Friday, August 10, 2007

Take out those knitting needles!

I was always fascinated by knitting, and Mom taught me how to knit a few years ago; but the problem is, so much time passes between projects that whenever I start something new, I feel as though I have to learn the basics all over again. I guess that's how it is with practical skills: use it or lose it!

Now I'm doing, again, a simple project which allows me to refresh my knitting skills. I started it a couple of days ago. I think it will be a scarf.

Nothing, in my opinion, can compare to the wonderfully cozy feeling of curling up in an armchair with a knitting, crocheting or cross-stitch project, and working on it peacefully while talking, laughing, or listening to good, relaxing music. I often listen to classical music while I work, or inspiring audio lessons. I try to have such a quiet hour, if possible, every day.

Your turn, ladies! Take out those knitting needles, and share your beautiful projects!

The second post about my public school experience isn't forgotten and will most likely appear tomorrow. Now I'm off to do some cleaning and laundry. Wishing you all the most lovely, wonderful day!

PS: Yesterday, I unpacked the last of our boxes. No more boxes, yay!


Tracy said...

I can't knit. I wish I could. Too bad we couldn't meet up for a lesson! Wouldn't that be just awesome?

Anna S said...

Oh, that would be grand! ;)

Have you ever tried to teach yourself, though? There are many great videos for beginners on

Anonymous said...

Knitting is my first-favorite hobby! And its increased popularity in the last few years has made it easier than ever to find yarn. I always have something "on the needles", including a small project that I can just slip in my purse when I leave the never know when a few odd minutes, while waiting for this&that, will present themselves!

Next week, I will be heading up a booth at our Fair here in town, to demonstrate & teach knitting to anyone interested. My older daughter will be helping me...she's gotten quite good.

It must feel great, Anna, to be done with all the boxes. Ah...home sweet home.


Amanda said...

Ohhhhhh that looks like it's going to be cosy!!!! I'm going to try and find some fuzzy grey yarn and crochet a shawl!! It may be August now, but fall is just around the corner!!!!

Anna Naomi said...

Mom began to teach Jubilee and I last year, but we got busy and it got put off. Plus, I've not been able to find yarn I really want to use. I'm going to try to look harder, though, for I enjoy it and it's a useful skill to have!

Mrs. Brigham said...

I am with Tracy in the non-knitting camp. Several years ago, I purchased a teach yourself DVD and just could not get it. I would really like to learn sometime in the near future.

Anna S said...


I carry my projects with me too, for example when I take grandma to the doctor and wait with her! And I have several projects I completed during bus trips :)

Amanda, I was thinking of doing that too! ;) Yesterday I bought a really thick crocheting hook, and I have wonderful soft yarn. I think it will be my next project.

Laura H said...

Looks great!

Tag, your it! I have tagged you for the Middle Name Meme. The rules and such are on my blog,

Have a great day!
Laura H

Susie said...

I love knitting! I've only done one project, a long and skinny scarf that my husband laughs at because it is so thin! (It's a pretty color-purple,blue and white-the yarn was called "blueberry patch" isn't that name lovely?) But I'd love to knit more. I love making things but I'm a beginner at all sorts of handcrafts (sewing, crocheting, knitting). I will have pictures posted shortly of the projects that I've been working on...I am not in the "digital age" with a camera yet so it takes a while before I post pics.

Anna S said...


That one looks like fun! I'll do it right after the 8 random things meme I've been tagged to do. :)

USAincognito said...

I give props to you for knowing how to knit. I am not gifted in the crafty area - oh, I have tried, but I am terrible at it. I guess I always did take after my dad growing up! ;)

Anonymous said...

I knitted a "washcloth" just a few months ago, but I haven't picked up knitting needles since. Now tatting needles, I've been going to town! I've almost finished a delicate snowflake and I'm going to finish my snowman tonight and post a pic on my blog. (Getting ready early for Christmas with all the snow things!) I think my next tatting project will be a heart, or maybe not, who knows?

I started crocheting a placemat this morning before work (Last day completed today! All praise and glory to God who made it happen!), but I don't know how far I'll get with it!

God Bless!

Three Sisters Blog said...

Your knitting is so pretty!
I like to crochet when I'm listening to something too.

Laura H said...

I love knitting. I have knitted lots of scarves, and dishclothes! Knitting is my favorite thing to do!I also know how to knit socks!:) FUUUNNN!!!!
Have a great day!
Laura H

Kathy Finfrock said...

I've been knitting wooley pulleys (aka helmet liners) for our soldiers. It's the first real project that I've learned how to do and I try to make at least one a month. I always carry my knitting with me. Waiting for appointments, sitting in the drive-through at a fast food place. Whenever I find my self just sitting there. I have 3 projects going. The main being the helmet liners, one scarf (this is something I do when I can't concentrate on the stitch) and I'll be starting my very first sweater. Wish me luck on that one.
Feel free to join me in knitting for our soldiers who are really our sons, husbands, and nephews. Not to mention our girls too. You can find instructions at my website

Rightthinker said...

How wonderful about the project!

What a blessing it is to have all the boxes unpacked! Woo hoo, and great job with the hard work of moving and settling!

God Bless!

Kathleen said...

What is your email address?


Jess said...

I still need to learn how to knit... I've only learned crocheting, and very basic crocheting at that. Knitting seems so much more precise and dignified! :)

Wanted to let you know that you have an award to "pick up" over at my blog when you get the chance-

Jess @ Making Home

Anna S said...


My e-mail is at the top right corner of my blog, but in case you can't see it, it's:

Write anytime :)

Chyrll said...

Your knitting is very pretty!

Coffee Catholic said...

I have always LOVED knitting but I need to re-learn how to do it. I never got very far on my projects either. I'd like to take up crochet too! GOD BLESS!!

Kathleen said...

I shall :)

Kathleen said...

You can delete the address now so the robots don't spam you, too :)

Anna S said...


Crocheting takes a lot of patience, but is very simple. If I can do it, you can, too! ;)


My address is displayed at the top right corner of my blog, and I'm pretty sure other people can see it too, because I get emails from fellow bloggers without giving my email personally :) No spam so far ;)