Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few more clarifications

In the short time since my "coming out of the closet" and telling you I'm Jewish and Israeli, I received many, many lovely, sweet and encouraging comments, many more than I expected – thank you! Still, after reading a few responses, I feel a bit more remains to be said, just to make sure things are perfectly clear to everyone. So, here goes:

1. I thought saying I'm an Orthodox Jew makes this obvious, but several people asked if I'm "Messianic". Well, I suppose you COULD say I'm "Messianic", in the sense that I (like every other Orthodox Jew) am still waiting for the Messiah.

2. "Domestic Felicity" isn't a political blog. I am NOT going to discuss Israel's political leadership, the Palestinian problem, or anything that has to do with politics. This is not because I don't have anything to say – I have a very well-defined opinion, but this particular blog will remain politically neutral. I don't think discussing politics would add to the serenity here, and so we'll continue to focus largely on the same subjects as before – home, femininity, modesty, cooking, crafts and frugal living.

3. You know I usually try to be nice and civil, but the next person who attempts to evangelize me will get a less than courteous response. I see it as extremely disrespectful and arrogant when someone emails me - knowing nothing about the spiritual path I took during years of growing in observance - and tries to brush it all aside and "share the Truth". And no. I'm not going to host theological discussions here, period.

4. Those of you who sent me Christmas greetings not knowing I'm Jewish, or ever said something else to me assuming I'm a Christian, should by no means feel bad about it! You haven't done anything offensive, and haven't hurt my feelings, as long as you don't follow in the footsteps of people from the previous paragraph.

5. And finally, no, I don't live in a bomb shelter. I don't ride in a tank whenever I have to come out of my home. I don't wear a bullet-proof vest under my clothes. I live a perfectly normal life here in Israel, thank you very much. But don't worry – if a bomb is ever thrown in my window, I'll let you know. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Blessings, dear Anna. :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in reading about your life in Israel! I've always wanted to visit there myself--it looks beautiful! : )

Mrs. G said...

Very well said, Anna. :)

AnneK said...

I will share the Truth with you. I am totally messing with you. :D Hope you are feeling okay! I will drop you an email some time.

Maggie said...

Well said Anna! I for one hope that this doesn't turn into a political issue blog; I'd personally prefer to read more about your experiments in the kitchen and your knitting/crocheting.

PhDCow said...

I've been a regular reader of your blog for some time now. Although we don't agree on much and there are times when I shake my head at what you've written, I'm impressed by you. You've got a good head on your shoulders and you do give some useful housekeeping tips!

Jeannine said...

The last paragraph made me chuckle. So you don't life like that..? :) A visit to Israel is still one of my dreams.
Looking forward to more of your posts on your "usual" topics :).

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Anna. :) And I hope you share some pictures -- I've always been fascinated by Israel as well. Would you be interested in sharing what the weather is like this time of year? I'd love to know -- got to be warmer than freezing old North Dakota here!

Be blessed -- Lisa

Sarahndipity said...

Hi Anna,

I'm glad you told us who you really are! I just assumed you were Christian and lived in the US. :-p

BTW, I'm adding you to my blogroll. I don't agree with everything you write here, but I find your blog very interesting and I really enjoy reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for over a year now and I assumed you were an Evangelical Christian living somewhere in the Midwest of the USA. I am so glad you are Jewish and living in Israel! It simply proves that we are all God's children and called to the same great path, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.! Please ignore those trying to give you "the Truth." They mean well, although I find it as infuriating as you must.

God Bless!

Anna S said...

Lisa, we're enjoying lovely warm weather here. :) But rain is in our daily prayers during this season.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

I think it is amazing that you are Jewish! As a Reformed, Evangelical Christian, I find it so meaningful that your bloodline traces back to the patriarchs of old and the overcomers of modern times.

I wanted you to know that even though we don't agree theologically, I will still be frequenting this blog to here your practical advice, amazing insights, and kind words. What a beautiful young woman you are, and how mightily the Lord is using you. May He continue to bless you as you strive to please Him.

Bethanie said...

Huh.. well... ok then. I never would have guessed. But, sure why not.
Congrats on "coming out".

Anonymous said...

I have a question. In your profile it says you have been living in Israel since 1991. Where did you live before that? You don't have to be specific, just meaning did you live in Europe, US, etc?

Anna S said...

Anon, I was born in the part of USSR which is now Ukraine.

Karen said...

I'm glad you came out with your secret. I've always felt you were hiding something but I didn't know what, and that is your choice. The thing is, looking back you touched on religion quite a lot and people assumed quite a lot that you were Christian, and said so, but your replies were very vague. I'm glad you've been able to reach out to people of all religions through your beautiful blog, as unfortunately some might not have accepted it had they known your religion. I do think that is very unfortunate because you seem to me a lot wiser and closer to the truth than most Christian women I know!! I do wish you had said something sooner. It doesn't feel very good to feel stupid for assuming for so long. I don't mean that to offend, but that is how I'm feeling. Thank you for #4 but I do still feel stupid about it!

And I guess I'm a tiny bit disappointed because I am looking for Christian women to fellowship and look up to for my own spiritual walk, and they are so hard to find. But I don't know why I should be disappointed, everything you've said about religion and G-d is true, and we do in fact worship the same G-d. We also have 75% of the Bible in common. :)

Lara said...

Blessings on you, Anna! I confess that I was surprised--I think you've attracted quite a following of Christians, but I think that's wonderful. I really enjoy reading your blog--as a Catholic, I don't agree with everyone all the time either, but to me, that diversity adds to the beauty of things. I know I've a great deal to learn--from lots of people from many backgrounds, and that includes you. Yes, please keep writing and sharing your thoughts.


Mimi said...

have you ever been to the United States?
your whole approach to chauvinist men sounds so American
also I would be interested to know if you have a Thanksgiving day in Israel

Anna S said...

Mimi, no, I've never been to the US but I'd love to visit someday.

We don't have Thanksgiving here. I only know vaguely what it's about. :)

Jenn V said...

Sweet girl, I have been reading your blog for some time and will continue to read it and enjoy it. I love your writing and admire your strength and wisdom. You have left encouraging comments on my blog several times and I hope I can return the favor today! Have a great day!


K in the Mirror said...

#5 made me laugh too. When I moved to Texas I got a lot of the same type of stereotypical comment- will I have an oil well in my backyard or ride a horse to school. :)

Blessings on you.

neuropoet3 said...

Anna, just wanted to comment on how pretty your new "layout" is for your blog. :) I haven't been able to check on it in a couple of days - so I missed your "coming out" :) - but I'm glad you were comfortable "revealing" something that can be sensitive. Even if you do get the inevitable "flack" at least you can be yourself. Religion is such a big part of who we are - by being able to embrace yours you're going to be more comfortable sharing your words with us. As a Catholic convert (my husband was a southern baptist pastor - we "crossed over" as they say about 3 years ago) we've caught more than our share of "flack" for our beliefs - from family, friends, and strangers. People can say hateful things sometimes - even if they somehow mean well. You are lucky to have such a rich heritage to draw from! I look forward to really "getting to know you" now. :) Your blog has been a source of great encouragement for me - thanks for sharing!

Rebekah S. said...

Hi, Anna! Thanks for clearing things up! I hope you don't take this offensively, but when I read the part of your post about you still waiting for the Messiah, it truly broke my heart. It saddens me to know that you don't believe in Jesus being the Christ. I'm just curious about your thoughts on Him? I don't want this to turn into a debate or anything like that, but was just curious, and thought it would spark a healthy, and respectful discussion. I'm not going to try to "bang you over the head with the truth" so to speak. :) I was just curious. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime.

That's neat that you used to live in Ukraine-I haev friends that are currently there as missionaries.

At Thanksgiving, (just in case you wanted some more info) we're celebrating God's goodness to us. We're celebrating the fact that God provided for the Pilgrims so mercifully.

I'm also curious about something else. You believe that a woman should be a keeper at home, yet all of those verses are contained in the New Testament. Therefore, how do you believe that to be Biblically true, if Jews don't believe the New Testament?

Have a wonderful week!!


Terry said...

It surprises me that such clarifications are necessary, but thanks for doing it nonetheless.

Kelly said...

Anna sounds like perfectly realistic boundaries for your blog. I personally wouldn't want your blog to become political anyway. I enjoy your blog for what it is.

Persuaded said...

Well, Anna, if you ever *do* come to the US, you are invited to my house for a real-honest-to-goodness Thanksgiving dinner! I think it is a holiday you would thoroughly enjoy;-)

Blessings to you today,

woobles said...


I love the picture of you and your cat that you put up in flickr. So sweet! Your cat looks SO fuzzy and adorable!!

(I'm sorry if it's a bit off-topic)

Have a great day. :)

Stephanie A. said...

"I see it as extremely disrespectful and arrogant when someone emails me - knowing nothing about the spiritual path I took during years of growing in observance - and tries to brush it all aside and "share the Truth"."

Anna, just another perspective for you to ponder, although I'm sure you've already considered it. I just thought to be fair, it should be put out here to other readers.
The perspective being: as a christian, we follow Jesus' teachings. Sharing what we see to be the truth from the bible is not being disrespectful to you or others, it's being an obedient and loving follower of God. We're called by Him to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, this must be done in a loving way, so I am sorry if it has been shared with you in a mean or unloving way. Thanks Anna!

Anonymous said...

I am one who seldom agrees with you, but I respect you. And the fact that you are Jewish and live in Isreal has no effect on that respect. I, too, thought you were a Christian simply because I came across your page as a link from several Christian pages. That is an assumption that was obviously incorrect. I do not think you were being deceptive in any way. It is your right to disclose facts about you and your life as you see fit, not as others may think you should. I think, honestly, that it is irrelevant to what your goal here is. You aren't a religious site. You aren't trying to convert anyone. You aren't "evangelizing" or anything else. You are discussing your personal beliefs. Your religious affiliation, your home, your culture are unimportant to the purpose of your posts. Not in that they don't help frame who you are, but in the sense that no one who reads what you say has any need to know.

I read the comments to these recent posts and am disappointed in the people who chose to ask about salvation and Jesus. It's also disappointing that you were accused you of being deceptive.

Again, I may not agree with you, but I don't in any way think you were deceptive. I respect you, and your convictions.

USAincognito said...

I couldn't help but chuckle a little as I read points 3,4, and 5. You go girl!! ;)

Patty said...

Dear Anna,
Thank you for telling us more about your situation. My sister-in-law is an orthodox jew in Bet Shemesh, and is convinced that she 'has' to work outside the home to make ends meet in Israel, and can't stay home with her 4 children or be her husband's helper. I don't try to persuade her otherwise, but it is reassuring that the principles of homemaking/helping are just as applicable in Israel as in the US. I am sorry she is missing out on the peace she can have instead of the 'rat race' she is in.
Thanks for letting us get to know you better. My 14yo daughter and I enjoy your gentle and careful words.
Thank you.

Miss Julianne said...

Why is everyone so surprised that you are Jewish and live in Israel? I have been reading your blog for a while (I was using a different blog name before) and I have known for a long time that you were. It never seemed to me that you were keeping a secret or that you "came out."

Sue said...


I really like that you've set clear boundaries about what you want this blog to be about and what you don't want it to be about. After all, it's your blog.

I've always respected observant Orthodox Jews because you treat your faith seriously and reverently without getting bogged down with rules and regulations. I've also learned from Orthodox Jews good lessons about remembering that certain prayers and rituals are there to drive you to strive to remember God every waking moment. Something this Christian is still working on!


Lara said...

I did assume you were Christian, but for some reason, I didn't think you were from the U.S. I think it was phrasology or language clues in some of your posts-I'd have to reread to be sure. I think you are a beautiful woman seeking God's true heart, and I still say I would be blessed to have my daughters grow to be like you. I am fascinated that the "keeper at home" type movement is alive in more than just fundamental Christianity, though I shouldn't be, since before becoming a Christian, I was a "keeper at home" type atheist. I guess truth is truth and won't waver regardless of distinctions in beliefs. Anyhow, we serve the same God and I feel blessed to serve alongside you. I did attend temple for a long time in a seeking period of my life and I can honestly say I felt God's presence there more strongly than I have ever felt in most Christian churches I have attended. BTW, my doggie thinks you are cute too, but you wouldn't think she was so cute after you cleaned up her messes for a day or so. So what is that beautiful creation you are crocheting, 'cause I am dying to know.

Nanny Y. said...

Dear Anna, I am glad to see you are keeping cool head and not running away from blog-land despite those who have tried to convert you. I look at it as really showing the depths of your convictions :)

I think the only reason I had assumed you were from the States is how perfectly you write in English!

