinctive parts of our bodies. And we die because we don't know what has caused our cancer, because we have not history of it.
Abortion is evil in my mind. What health problems, can arrise from them, when it happens? Disgusting!!!!
It makes me mad to see that most of the people in this world, look down on those of us, who are trying to preserve our race, as second rate, and inferior. Everytime I go to town, I usually hear a grandmother say, " I am tired of my grandkids. I have three, and they are so much to handle." I pridefully tell them that my grandmother has 17 grandchildren, and 4 greatgrandchildren, and they just look at me, and say, " Your poor mothers!" Why, this was the choice they made, to be wonderful homemakers and mothers, and I do not pity them. I admire them, and want to be like them. They are not the norm, and they are not pressured by society to have a carrier, although my Mom's parents are upset, because my Dad stole my Mom from her potential carrier, and a wealthy lifestyle.And they have been married nearly 28 years. But if she had had that, none of us would have been here, and none of us would have a deep relationship with God. So, thank God for my secondrate, inferior,intelligent, homemaking mother, who made the choice to marry my Dad, and bring 9 very intellegent children into the world, and be able to have 1 grandson, so far. I want to be just like her, a lot of kids at my side, and being a strange, poor mother who made the choice to stay home, and bear a lot of kids, instead of working a carrier! Hallelujah!
Well, that was from my heart, but this is something that I had to say!I am mad that the doctors and politians are deceiving the people, for their common good! What is this world coming to?
Laura Marie Perennial Pioneer

Anna S said...


Yes, of course I'm sure! To avoid misunderstandings, I approached her during the break and asked her exactly what she meant, to be completely sure I understood what she meant exactly. Everything she said was basically said in a spirit of trivializing abortion and the enormous negative impact it has on women. It makes me mad.

You must have noticed I didn't say anything about a ban on abortions. But here's what I think: most abortions aren't something that women *must* endure. Uninformed choice, despair, pressure from irresponsible boyfriends, feeling that 'there's no choice' - there are so many poor women who simply feel trapped and make a horrible decision in a moment of weakness.


I so agree with you. Children are blessings, but in modern secular culture they are viewed as curses. What a shallow, selfish view!

It's true that there's a link between abortion and breast cancer and abortion and infertility, but personally, I think the most devastating about it is the emotional impact it has on women.

Lydia said...

*Applause* Very, very true. I love reading your blog. You're so insightful.

It's taken me a long time to get over my worship of science...but in the end I realized that "science" changes every day, but faith lasts forever.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

This is a very difficult issue for me to address but I feel I have to. Long ago, in another lifetime it seems, I was a pregnant 16 year old. My mother took me to the doctor and it was all set up. There was no talk of continuing the pregnancy and adoption. So yes, at 16 I had an abortion. At the time I felt nothing but relief. It would have been so "embarrasing" to be pregnant.

It wasn't until after I married, became a Christian and had three beautiful children that I began to think about and feel the impact of what I had done. While it doesn't tear me apart or cause me pain I feel I was very selfish (and stupid). I should have done the right thing, which of course would have started with NOT having sex!! But I was a product of my upbringing. I thought it was ok.

Living my life the way I do now, I would NEVER have an abortion.

I'm raising my children to know that sex is something special to be saved for marriage and that all children are a gift.

Keep up the good work, your blog gets people thinking!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, similar things are being taught in many "christian" colleges and universities as well.

Anna S said...


I'm so sorry. In junior high, I knew a girl had 3 abortions between the ages 13 and 15. It's so sad.

Abortion is horrible. I'm glad you were able to recover and seek God in your life.

Kyla said...

I attended a State University and while I never heard any of my Profs talk about abortion it was very talked about by the girls on campus. I was shocked at 18 to hear it being discussed as if it were nothing more than a medical procedure. Many of these girls came from Christian homes and were "good girls" they got sucked into the party life at school and ended up in situations that they couldn't get out of. I truly think that many of them didn't understand what they were doing. I wonder now if these women are haunted by their decisions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Great post. I have just found out that I'm pregnant and just told my boyfriend about it. Don't know what the future decision is, but I sure hope we are going to keep it and raise it together. I have never been pregnant before, and this is scary I must admit. The thought of termination crossed my mind, I'm sure his too, and I never thought I'd get pregnant this young (I'm 23), and I never thought I'd want to keep it so much.

Again, great post.

St. Louis, MO

Emily said...

What gripes me about your "educated" feminist instructor and folks like her is that by blatantly ignoring the negative psychological and physical effects (temporary or permanent) of abortion - all for the sake of a political stance and power - she and they undermind the same women they claims to be helping.

The whole issue can be summed up in one word: SELFISH.

Isn't that how it is with the feminist movement? Why am I asking! It is.

It burns me up too. Not too long ago, I was watching one of the C-SPAN channels programming of Congressional meeting on post-abortion depression. Michaelene Fredenberg offered this personal testimony ( And Priscilla Coleman, Associate Prof. of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State Univ. in Ohio, also addressed the meeting concerning research on the same topic:

In the wake of your instructor's efforts to further a political agenda (that quite frankly is not in the best interest of men-women-and-children), she leaves women choosing abortion in the sea to drown. How cruel is it that she and others like her have encouraged other women and girls into this serious debacle and left them to drown with no real, meaningful and loving way to rescue them? They want us to join their troops in feminism, but beware that they don't even offer the safety net of "No Woman Left Behind". They leave not only women behind - but entire families, men, women and children. And the sad thing is, they are leaving themselves too. . . all in the name of an empty political agenda that has failed our nation.

Vicky said...

