Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A day here at home

After some thought, I decided it might be fun to share with you a simple, quiet day of my life at home. Sure, I could just write down my routine list from my home-management binder, but giving you a real-life peek seemed more interesting. So here are some pictures from yesterday's everyday activities.

* Morning: wake up, get dressed, make beds, quick breakfast and prayer. Then, time for morning chores:

- Dishes to be washed

- Laundry to be taken off the line and sorted neatly into drawers

- Polishing the furniture in our living room

Lunch: there are plenty of leftovers from yesterday, so I had time to make this wonderful fresh apple cake. Once it's in the oven – ironing. And I even had time to squeeze in some reading for my – hopefully – last exam between ironing and lunch.

After lunch and some cake, and cleaning up the kitchen mess, I figured there can be no better time for shining the bathroom sink, taps and mirrors. Then some minor chores called me: watering plants, fresh food and water for the cat, writing out a shopping list and some sweep-and-dust-as-I-go.

A couple more hours for reading about pathogens in foods, toxins and food preservation, and it's already evening. Time for a sweet, quiet hour – just me, my crafts, and some soothing classical music. I made progress on my knitting, crocheting and cross-stitch projects.

I also wanted to catch up on my Spanish studies, but it was already late, and I figured it's better to have some computer time now, and off to bed. Prayers before bedtime, and then sweet, early sleep.

… That was my day yesterday. Not strictly following a routine, not everything perfectly neat, and not everything accomplished on my to-do list, but a nice, peaceful, blessed day at home. If any of you want to share about your day, I'd be happy to read.