God bless,

Jennifer said...


I am an evangelical Christian who has been blessed through reading your blog...and I know that will continue to be the case! Keep writing and sharing your heart!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I came across your blog and found it very interesting, I love meeting people from around the world and hearing about there cultures and lives..comment me if you ever want to talk!!


Laura H. said...

Hey, you should write your life story for others to read. I am writing a story about a jewish girl, during WW2. It is a fascinating story. I hope to someday publish it, and give you a copy. For now, may the Lord bless you, and you should not worry, about what people think of your nationality, and your race. I am an abolitionist, who stands up for those who are not of the so called master race, negros, Jews, and imigrants.I believe that God made all man and women equal. You are a blessing to me, and I need you to know that I will always be here for you, when you need me. I am your friend,and always will be. Write to me as often as you can!
My new email address:
lmh4him@olypen.com Write any time! I'm here!

Laura H.

Sammybunny said...

I am also surprised! But I commend you for your honesty and "coming out"! It would be lovely to live in Israel! God's blessings!

Anonymous said...

Anna, can you tell us how you've gotten such good English? Are members of your family American or British, have you spoken English all of your life or is your fabulous writing the result of only having learned English later on?

Erin said...

Bah! On those who are rude to you. I happy that you can be more of yourself, it makes me smile read about more of you.
I know there is good intent to the evangelization but sometimes we all need a reminder that "If you bless your neighbour loudly, early in the morning, he will take it as a curse" (Proverbs) Sometimes a blessing isn't a blessing if it is rude.
Sukkot has something similar to Thanksgiving with the agrcultural nature of the holiday. Thankfulness for the bounty provided sort of thing.

I just have to ask what are your kitties named? I don't know if you speak any Russian, but I thought you might find it amusing that one of my kitties is named Koshka.

Anna S said...

Rebekah, when I said I will *not* host theological discussions here, that was precisely what I meant. No Judaism-Christianity debates will be held in my comments section.

Oh, and about women being homemakers? I think Proverbs 31 outlines it pretty well. Try to combine it with a career, and you'll collapse. :) I have a post planned about it soon.

Erin, Russian is my first language. My kitties are named Ksusha and Becky.

Buffy said...

I am so pleased you are not going to let this blog turn into any kind of political debate. I think that is a very wise precaution.

Swylv said...

IN regards to point #5 ... some from my Intro to Jewish Roots class go to Israel every year and when others who want to go ask if it's dangerous, they just reply sure there is some danger but even in our own Metro area we hear on the news every night about some person/people being shot and yet for the most part we feel safe and life goes on as normal.

And your right, Messianic is either waiting for HIM to come the first time or like for me, waiting for HIM to come the second time...either way PRAISE YHWH HE is Coming!

Rebekah S. said...

How true, Anna!

Natalie said...

I just want to tell you that I enjoy reading your posts about homemaking and staying at home, and that I never would have guessed that you lived in Israel.
I guess it proves how similar things can be over there, that when you talked about school it sounded like the typical public school over here! :)
I sort of assumed you lived in some big US city, New York perhaps, or someplace similar.

Bonnie said...

I agree, if Anna has stated she isn't going to debate anything theological or political here, then she means it! Please respect that, readers :-)

Mrs W said...

Anna I don't know if this comes under "theological discussion" or not, so if you don't want to publish and answer this, don't feel pressed to. I just have a question about your religion that I would like to know for the purpose of learning and nothing more. Do you observe the sabbath? Or do you have a church service on Sunday etc? My guess is Saturday, the sabbath, but I might be wrong.

Anna S said...

Mrs. W, we observe the Jewish Sabbath from Friday sundown until an hour after that time on Saturday night.

And don't worry, when I say "discussion" I mean a real discussion and not a question. :)

Mrs W said...

Thanks Anna, that is what I thought you did. Do you do no work on the Sabbath? Also I'm guessing there is a difference between a Messianic, Hasidic and Orthodox Jew.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that when I first come across this wonderful blog, my instinct was that you were an Orthodox Jewish woman. Then, when I noticed it linked to Christian sites, I wasn't so sure. But usually Christian women mention Jesus a lot and you never did. So that was one tip-off.

