Sunday, July 8, 2007

Some pictures from the campus

Whatever else I might say about college, our campus is beautiful during the summer. So many lovely spots, to relax during the (short) breaks and enjoy picnics underneath the trees. There are fish in the little ponds, and if you approach, they will swim towards you, expecting food! However, we are not supposed to feed them, as they can be easily overfed, and they will eat practically anything. I also hear frogs, but couldn't see even one so far, I guess they are hiding really well. I love coming in the early hours of the morning and hearing birds chirping in the trees. I especially love the cute woodpeckers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Yes, your campus is beautiful. There is a college in my city that has a beautiful campus. Even the buildings are pretty.

Kaye :)

Tracy said...

It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! So lush & green. I imagine you will miss its beauty.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, pretty! :)

Maiko said...

It looks really peaceful Anna, possibly because there aren't any students in the photos!


Anna S said...


Hahaha... yes... I guess it wouldn't look that peaceful anymore if I posted pictures of students in the middle of revision, trying to cram too much information in too little time into their tired brains.


Yes, I will miss all this beauty! But I can always come and visit.