Sunday, November 4, 2007

From an Elliot Institute newsletter

(A true and powerful message; not for very young readers, though):

"Surveys show that many women feel pressured into abortion. Many abortions are the result of pressure, coercion, misinformation, withholding essential personal or financial support, lack of viable alternatives, emotional blackmail, threats and even violence. Women and girls are often pushed into traumatic and unwanted experiences and then left to sort out the aftermath alone. That's not 'choice.'

Rates of suicide, depression, substance abuse and other problems increase after abortion. Women are not told of the physical risks of abortion, including problems that can affect future fertility. Although abortion is sold as a safe and simple procedure, the women I know who have had abortions have told me that abortion is a safety hazard, not a safety net.

I share the anger of women who were pushed or even forced into unwanted abortions by their boyfriends, husbands, parents, school counselors, employers, or others around them. I know that in most cases these other people did not understand the life-long impact abortion can have on women. But it is still gravely wrong to insist that a woman or girl who needs support from her loved ones have an abortion instead.

We especially need to protect the rights of young girls who are facing violence or sexual abuse. Abortion is often used by sexual predators to cover up abuse when a pregnancy occurs. Tragically, abortion clinics often fail to ask questions or report suspected abuse, so that these girls are subjected to often traumatic abortions and then returned to the abusive situation.
We also need to support additional research on the detrimental effects of abortion and counseling programs for women who are struggling with unresolved grief, trauma or other problems after abortion.

Perhaps most important, we need to be less quick to assume culpability or to presume to know the circumstances of those who have undergone abortions. In many cases, abortion is an unwanted and traumatic experience and women need and deserve the support of their families, friends, churches and communities to heal from this experience.

These hurting women are our friends, daughters, sisters, mothers and wives. They deserve our love and support. We need to work harder to protect their rights and help those who are struggling find healing after abortion."


Mimi said...

you are so right... we should hate the sin but not the sinner...
a woman who has had an abortion is hurting for the rest of her life... and we should try to minister to her not to condemn her...
it is just too easy to get an abortion in this day and age and it is presented as the "east way out".. when in fact it is never the "easy way out"...

Karen said...

Thank you for speaking up about this topic.

Yes there are women and girls who have been traumatized and pressured into aborting, and we need to do everything we can to help them and prevent that. But it's a pretty small percentage. Most of the girls I know who abort, and this I can vouge other pro-lifers will tell you as well - they are angry people, not sorry for thier choice, selfish, and just do not care. They have welfare and other options available, they just don't want to spend thier money on a child. They have friends and family who will help them, they just don't want the responsibility. They spit on pro-lifers as they walk into the abortion clinics, some of them try to run them over on thier way out. These are not victims, and these are not nice people! There is even an entire website where they write in thier no-regret abortion stories and how liberating it was for them. It's really sick.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what this must be like. Very sad, indeed.


Anna S said...


There are probably some women who had abortions and don't regret it. However, not every woman who speaks about the matter with the air of indifference, really feels this way. Admitting our mistakes is hard, and the more horrible, the harder. I remember my own dark, sinful periods, when I was so deeply lost in impure, indecent behavior, and yet I kept saying how much "fun" I was having. No one saw past the hardened mask to the true pain and brokenness within. I'm sure the same is true for many women who had abortions.

Rebekah S. said...

I couldn't agree more. Oh, did you know that some are beginning to think that there is a link between having an abortion and getting breast cancer?

Terry said...

I think that in many cases, the women involved feel great sadness and grief after making this choice, even if they don't feel it before hand. As a matter of fact, I am very close to someone who has experienced this sadness, but not until after she became a Christian. I also know someone who had an abortion and shows no outward regret about her decision. She feels it was he decision to make and she did what she thought was best for her, with no apologies. Sadly, our culture's push to convince us that these preborn children are not children as long as they are in our bodies has taken hold and convinced a fair number of people that abortion isn't wrong. I believe, as the peice stated, that when the pressure to abort comes from parents, husbands, boyfriends, etc. there is great trauma done to the woman involved. I think when it's her choice, the regret is nonexistent.

