Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunny days in winter

Hello, ladies! How are you doing? I hope you all had a lovely weekend. As you can imagine, we have been very busy around here lately, so I breathed a great sigh of happy relief when I finally stepped back and watched the flickering lights of Shabbat candles.
Isn't it wonderful to get off the rollercoaster of action sometimes, and just stop, sit still for a while, and enjoy the warm and sweet air and sunshine? It's still winter here, but I can already feel that spring is in the air. These pictures were taken a week ago; hurrying, we were about to just drive through this beautiful spot, but were enchanted and simply had to stop and take a few pictures. I suppose these will be among the last few with my hair still uncovered!
Now, with another week rushing forward, I must remind myself to keep focused. It's only too easy to be swallowed in a blur of activity and forget how sweet it is to make room for simple joys.


USAincognito said...

Beautiful landscape and flowers! Wish our winters had green grass and flowers...we have 6 feet of snow and more expected today/tomorrow.
Enjoy the small breaks you are able to find during all the madness! ;)

Elizabeth Joy said...

Your wildflowers are so lovely! How nice that you got to stop and sit among them for a while. It is like a Sabbath rest just to be among the beauties of the Creator God. Lupine and Poppies are one of my favorites! I think it is neat that they grow in so many places around the world. May you be as beautiful as one of these flowers on the day of your wedding.

Thank you for sharing,
Elizabeth Joy

Mrs. Mordecai said...

A beautiful girl against beautiful scenery.

Rebekah S. said...

I couldn't agree more, dear Anna! I have to tell myself that often! I find myself rushing here and there, getting frazzled and irritated when there's so much to do and so little time. I often forget the importance of sitting still for a bit, of enjoying the beauty of God's creation, of just taking a few minutes to catch my breath! :) Those calm and peaceful moments are so important!

Those pictures are beautiful, Anna! God's creation is simply breathtaking! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures with us.

Yes, Anna, please make sure you do take the time to enjoy this planning season of your life. Don't get so busy that you get stressed or sick, or so busy that you miss the fun of all this planning! Be still and know that He is God! :) Enjoy this season of your life, for it will be gone in the blink of an eye!

I'm so happy for you, dear friend!

Many blessings to you and your future husband,

Rebekah Ann

P.S. Your hair is so pretty!

Ahuva said...

What amazing pictures. Thank you so much!

KTHunter said...

Those are very lovely. It is always good to see the first flowers of spring. It is warming up at my home as well. Some of my daffodils are blooming already!

Jennifer K said...

What lovely pictures. Israel is so beautiful. It sure looks a lot different than in my corner of the world. Wisconsin is supposed to bit hit with another snow storm, and all I can say is "ENOUGH!!!"

I know you are busy with your upcoming nupitials. All I can say is, "Mazel Tov!" You seem so happy and content.

Kristy said...

What lovely pictures! The blue bonnet reminds me of Texas... we always have hundreds of those in the spring. It's warm here too this week... in the 80's! Last week it was in the 30's, so who knows if Spring is really on its way or not!

Sammybunny said...

I LOVE your hair, Anna! It is so beautiful! Your husband is going to enjoy your hair SO much when you get married! I think that it is so sweet and honorable that you want to keep your hair only for him when you marry and cover it the rest of the time.

Terry said...

The scenery is just breathtaking! I hope that all of your wedding plans are going well. It's good that you are taking the time out to enjoy the simple things even during such a hectic time.

A Note From Theresa said...

You have very beautiful hair! But as one who is a gentile, I would like to ask if it's ok. Why do married Jewish women cover their hair? (If you already covered this please just refer me to the post and I'll be sure to read it.) Thank you.

As a homeschool mom of 4 I get really busy. So if and when you answer this please email me.

Lydia said...

Thanks so much for sharing such lovely pictures!

It's wonderful to have time to slow down and drink in the good in this busy world.

Karen said...

What lovely pictures! You are so blessed to live in such an amazingly beautiful place!

deb said...

I didn't know that your hair was so long! Its gorgeous.

What kind of red flowers are those in the second picture? They are lovely.

Mrs. G said...

What lovely pictures. And you have beautiful hair, Anna! :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair is so beautiful! I think it is wonderful that you will cover it after marriage, it makes it a very special gift to your beloved, although I can see why that might not be an easy problem to solve.

I know these are stupid questions and if they offend I apologize in advance. After you are married can people see pictures of you pre-marriage? Do you have to cover it for the wedding? Do you mind covering it?

Thank you for your wonderful blog

PhDCow said...

Thanks for this reminder, Anna. The past couple of weeks have been rough with my entire family being sick and I feel like I'm chasing my tail.

Reading your post, I just looked outside my office window and say blue sky. Suddenly, everything seemed better.


Ellen said...

Beautiful pictures Anna.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty scenery, Anna. And you look lovely, too! I really like that sweater you had on...hand-knit, maybe?

