Friday, July 6, 2007

Parting of the ways: update

Some of you probably remember the post I wrote a while back, about a conflict I had with an old friend of mine, which resulted in her deciding she isn't going to speak to me anymore. At the moment, I admit I thought we would never talk to each other again.

But two days ago, she called me and it seems she got over the hard feelings she had towards me. Of course I made sure to let her know I don't bear any grudges either. I'm not sure we will remain close friends like before, with all the differences that exist now in our attitude and lifestyle, and with me moving and her getting married and starting a new season in her life. But I'm so glad we got over that conflict. God is so good. I know He was the one who softened her heart.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're on speaking terms again! I know how hard it can be to sever ties to close friends.

Laura Marie(Perennial Pioneer) said...

Glad the rift is over! I wish I could say the same for my old friend too. But I can't! I forgive her, but she doesn't me! Well, the Lord knows what is happening! Amen!
Have a great Day!
Laura Perennial Pioneer

Melian said...

That's wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

good to hear that your friendship is back again.. personally speaking, isn't friendship supposed to last regardless of the differences you both may have?

i mean, we can't only be good friends with people who share the same belief or i'm sure God wants us to be friends with everyone with good intention, regardless of what their belief is..

anyway, just my two cents. have been reading your blog for a while and i must say i like what you promote. :)


Anonymous said...

Such good news! Perhaps your friendship will move into new territory, & she will come to appreciate your ways, or as you put it, your "attitude & lifestyle". I do hope so.

It's hard to be estranged from people we have a strong connection with. I, myself, struggle in a relationship with someone, & I'm not sure, either, that it will ever be the same. She has a "bulldozer" personality.....runs over people, says willfully hurtful things, & then wonders why they react as they do. I wish you'd pray for me, too.


Mrs. Brigham said...

This is wonderful news.

Lydia said...

I'm glad it seems to be reaching a peaceful end...fighting with friends is never enjoyable

Jordin said...

I'm so happy that the conflict is over! My friend had hard feelings towards me once, and I felt like a had a cloud continually over my head. Not a good feeling. And you're right--God is so good!

Anna S said...


I think that if I only agreed to be friends with people I have no disagreements with, I wouldn't have any friends at all! :)

Tracy said...

I'm so glad that you are speaking. Even if the friendship is not a close one any longer, it is good that you can both find peace toward onw another. Praise God!