Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moving and our first day in our new home!

I have been feeling productive and creative lately, and wrote down many thoughts to share with you, dear blogging friends... which I am going to do very soon. But today, I just couldn't resist giving you an account of our last day in our old apatment, moving, and the first day in our new home.

I started the morning by luring my cat into the cat carrier I bought for her. It was so easy I felt almost ashamed of myself - I just opened the carrier and she crawled in, too curious to resist. I promptly locked her away, and by the time she realized she had been tricked, it was too late! I felt sorry for the poor thing, but it was for her own good. I didn't want her to end up under a heavy piece of furniture when it's moved.

Then it was time to do some last-minute packing. I thought we had everything ready yesterday, but it turned out we forgot a couple of things. Oops! Finally, everything was packed and loaded, including us, the cat and the houseplants, and in the late hours of the morning we were already in our new home.

My cat took it very hard, which I guess I should have expected, considering that this is the first time she has moved to a new home. She refuses to eat or drink anything or even leave the cat carrier once we opened it. She looks extremely nervous, which is natural, with all the loud noises and people she doesn't know and a new, strange, potentially dangerous place. Any advice on handling this?

A couple of unexpected challenges awaited us; it turned out half of the plugs aren't working, and we also discovered a leak and a creaky window. After calling our repairmen and being assured that everything will be fixed soon (they had better!..), we got ready for the good and thorough cleaning our apartment needed after the renovations. I didn't have the chance to do any unpacking yet. Since we don't have internet yet (and it's doubtful we can even make the computer work today), and I'm supposed to be studying for an exam, with most of my material in form of Word and PDF files, I took a bus to college... and just couldn't resist giving you a short update!

Well, now I think I should go off and do what I came here for: study for this nasty exam. I hope to post more updates soon. Take care, dear ladies, and have a lovely day!


Tracy said...

The cat will come around on her own. She'll be just as curious about the new place as she was her carrier! I pray that your exam goes well.

AnneK said...

Wow, thats a lot of challenges. Moving, exam, leaky apartment, nervous cat. Hope everything works out for you real soon. When is your exam?

Lauren Christine said...

Congrats on your new place! As far as kitties go... I'd give her time, time and more time. She'll begin to explore her new habitat as soon as she's ready. She might even do it when no one is watching. Our kitty took baby steps out from behind the couch (his hiding place of choice) and would dash back when anyone tried to pick him up. A week or so later, he was once again reigning kitty king of the household :)

Mrs Marcos said...

Poor kitty! I would recommend taking everything she needs (carrier, litter box, food, water) and putting everything into a safe space where she can be alone while the rest of the move is happening (like a 2nd bedroom or office). Do as much of the moving and unpacking as you can but keep her locked up safe. Once your moving helpers leave and you have some calm in your new home then you can open the door and let her explore at her own pace. She will be worried for a while but she should adjust. We moved twice in a short period of time and our three cats adjusted pretty quickly. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

You're home! I'll bet you can't wait to put your "stamp" on the new place. All will soon feel good & familiar.

About your kitty....I think you'll just have to let her do things in her own way and time. She will eat eventually, and when all the furor dies down, and it's just your family there, I think she will come out of her little carrier, to be petted and loved by her humans. We recently returned from being away for 10 days, and our cat had to be in a kennel during that time. Upon coming home, he was very edgy, didn't want us to be out of his sight, and had to re-sniff everything here at home!

I hope you have a wonderful day, Anna,


Candy said...

Hahaa Anna, I had to laugh...you couldnt resist giving an update...you are so cute!! :)
Well, I hope all goes well, wishing you a lovely day too!

Candy :)

Mrs. Brigham said...

I am glad that your move is going as smoothly as this, with no *major* problems. It always seems that a few minor bumps must happen during a move. I hope things continue to go well and look forward to seeing you "back" soon. :o)

Laura H said...

Glad you are getting settled! I know what it is like to move. We are still unpacking boxes from my grandparents moving, and they moved in 2005.:)I found a good way to pack things up, so that the boxes won't get ruined, and the contence as well. Get rubbermaid containers, and fill them with your belongings. At least it is water proof, and rodent proof!:)
Well, I need to go! My sister Becca is going to be here in a little while, and we are going to make Munchbars!:)
Mayden Fair has a new subject! A Mayden is Trustworthy! What do you think?
God bless!
Laura H

Christian Homekeeper said...

I do have some advice for you about the cat. We have moved several times with a cat when we had one!

In the new house, put the cat in 1 room and have her food, water and litter box and the carrier there all in that room and close the door and let her get used to that 1 room. It normally took our cat a few days or sometimes it can take a week before the cat is comfortable enough to move around the rest of the house. After the first day.....leave the door to the room cracked for the cat to venture out but don't force the cat until its ready. Give it time to get used to the surroundings. Also make sure not to let it outside or it may try and find its way back to the old place! lol

Enjoy your new home!!

Alexandra said...

Congrats on passing your last exam, and prayers for good brain absorbtion of all that you need to know for your next exam! ;)

For some reason I ate a bag of candy covered M&M when I studied for exams, it always seemed to help. Funny memories from college, and I'm sure that's how I gained weight while in college too!

Anna S said...

The computer works! We have internet connection! How lovely. Thanks for all the great advice. Our cat already ate a bit and sniffed (cautiously) around a few corners.

Annie, my exam is only two days away. I hope I can make it. I tried to cram as much studying as I could, but it was hard.

Brenda, you're right, my hands are simply itching to do some re-decoration. We have much more space now and I'm simply thrilled! I loved my little room where I spent 11 years, but this... ohh this is so wonderful. :)

Laura, I love Mayden's theme of the month. I hope I can post something on the subject soon enough.

Alexandra, I think that if I ate M&Ms whenever I had an exam, I'd be three times bigger than I am now :P

By the way all this packing, unpacking, moving, lifting, bending, sorting and dusting is GREAT exercise! I feel like I've had a good, long hike!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home, enjoy it - take time out (after the exam perhaps) to just enjoy being there - even though it wont be all un-packed and perfect. Moving is always a hassle but finding the time to enjoy your new surroundings can sometimes make the best memories.

USAincognito said...

Glad to hear y'all were able to get everything moved in despite a few setbacks. Hope the patchwork was able to be completed without too much hassle or delay!
Pets can take time to adjust to any new environment. Just leave the carrier door open and the cat's food/water nearby. Your cat will venture out more and more eventually. It may take a few days.
Good luck as you continue unpacking and preparing for exams.

Anonymous said...

DH and I have moved 5 major times in the 6 years we've been together, the last one being this past November to our current apartment. We still haven't gotten all of our things from my parents' house, nor have we put everything away yet. The main living areas are good, but the computer room! It's going to be my first big project once I get settled into a new routine after coming home.

God Bless!