Hi Anna,

I agree with the others - I love reading your blog. :) You are very mature and talk about topics that affect us all. Thank you for taking the time to write about them! I wish I had more time ... *sigh* :)

As a woman working in the science industry (*gasp!*), I wish to make another point: faith and science CAN coexist. ;) I think that just because I am a scientist does not mean that I cannot believe in my Creator God. But I also don't believe that science should *play* god in such instances as abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, selective reduction, etc. (As I typed that list - which I am sure is longer - I was horrified by the length of it!)

I am sorry to hear about your professor; I was saddled with one such woman myself, who taught that creation was wrong and evolution was right. No matter what I said, I could not sway her even a little to consider my beliefs. In the end, I saw that I was doing a poor job of something God could do very well, and decided to pray for her. I do not know if she's ever come to consider creation, but I do know that I left the matter in very capable hands. ;)

In situations where other students are being misinformed, it is hard to stay quiet. I feel we must speak our mind - however boldly, however gently - so as to present a light for Christ. Perhaps your questioning the professor will allow others in the class to speak up as well.

May God give you courage, dear sister, as you act for Him in this fallen world.vo

Sheri said...

I have a friend that was forced to have an abortion by her parents in the 1970's. She still remembers it vividly and although she's since become a Christian, it still is a very difficult sin to forget... thank you for the reminder to share the truth of "Life!"

Anna S said...


If you want to talk about this more, and maybe hear some more about my own story (my mother kept me against all odds and raised me on her own), you are MOST welcome to contact me by email (see the top right corner of my blog). I'll just tell you this: if someone tells you that 'there's just no way you can raise this baby', don't believe them. You can give birth to your baby and become a wonderful mother. I don't know even one woman who had a baby and later wished she didn't - but I know so many girls and women who regret abortions!

God bless.

Anna S said...


Well said!


I definitely think that science and religion can work together. Here's something I noticed: theories change. Medical and scientific guidelines change. Only God's word stays the same.


My heart goes out to each and every woman who was pressured to have an abortion. Maybe my mother would have joined those ranks as well, if she was a little younger when she was pregnant with me.

Buffy said...

Whilst my personal views on abortion are not very different to your own I do feel we should not lump all women together. I have heard the pro-choice lobby voice views similar to the ones you report here and I have heard the pro-life lobby claim that all women suffer physical and psychological damage. In fact women are all different and don't all have the same reaction and feelings. I know two women who have had an abortion: one was driven to it by her circumstances and it had a profound effect on her, the other was a teenager and just saw it as something to be got rid of and certainly saw no cause for guilt or any other negative feelings afterwards.

Equally there seems to be a general idea (not voiced by you) amongs the pro-lifers that women have an abortion simply because it is 'convenient' (rather like having the decorators in at a certain time would be inconvenient) but I think the reasons women have abortion are a lot more varied and complex than that. If you want to change something you have to understand why it's happening in the first place.

Anna S said...


I don't believe there are many women who would 'want' an abortion like they would want, say, a vacation. Many women are driven to abortions in an act of despair, out of pressure, lack of information about possible solutions, and simply feeling that 'there's no choice'.

I'm against demonizing women who had abortions and calling them a selfish, heartless crowd. Actually I believe that without unconditional love and reaching out to these women, praying for them, understanding and helping them, we can't do much.

Mrs. Brigham said...


I like what you said about not demonizing the women who chose abortion. The reasons that women feel compelled to choose abortion and the society that provides more support for this choice rather than the more positive alternatives is the problem, not the women themselves.

Many "personal" topics that turn "political" turn ugly as it is far too easy to lose sight on the individual people behind the choices and problems; abortion is no exception. Issues that leave their marks on lives deeply can never be solved with debate, laws, or politics, but a difference can be made in one person's life with love, compassion, and understanding.

Anna S said...

Mrs. Brigham,

It's not like I don't think women shouldn't be held responsible for their actions. It goes both ways. But we certainly must look at our society as a whole, and on each and every one of us in personal - are we encouraging women that must face a difficult choice? Do we ever look at children as burdens and not blessings? Do we speak about positive alternatives to abortion? You might never know what sort of impact your words make! Maybe what you say will be heard by a poor, desperate woman and will make, ultimately, all the difference in the world to her life.

Anonymous said...

The hardest thing I've ever had to go through was to be pressured into an abortion by my husband at 26 years old. He made it very clear that he was not ready and I didn't want him to resent me and that child for forcing such a huge responsibility on him, which could have lifetime effects. He is not Christian and doesn't believe that life starts at conception. I called a crisis hotline and the lady was horribly unhelpful. I tried changing my husband's mind and convincing him that we would be okay but he was adamant. Even in the waiting room of the clinic I was trying to change his mind and with his support there is no question that I would have kept that baby who I very much wanted. It was the worst day of my life and I'm still trying to come to terms with all my emotions surrounding it and how I'll feel when we do have planned children in the future.


Anna S said...


I'm so, so, so terribly sorry for what you've been/are going through. If you ever feel like talking about it some more, you can contact me by email (see top right corner). When my mother was expecting me, she was also pressured by my father to get rid of me. She resisted the pressure, but how many women don't?! Pressuring a woman to abort is a terrible crime.

Emily said...

All this stuff makes me so angry as well, Anna. These lies are outrageous and must really cause God grief. May He help us - may He open the eyes of pro-choice people and show them the truth. We would all be blind to these sins if it weren't for the saving work of our Lord Jesus.

Jenn said...

Some people will say just about anything to promote their agenda! I am a 37-year-old recovering former feminist, currently an evangelical Christian, who spent four years in college hearing the same drivel. I personally know many women who have had abortions because we were taught that's how you solved those "problems." Even my atheist friends and relatives suffered psychological effects for many years afterward. I recently discovered your blog and applaud your convictions and courage to stand up against the lies women are being brainwashed into believing.