You're experiencing such a whirlwind of activity now. I'm happy you were able find a few restful moments last week.

thinking of you,

neuropoet3 said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, Anna! :)


jen said...

Beautiful photos! They evoke a wonderful feeling of peace. Have a wonderful week ahead and hope it is not too hectic. Love your blog and stories shared.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I found your blog recently and have enjoyed it very much. You are wiser than many women twice your age.

How blessed you are to live in Israel! I'm Christian and visited your beautiful country ten years ago with a church group. It was one of the highlights of my life.

Beautiful pictures in today's post.


A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Wonderful pictures. I had no idea your hair was so long its beautiful! Hope you have a fantastic week.

Michelle said...

You're hair is so long!!! I love it!!!! The pictures are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Such lovely photos. I love to hear you speak of Shabbat, too. I wish we had something like that. Something calming to look forward to all week.

Anna S said...

Theresa: Jewish women cover their hair as a sign of devotion to their husbands. I wish I could give a more detailed response, but time is running low at the moment!

People can see my pre-marriage photos. I won't cover my hair until the morning after the wedding. I'm a bit anxious about starting to do this, but excited at the same time. I think this is going to make me feel so special, knowing my beauty is kept for my husband alone. And I'm going to be recognized as a married woman immediately, wherever I go!

... I wish I knew the English names for the flowers. ;)

Brenda: no, this sweater isn't hand-knit. But it looks as though it could have been, and I love it!

Ahuva said...


Since so many readers keep asking about hair covering, you might want to point them here:,2506/Why-do-married-women-have-to-cover-their-hair.html

It's the best "plain English" explanation I've found.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Please forgive me if I think of you and your chosson as an exception to the rule. :) Proposing after a handful of dates is not something done in the American MO circles I'm familiar with. :)


Kathleen said...

Anna, I really had to laugh when you posted the title as "winter" and then put in flower pictures. Flowers are definitely not a winter thing in Alberta. We'll be lucky to have something open in late April!

Ah well, those are really lovely pictures, and Israel is such a beautiful land. Your blog always reminds me not to get worked up about daily details and gas laws and DNA replication when there are pretty flowers in the world!

Jaime said...

such beautiful flowers!!

and your hair looks amazing!!

Asia said...

I love these pictures. You are so beautiful. I really like those flowers.

Anonymous said...

I never realized just how looooong your hair really is! I must say that it is REALLY pretty. It's really shiny and feminine looking!


Leigh said...

Thank you for sharing Anna! I was in Israel about 10 years ago and would LOVE to go back. These pictures make me feel that way even more :)

Take care,

Dawn said...

It's nice to see flowers...even if they are online :)
Everything is still dead and brown in my area...but...with March coming up, I think that will be changing.

The scenery pictures are beautiful! Germany has pretty scenery when it's not foggy, rainy, or dark...which is

Your hair is so much healthier looking than mine. I blame the hard water here :)

Have you been out shopping for coverings? Maybe you can share what they look like if you have.

Rest in His perfect peace Anna!


injunkayl said...

A little advice from a maried man who loves GOD: Don't forget that you must please your new husband, and that means in the physical sense too, men are very visually stimulated, so give him something to feast his eyes upon each night(lingerie, poses, dancing, ect. why should sinners have it better than us?), then you will occupy his physical fantasies in a large way that no image or harlot can compete with. Most importantly stay close to the LIVING GOD YESHUA/YHWH, if you do this, HE will bless you more than you can imagine.

P.s. Do not let the wishes of humans (including yourself) come between you and the ALMIGHTY YHWH/YESHUA.

Anna S said...


Water around here in Israel is VERY hard, so I don't know about that. My favorite tip for hair care is: don't mess up with it too much! :)

Anyway, no, I haven't shopped for hair coverings yet. I plan to do that together with my chatan, so I can choose something he likes. When we do that, I'll try to share pictures.

Jimena said...

Anna, I'm so happy for you. You will make a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife. You are in my prayers and...just wanted to let you know that. Thank you for sharing the photos with us.


Anonymous said...

Anna, your flowers look like lupin (blue one) and poppies (red ones). Tell us the names you know them by. Lovely pictures

Rebekah S. said...

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful bluebonnet picture! I lived in Texas for the first 12 years of my life, and every year my grandmother would take me to a large field of bluebonnets to get my picture taken. :)

Kathleen said...

About the flowers, the red ones look like poppies, and the blue ones seem to be blue lupins.

Bonnie said...

Wow, your hair is so long and healthy looking! - very beautiful! I would dearly love to have hair like that...but mine won't cooperate much past my shoulders!! :-/

Do you ever get headaches from it being so long?

Emily (Unfurling Flower) said...

Beautiful pictures! I love sunny days in winter :)

Anonymous said...

You have such a kind, pretty countenance and I cannot believe you are (were?) considering cutting off such amazingly gorgeous hair! I wish mine were even half as nice :)