Friday, July 27, 2007

Making Abortion Rare

I'm currently reading 'Making Abortion Rare: A Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation', by David C. Reardon. I haven't finished it yet, so I can't write a full review about the book right now, but I already feel it's worth reading. Now, I'm not saying I agree with every word written there, so keep that in mind. But I do feel this book provides some important strategies that can be used by someone who is pro-life and wants to take action.

The author believes that by better understanding of post-abortion issues and the horrible impact abortion has on women, we will be able to prove abortion is unsafe and does women more harm than good, even in the common 'it's for everyone's best' and 'you have no choice' situations. We can also emphasize it's us, the pro-life folk, who are really concerned about women. It's us, not the 'pro-choice' crown, who are compassionate and care about women's best interests.

As a child who was originally 'unplanned' and 'unwanted', but grew up to be a very much loved, happy and productive adult, I can tell you that I'm against abortions with every cell of my being. And I believe campaigning and making women feel guilty is not enough. I think that without unconditional love for every woman and unborn child, and without making sure everyone knows we are acting to help women, not 'ruin their lives because of guilt over abortions', we won't get very far.

The pro-choice movement claims to be 'pro-woman', but it's a huge, downright lie. Abortionists offer a quick 'solution' – and ruin women's lives. It's the pro-life movement that is pro-woman, but sometimes we're just not very good at showing it.

"Nothing we can say on behalf of the unborn will sway them from this position. Their concern is focused totally on the woman. Therefore, the only way to reach them is for us, too, to focus on the woman… at that point the middle majority will begin to ask themselves: "If abortion is causing women so much suffering, what are we doing this for?!" It is then that their moral ambivalence about abortion will swing the scales against the abortion industry. It is then that we will be able to protect both women and their unborn children."

If you want to read this book, you can receive it for free if you go to and click on the 'Free Book' link on the sidebar.


Kaye :) said...

Hi Anna,

I saw a program the other day showing one woman who counseled post abortion women. She cried with them and prayed with them. Then, another woman, who fought for abortion rights said, "Woman are not affected by abortion at all."
What a lie!

On another subject...I fixed the comment section on my last post. Thanks for letting me know. :)

USAincognito said...

My mother was the result of a one night stand and it is amazing to talk to her about her life growing up in the projects as a single child. She overcame so much to get to where she is today - all by God's grace.
I have had friends who had abortions - it changed them. Even if they won't admit it, they never were the same afterward.

Lydia said...

That sounds like an excellent book.

I can't stand the way the pro-abortion movement consistantly demonizes the pro-life movement. Pro-life means life for everyone; a chance at life for the baby, a whole life unscarred by abortion for the mother.

Unfortunately, our culture has been fed lies so long we no longer recognize what years ago would have been a no-brainer.

Coffee Catholic said...

All abortion is is a tool for eliminating mankind - Satan's goal since the beginning! And it just so happens to make abortionists stinkin' rich in the process. It's not about the woman - it's about lining the pockets of the abortionist!

Anna S said...

This lie is very common. This is what our Public Health professor told us in class not long ago.

It seems my story is somewhat similar to your mother's. I'm going to write about it soon, too.

It's crucial to help people recognize those preposterous claims ('there's no such thing as post-abortion trauma') as what they are: big fat LIES.

'Making Abortion Rare' talks a lot precisely about this issue - exposing the abortion industry for what they really are: evil and sinister people who care only about their pockets or about some creepy 'social engineering', but certainly not about the well-being of women. I think you would find it interesting.

Dawn Marie said...

Something that just popped up in my mind right now reading this, is what in the world are doctors thinking as they do this? They know very well what they are doing is wrong! I wonder how they justify it in their minds? Do they keep telling themselves "it's just a clump of cells?" or "It's just a fetus, not a real baby?".
They have got to have a screw loose somewhere to perform abortions. It can't be for the money.
What compels doctors to perform this notorious acts? Why can't they just say no?

Candy said...

Hiya Anna!
Ive been on a long break but Im back now and looking forward to catching up with you more,

Candy :)

Anna S said...

You know, I think doctors are the least likely people to tell THEMSELVES 'this is just a clump of cells'. They SEE it's a baby! They know what they are doing. I honestly don't know how someone can do it. How could Nazis could millions and millions of innocent people?? It boggles my mind.

I hope you had a good, refreshing break. I'm thrilled that you're back!!

Seung said...

I happen to be a doctor -- albeit a first-year resident in pathology -- and I would like to confirm what Anna just said. Just the other day, a case came in for pathological examination; it was a "12 week products of conception". I opened the lid, and I nearly dropped it from the horror of what I saw: red, shredded placenta; blood; tiny hands and feet that would never move again; a mute mouth, crushed along with the rest of the skull.

I picked through that mass of stuff where a human being once was; I assembled the broken pieces back together again with as much care as I could. She was a beautiful baby girl. And what did she get? Her mother never loved her. Her father never protected her. And we -- we who ought to heal and nurture -- when we reached into her only sanctuary, it was to rip her out and usher her into death.

So I picked her up, and I held her in my arms -- for it did not seem right; someone should at least do this for her, even if she's no longer there, I thought. She was so cold. Her unseeing eyes gazed up at me from the shattered curve of what was once her head. And I could hear her asking me: how long will you let this go on?

As a Christian, as a doctor, and not least of all as a man, I was mortally ashamed on that day of what we have become.

Anna S said...


What you just told breaks my heart. It must have been so horrible. It's so important that honest, God-fearing doctors will talk about this. God bless you.