Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things don't always go the way we plan

When I got up this morning, I prepared myself for a nice, quiet day of cheerful ironing, baking bread, sorting through my stuff and maybe packing a box or two, and of course - revision.

But as I was on my way home from the grocery store, I heard a tiny, helpless kitten who was desperately crying out for his mommy. An old lady that was passing by told me he was left there by a bunch of children, and she didn't know where they got him. It meant there's no chance his mommy would find him, so I had to act, and act fast. It was very hot and I didn't know how long he has been there without any food.

I put the kitten into an old shoebox and started calling vets. Can you believe I didn't find even one clinic in my area that would agree to see us right away?! I felt totally lost. I've never had such a tiny kitten, I think he's about the size of a hamster.

Fortunately, it occurred to me I can call a veterinary student from my campus, who agreed to take care of the wee creature, at least for a while. I took a taxi (had to get there fast!) and delivered the kitten to her. Right now he is getting close monitoring and a special 'baby formula' for kittens. The arrangements and going there and back took a whole lot of time and money, but it was all worth it!

He's so tiny that I'm not sure he will survive. But at least we did everything we could.

PS: The picture I added is just an illustration, so that you see how tiny he is.


Dawn Marie said...

Awww...hope the poor thing will make it. I am a huge kitty lover! Did you get around to making some bread and going thru the boxes? Hope so. :) Send me a loaf of bread over here to Germany :)

Bless you!

Anna S said...


I'm afraid the bread, packing, ironing and everything else except revision will have to wait until tomorrow, as I'm totally wiped out after running around from morning till afternoon :)

Laura Marie(Perennial Pioneer) said...

This story sounds familiar. My family are big softies when it comes to poor defencless animals.
I had the same thing happen. We were having family over night for a sleepover, and the next morning, we heard a tiny, meeew, and there was a small calico kitten, no bigger then the one you found. So, my cousin Darcy adopted it, and took it home with her. Unfortunately, it lasted only a few weeks, for it got run over by a car.:( But I know about what you are going through. We didn't take it to the vet, and my Mom was a lady who believed in herbs, and such, and we nursed the the tiny kitten, with a dropperfulls of milk. It was fun!
Hope the baby kitty is alright!?

Anonymous said...

I hope your kitten makes it. The poor thing!


Jenny said...

I am so glad to know people like you exist.

Dawn Marie said...'s just a wee thing...yeah he must have been born only a few days ago cuz I have seen them that tiny when my dad's cat had kittens. Give it lots of love and keep it warm and fed, that's all you can do right now.

Bless you!

Buffy said...

Ah bless you, you have a big heart. I hope the kitty lives, you've certainly done everything humanly possible.

Autumn said...

Aww! It sounds so helpless. Good for you though for taking the time to help it.
Little kittens are so cute. I used to have a cat named Princess, and she had kittens. They are cery tiny and cute. But weak too.
I hope that she will be ok!

Marianne said...

Oh Anna!

I'm a crazy cat lady, so I'm in tears over here. How cute.

Lydia said...

I hope it turns out okay! We used to have kittens frequently, and I just love them!

Mrs. Brigham said...

Poor kitty, I am glad you were able to help him.

My sister and I once found an abandoned baby squirrel under our parents' picnic table and took care of it until the little guy could be taken to a wildlife rescue facility. We had to feed him kitten formula with a teensy little bottle and kept him in a shoebox as his bed.

Mrs.B said...

Awww--what a little thing! How wonderful that you worked so hard to give him/her a chance in life. (o: