Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Me? Obey Him?" giveaway

For those of you who haven't visited "The Walled Garden" yet, Dawn is giving away two copies of the book "Me? Obey Him?" by Elizabeth Rice Hanford. According to what I understand from the summary Dawn gave, the author "...shows how the husband and wife relationship is the foundation for a happy and Godly home. And at the same time, she shows how a submissive wife is not an inferior partner.

Best of all, Mrs. Handford shows not only the responsibility of submission, but she shows the blessings, the joys and privileges that living a life according to God's plan brings."

Now, I haven't read the book yet, so I can't really give a review. Most likely I won't agree with every single thing Elizabeth Rice Hanford has to say; but it certainly sounds interesting and worth reading. I'm in!

To enter the drawing, leave a comment here. The names of the two lucky winners will be announced on Friday the 15-th.


Anonymous said...

This book is certainly worth the read even if you don't agree with everything it says; it is full of gems. Another book is called 'Created to be His Helpmeet" by Pearl (her first name escapes me at this moment). You can get it at nogreaterjoy.org

Rebekah S. said...

It's funny you should mention this book, because I just bought it on Ebay! :) I've only read the introduction and a couple pages of the 1st chapter so far, but already it appears to be an outstanding book!! :)

I also can't wait to read the Created to be His Helpmeet book by Debi Pearl. I've heard it's really good. A family in our church has it, and I looked over the table of contents and discovered that it speaks on a lot more than simply the fact that a wife is called on to be her husband's helpmeet; it also discusses her role in the home, etc. I can't wait to read it.

Dawn said...

I can't believe how many people have entered their names for this drawing! It's great! I wish I would have snatched more copies to give away!

All I will say is good luck to everyone! :-)

Rebekah S. said...

I just wanted to let you all know that I finished this book today, and it's OUTSTANDING!! :) I highly, highly encourage all married women and ladies who want to one day be married, to read this great, life-changing book! :)

Blessings to all,

Mary L said...

I have read this very good book several times and the author definitely shows the blessings that follow when a wife is sweetly submissive to her husband's headship.

The only caution I would mention about this book is that she believes that the wife should submit in ALL things and in all circumstances and that if her husband is asking her to do something sinful, then God will intervene and not let that happen.

After many years of counseling women ( I have been married for 54 years and we love each other more today than in any time in our marriage.) I have found that if the husband is not a believer, there are some times when he will ask his wife to do something that is outright sinful. One woman who talked with me had an unbelieving husband who wanted her to join a "swingers" club with him !! I believe that is the time for a woman to obey God and not her husband.

I, myself, believe that if that should happen, the wife should "obey God rather than man". This said, it is possible for a wife to refuse in a sweet way.

She could say for example, "Sweetheart, there is nothing I want more than to be able to obey you in all things but what you are asking me to do is clearly stated in the Bible as sinful and I'm sorry, but I cannot do this."

The wife should have been sweetly submissive in all of the everyday things that come up so that she has daily shown her husband a respectful attitude. This sort of thing is most likely to arise when the couple were not consecrated believers when they married and then later the wife has a change of heart and wants to live a life in obedience to God.The husband then is not committed to following the Lord as she is.

If you are a single woman who is reading this, I beg you to wait for marriage until God provides you with a GODLY man who is committed to living a holy life. You will avoid a lot of tears and heartache.


Mary L

Jen Ru. said...

I've read the book and I thought it was horrible! The author basically said that women are spiritually deficient and because we're supposed to submit to our husbands, we must submit to them as if they were God -sometimes even to the point of when the husband was doing something wrong (i.e., beating your child) That's what I got out of it anyway; I haven't read it in a long time, but it messed up how I see men & Christianity so I advise everyone NOT to read it!

Gunnar said...

I read the first 2 chapters online and was amazed at the truth in this book. As a leader in a church I need to submit to my pastor since he rule over me. Submit means to stand under that persons controll, to obey. I had a hard time with this until I understood it was God's way and even then I had a hard time with it until I descided to do it even if everyone around said it's crazy. I have learned that what the world calls crazy God calls sound. And what God calls healthy the world calls nuts.