Anyway, this is your blog and you have the right to reveal your faith, or not, in any way you see fit. I am Christian and I get a lot of good tips from your site. Also, I love your writing and I think you are right on the mark about how Godly single women can prepare themselves for the right guy.

I just wanted to add that your comment about "not riding in a tank" gave me a little smile. I know that if you DID have to ride in a tank, it would be a very soothing and ladylike tank with crocheted seat covers, chamomille tea and soothing music in the background. And you would be very beautifully yet modestly dressed, riding in your tank.

I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful...it was just such an amusing image to me, the juxtaposition of the tank and you!

Anna S said...

Mrs. W, indeed, I don't do any work that is prohibited on the Sabbath. What's prohibited work and what isn't, well, that would take ages to write ;)

Hassidic Jews are a sub-group of Orthodox Jews, and we observe the same Law, just some customs are different.

When you say "Messianic" Jews, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. There are Jews by birth who became Christians, and there are Christians who observe some or almost all Jewish customs. So that term can be a bit misleading.

Anonymous said...

"I thought saying I'm an Orthodox Jew makes this obvious, but several people asked if I'm "Messianic". Well, I suppose you COULD say I'm "Messianic", in the sense that I (like every other Orthodox Jew) am still waiting for the Messiah."

Thank you!!! That's the best retort I've heard, and it's my new one. Messianic "Jews" upset me more than anyone. At least the fundamentalist Christians/Muslims are honest. The "Jews" for Jesus are lying to themselves, and making us all look bad.

Mrs. P. said...

"Thank you!!! That's the best retort I've heard, and it's my new one. Messianic "Jews" upset me more than anyone. At least the fundamentalist Christians/Muslims are honest. The "Jews" for Jesus are lying to themselves, and making us all look bad."

How are Messianic Jews lying to themselves? I do know some. They are Jewish people who have come to realize Jesus is the promised Messiah, so they worship Him and live for Him. They are not "Jews", they are Jews who believe in Christ. Does that make someone no longer a Jew? People like that give their best to Israel, many gave their blood to Israel as well, but when they become believers in Jesus they are no longer Jews? That is a dangerous line of thinking.

Mrs. P.

Abby Dabby said...

Mrs. P.:

Yes, when you believe in Jesus, you are no longer a Jew. You are a Christian. It's a pretty simple concept. Messianic "Jews' are deluded. No real Jew thinks anything else. More information: www.jewsforjudaism.org

Anna S said...

Mrs. P,

Just to clarify, from the Jewish point of view there is no such thing as a "Jew who is no longer a Jew". A Jew may deny his or her heritage, a Jew may convert to Islam or become an idol worshipper or ANYTHING else, but he is still a Jew. A sinful Jew, but no less of a Jew. The path of teshuva is always open.

Anna S said...

Dear Abby, with all due respect, I have to disagree with you here. Surely, there are Jews who are Christians and Jews who are Muslims and Jews who join all sorts of weird cults in India. But when a Jew sets on the path of teshuva and embraces Judaism again, is he told, "you are no longer a Jew - you need a conversion"? No. A Jew is ALWAYS a Jew.

Abby Dabby said...

I disagree back, Anna. If you reject your Judaism (say, by deciding that Jesus was the moshiach), you can't continue to call yourself a Jew. What do these so-called Messianic Jews say on Pesach? "Next year in Jerusalem, Next year may all be free, after the messiah comes AGAIN". It's disingenuous. If you survey 1000 rabbis--Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, modern Orthodox, Lubuvitch, Satmar--ANYTHING, I bet you'll find 1000 people who say that calling yourself a Jew when you believe in Jesus is wrong, morally, spiritually, and linguistically.

Abby Dabby said...

The path of teshuva is open, but I have a problem with people calling themselves "Jews" when they are currently choosing a path which the Jews have for 2000 years said is not the Jewish path. And frankly, I feel that if you get baptized as a Christian and then decide to be a Jew again, you SHOULD have to convert back. You rejected your Judaism.

Anna S said...

The way I see it, the problem here is precisely that Jews who stray away from Judaism ARE still Jews. There's no such thing as "bowing out" of Judaism. If someone says, "I'm not a Jew anymore", do we say to him, "ah, great. Then all the mitzvot don't apply to you and you can do whatever you want"? Nope. We see that person's attitude as sinful BECAUSE HE IS STILL A JEW.

