Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wishes of a blessed week

zfat3, originally uploaded by Anna's musings.

Hi everyone. I hope all my Jewish readers had a restful Shabbat. The past week was so full of busy excitement for me, and I was so tired when Friday night finally arrived, that I nearly fell asleep right at Shabbat dinner. ;o) Then I spent about 14 hours sleeping last night. Now I'm finally feeling properly rested and prepared for the week ahead - which is good, because tomorrow morning at the hospital is promising to be rough.

To all the dear ones who took the time to email me - THANK YOU for your kind notes of friendship and support. I so enjoyed and appreciated hearing from you, and will certainly reply to your comments and questions, but please understand if it takes a little time.

To those of you for whom tomorrow is still weekend, I wish a lovely Sunday. To all of us, I wish a blessed and peaceful week.


Rebekah S. said...

Oh, how beautiful your country is!! Thank you-I hope you have a wonderful week as well!!!

Kristy said...

I've enjoyed the pictures of Israel, too... thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week, Anna!

Blessings, Kristy

shannon said...

I was wondering if you would share with us more about your faith. Of course if this is too personal-feel free to ignore me! Does NP share your faith? Are you Hasidic? Does your mother share your level of religion? How does your religion impact your daily life? Do you keep Kosher? Anyway-these are some questions on my mind. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

14 hours sleeping! really were tired. I'm happy you were able to catch up a wee bit on your rest.(o:

These pictures you're posting of Israel are lovely, really they are. You know, you're whetting my appetite! I'm certain I'll want to visit Israel someday. My in-laws were there a few years ago...they loved it.

Thanks for your e-mail last week, Anna. It was wonderful to hear from you, & I feel so pleased to call you friend.

warmly, Brenda

Asia said...

I wish you a lovley week, may God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months now though i rarely comment.
I found it when i was searching for sites about alternatives to feminism.
I work but i live at home & hope one day to be married. I also enjoy sewing & knitting.
I am often thought of as weird because i have not moved out & don't act like other girls my age.

Your blog has been very encouraging to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna, for all the things that you have shared in the past few days (I am away so am just catching up now). I am a Christian and people still make assumptions about Christians for example I don't celebrate Christmas either - when people wish me a merry Christmas I simply reply to wish them a happy holiday too, if they ask for further explanation I am happy to provide it, but I don't need to push it in their faces, I also keep Shabbat (Friday evening sunset to Saturday evening sunset) rather than Sunday (again if people ask I will explain). People assume that my fiance's family must be Catholic because they come from Italy - again I will explain lovingly that they are Seventh Day Adventists.

What we believe affects who we are, and you are right to be fully open about that, you are also right to refuse abuse and disrespect. Have a good week and keep writing the things you do that encourage so many of us women to be true ladies.

Anna S said...


A brief overview of your questions (there are details which make things more complex, but I'm overlooking those here):

1. Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't even consider marrying him. Intermarriage is forbidden.
2. No, I'm not Hassidic. I'm just an Orthodox Jew without any particular stream I belong to.
3. My mother is a non-believer.
4. My religion impacts my daily life in ALL I do, from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep.
5. Yes, I certainly keep kosher, even though it's a challenge when other people in your household don't.


Jennifer said...

Hey, I just love your your picture what a beautiful place!!