Ashley said...

Dear Sara,

I just went to a fund raiser for the Justice Foundation last Saturday. They are actively trying to over turn the Roe v. Wade court ruling. They are representing "Jane Roe", from Roe v. Wade, and Sandra Cano, the "Mary Doe" in Doe v. Bolton who have since that ruling become Christians and are fighting to correct their mistakes.

With "Operation Outcry" they are trying to gather testimonies or "Declarations" from woman who have had abortions (and have faced the devastating affects on their lives and families) to submit to the courts. They have made progress in the fact that the courts are recognizing that there have been negative affects on woman from abortion, but they say they have no evidence for how big the problem is. If you know any one who has had an abortion and is suffering the affects, please show them this sight and the declaration form. The Justice Foundation needs all the prayers and financial support we can give. (Texas Justice Foundation)

"Your testimony in a declaration can be used in legal
cases and in state legislative efforts to end or limit abortion,
such as an abortion ban, informed consent, parental consent,
etc. To maintain confidentiality, initials only can be used if
you wish. Personal contact information is never released. A
declaration form and instructions are available at: (Click on “Speak Up”)."

I heard the testimonies of many woman and it was very powerful. Please pray for their efforts.

Also, please be in prayer for me, my family and my church. Last night we have suffered the loss of a 20 year old young man in our congregation from a car crash. His sister has become a good friend of mine. He left behind his parents, two sisters, a brother in-law and nieces and nephews, and the fellow workers in ministry. He radiated God's justice and mercy in his life. He will be missed greatly.


Persuaded said...

I have always said that "pro-choice" is a misnomer for the abortion-rights camp. I think that women have abortions mainly because they feel they *have no other choice*! And I will probably step on a few toes here...but I think our insistence on making welfare benefits harder to obtain and temporary and conditional in nature pushes more women into abortions. (speaking of here in the good ole USA) Until recently I worked for HeadStart which is the federal pre-school program for low income families here in America. The new welfare regulations forced the women receiving benefits out of the home and into various work and training programs..sounds good I suppose, but it had the end product of children being put into a patchwork of (usually poor quality) care options and stressing already stressed families often to the breaking point. Often these women could not get an increase or extension of their benefits when they became pregnant again. Sadly, they often felt that abortion was their only option.
I think if we, as a country, truly valued children from all families and socio-economic backgrounds then we would make sure their parents can provide for them matter what the sins of the parents.
ok...stepping off soapbox now, lol.

misskassandra said...

Hi Anna,

I've lurked on your blog for a while now, so I suppose its time for me to finally comment.

Thanks for posting this! It was nice to read this in light of all of the abortion-themed posts that others seem to be doing. So many of the comments in response to them are just....hateful. There's really no other word. And when a poster suggests showing compassion and love, 10 more say ' oh compassion huh? murder is murder. she needs to be judged and we wouldnt give a mom of born children a free pass- jail her!'.

Just makes me ill. So when I ran across this post, it reminded me that not all Christians are dead set on jumping on the judgement wagon. Abortion is an awful thing, but the solution isnt condemnation and nasty words, its compassion in its purest form-action.

Persuaded- AMEN! You're not stepping on my toes-my jaw is dropping to hear someone else say what I've been ranting about for years! If we want to see abortion rates reduced, its high time we quit protesting and using nasty words- and start backing up our so-called 'prolife'position with action. Taking women into our homes, supporting groups and programs that help women support themselves, go to school, etc. If we want to say abortion is wrong, we better be prepared to back those words up.

Sarah said...

Anna, thanks for your compassionate post on the emotive subject of abortion. And thank you for your words too, misskassandra. If we really value the lives of women and children, let's support women who might otherwise have had an unwanted abortion to bring up their children well.

Persuaded said...'s a big hug for you (((MissKassandra))) Your affirmation means a lots- it really does!

and of course another hug for you sweet (((Anna)))