Anna S said...

PS: But of course I understand what you are saying and I have a BIG problem with what you describe as well. I'll say no more here because after all, it was me who said "no theological discussions" in the first place. :o) Always feel free to email me, though!

Abby Dabby said...

I will not call someone who believes that Jesus is the messiah (or bar-Kochba or anyone else, for that matter) Jewish. If you believe in Jesus "the CHRIST", you are a CHRISTian.

Abby Dabby said...

I completely understand your stance on the "no theology" thing and won't say more. Glad you know what I'm saying (and perhaps plan to punch the next "Jew for Jesus" who tries to give you a pamphlet)...

Anna S said...

Abby, I don't punch anyone. I smile, take the pamphlets, addresses and phone numbers. Then I pass the details of these organizations to Yad le-Achim.

Mrs. P said...


Thank you for clarifying some things. I am glad this exchange at least does that.

I always enjoyed your blog, though only posted once before, about how being a homemaker develops creativity. I always admired how articulate you were in expressing your views, and wished I had been as wise at your age. Your 'coming out' came as a very big surprise for me, a shock would be more accurate. Being Jewish is a wonderful thing, I see it as a privilege. Israel is a special country, that I visited once, and always wished I could have gone back and lived there at least for a while. I did feel like a couple of other ladies expressed here, that my heart was breaking to see you did not believe in Jesus. It may be hard to understand for you or other readers here, but it was not out of arrogance - we all wish the best for those we care about. If you believed that being a follower of Christ was the greatest thing in life, you would wish it for all your friends and loved ones. It would make no sense otherwise.

I find it heard to understand now how you can have Christian friends, enjoy Christian blogs and so on when you have such a big problem with Jews who choose to believe in Jesus.

One last thing I would like to make very clear before I leave, and it is not in the least in the category of evangelizing, so I do hope you will publish it.

If you do not, it would regretfully show you are not the kind of person you wanted to pass for all this time, since you do tolerate messages like the one about punching people, which can be said to be full of hatred literally. I mean, if something like that had ever been written by a Christian, it would have produced horrified outcries of anti-semitism.)

The very last thing I want to mention is related to:

"Abby, I don't punch anyone. I smile, take the pamphlets, addresses and phone numbers. Then I pass the details of these organizations to Yad le-Achim."

All the nice Christian ladies who read or post here might not understand what this means. I do because I have friends who are Jews who follow Jesus, aka Messianic Jews. Organizations like these, which are against missionaries, treat all Jews who believe in Christ like criminals. The children of a friend of mine were traumatized because their father's picture was posted all around their home by such an organization, with pretty vile words and inscriptions saying that he was an enemy of Israel and such. I just thought you might want to know this bit of info. Smiles are one thing, and deception is another.

I will probably only stay around a little bit, to see if you do post my message. No more after that. I am not leaving because you are Jewish, I do have Jewish friends (even non-Messianic) and dearly love Israel and pray for its well-being. I am not even leaving because you are an Orthodox Jew, or I would have done it days ago, when I read your post about that. I am leaving because while giving impression of being a godly and loving young woman, you would knowingly hurt Jesus-following Jews, who are brothers and sisters in Christ to me, all the while claiming to be friendly to the Christian women here.

I have no hard feelings for you Anna, I am very saddened, very sorry and hurt - in the name of my brethren. I will pray for you.

Anna S said...

Mrs. P,

I have no problem with people of other religions. Or, should I better say, JUDAISM has no problem with other religion. I have Christian friends and Muslim friends. We believe both Jews and righteous non-Jews have a place in the World to Come.

I do, however, have a very serious problem with people trying to sway Jews from their faith.

Yad le-Achim is NOT - as far as I know - an organization that acts against personal beliefs of different Jews. It acts against *organizations* that try to sway Jews from their faith.

You believe in one thing, we believe in another. It seems we are both equally convinced in what we believe. You cannot hope to make us believe in what you believe, and think there would be no counter-movement.

Anna S said...

PS: I also have Jewish friends who believe Jesus was the Messiah. I'd never do something to hurt them personally. But on a general level, yes, there is no point to pretend I'm not against evangelizm of Jews.

Further comments for this thread are closed. Those who feel something is still unclear for them are welcome to contact me by email.