Friday, December 14, 2007

"Noah, what are you doing?"

"Noah, what are you doing? Noah? Noah?"
"Why, I'm building the Ark, my dear… God revealed to me that there will be a Flood that will destroy everything upon the earth. You'd better pack your things."

"Abram, you are seventy-five years old. Isn't it a bit late for leaving the land of your fathers forever and setting out to Canaan?!"

"Moses, are you sure you are to be the one who leads the children of Israel out of slavery? Do you really think Pharaoh will let you go just like that? Be reasonable!"


Have you ever thought what it would be like, to be the wife of an extraordinary man, a revolutionary man, a man who goes against the tide of his generation? I think that would require a great deal of faith and trust in his leadership.

Now, I couldn't find what Sarai told Abram as they set out from Haran, long before their names were changed to Abraham and Sarah. But it is said that behind each great man there is a great woman - I'm sure she stood behind her husband and trusted him, knowing he was led by the One true God, even if her husband's actions didn't exactly make sense to her at the moment.

Someday in my life, there might be a time when I question my husband's judgment in different crucial moments. Maybe it will seem like the reasonable thing to do. Maybe I will rip my hair out and cry, "what on earth is this man thinking?!"

If this happens, I hope I will find the strength and patience – no, not to hush up, I believe the wife can and should express her opinion (in a gentle and prayerful way) – but to trust my husband's leadership and his final decision.

Where would we be today if Noah's wife had insisted that building the Ark is a waste of time?


Liedeke said...

Thank you for this, Anna. Often it's so easy to forget that our heroes from the past were human beings. 'Humanizing' them makes it more difficult to ignore their example. Humanizing them gently makes me smile while I resolve (again) to step up to the plate.


Gothelittle Rose said...

I love the Moses-and-wife story. Zipporah didn't only stick with him through his unusual ministry, she remembered key elements of God's laws when he did not and saved her husband's life.

She took it upon herself to circumsize their son, basically performing a ritual that was generally reserved for the men. Then she proceeded to ream him out for his neglect! How would a male-biased god react to that? Maybe by striking her dead for her blasphemy? How did God respond? By withdrawing His wrath.

Elizabeth said...

*Giggle!* But what a GOOD point. Thank you ... I'll pring this and keep it in a safe place, to remember 'someday'!

Adlyn said...

Great post Anna! can't wait for the dedicated daughters series Q&A!


Buffy said...

Yes, a woman can make or break her husband by supporting or dismissing his dreams.

Sheri said...

So true about Noah and Abraham's wives Anna... my mom once told me that it's harder to be married to a leader, a man who wants to serve God with his whole heart, because you will be asked to follow with him; by faith. I have found this to be true many times in Tony and my 8 years of marriage.

I will be honest that the first few years of our marriage, I did really question him and sometimes made things a bit challenging (Ah praise God for changing my heart and giving "my hero" patience.)

I praise the Lord for examples of these great women of faith in God's Word. My passion is to follow their example and it's been a beautiful journey so far. May your future marriage be just as beautiful dear Anna.

singlemomforgod said...

Good thought!!! Good Point, I will ponder on that as I ask God to help me stand behind the great man he has for me.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I agree that wives should talk to their husbands if they really feel they are given something of the Lord that would be of valuable input. As wives we need to be careful not to belittle the husbands decision, or decision making skills. We need to be careful no to talk down to them, make them feel like we do not trust them, or criticize them. We can do the first thing in the way that leaves out these other things. We can encourage, build up and strengthen our husbands.

Kelly said...

Sometimes it's the little daily things that are hard to trust in your husband's leadership. For me it's in his work related stuff, (I won't go into details of course) he ususally comes to me for my opinion and it's so hard for me to sit by and trust after he's made his decision. Part of me screams out, hey while he's the breadwinner of this family his decisions affect all of us, then I remind myself that he not only has the final decision because he is the head of this household but he also is responsible and trustworthy. And I have to admit that nothing really bad has ever happened when he DIDN'T follow my advice.

Rebekah S. said...

Amen! Wow, what a wonderful and powerful post!

Sarah is known (and praised) for calling her husband lord. She clearly understood that her Biblical role was that of helpmeet and that his was that of being in charge and leading the family.

We are to be building up the men(fathers/husbands/brothers) in our lives, we need to be encouraging them, serving them, and helping them all we can.

What a great question that you asked, about where would we be if Noah's wife had not followed her husband. We moved from Tennessee up here to Texas almost 3 years ago. My mom was sick over the thought of moving. Yet, she went along with my father, supporting him, and letting him know that if this move was truly what he thought God wanted him to lead us to do, then she would go along and try her hardest to be supportive. It was so hard for her! She didn't want to leave behind her hometown, her family, and all things comforting and familiar. But our God, through the leadership of my father, lead us to move. And to God be the glory-great things He has done!! It has been through this move that our convictions and beliefs have been radically changed, in accordance with God's Word. There have been numerous numerous rich blessings and amazing changes that have come about due to the fact that we moved. And what would have happened if my mother had put her foot down and said that we were not going to move? I don't even want to think about what the outcome would have been!

neuropoet3 said...

This is so true - behind every man of faith their is and has been a woman to encourage him. I saw a show the other night about Ruth Bell Graham, the wife of evangelist Billy Graham, and they made a point of emphasizing how important she was to him and his ministry - even though she was almost always at home with the children. A wife who believes in and supports her husband is a blessing to him - and to her family. Like you said Anna, "Where would be be today if Noah's wife had insisted that building the Ark was a waste of time?"

Kelly said...

How true!

The daily routine and grind of life and marriage takes its toll on couples, and we've all had moments of frustration, annoyance and even anger. We're sinful beings, after all. But, our husbands are Children of God, created in the image of our glorious Father. In their moments of weakness they are made strong by Him, in their times of struggle they are guided by Him, and in OUR times of doubt and frustration *we* are reminded by Him that the man we loved is loved by Christ, as well.

Great post, Anna!

Brenda said...

It makes me think of the story Debi Pearl tells about the newlywed couple on the bike ride. The new bride was getting very upset b/c they seemed to be riding in circles and there was a much more direct path (if memory serves, this is how it went) and finally relaxed and decided to enjoy the ride and follow her new husband wherever he went. Made everything better!
(He was a Mr. Visionary )

Persuaded said...

Anna my dear, I just love the way you think!

Stephanie said...

Very, very, VERY good post!

I can say that I am married to a revolutionary... a very extraordinary man, who has taken us to places I never would have imagined us going... and I am so glad that I have followed him! I have had reservations, but like Ruth said to Naomi, I have said, "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me."

It is a wonderful thing to be under the leadership of a man who submits to God. It makes him easier to follow, and so far it has been an amazing journey!

MarkyMark said...


Unfortunately, 99.999% of women only break their man's dreams. Shoot, his dreams don't even REGISTER on her radar; it's as if they don't exist. After all, HER dreams are all that matter, and that's yet another reminder why I'm not at all sad to be single...