Sunday, March 2, 2008

A blur of preparations for a season of joy

This is the wedding ring which is currently being made for me, only in yellow gold. At first I said I want a very plain and simple wedding band, but this one looked so pretty and special that we decided to go for it. An additional bonus is that it is handmade by someone observant, so we can be certain it won't be made during Shabbat.

For those of you who asked, the wedding I attended on Thursday was absolutely stunning. I was so excited for the young couple, an excitement that was strengthened by the thought that soon it will be our turn to stand under the chupppah and be united in marriage. Our wedding will probably be more modest, with less guests and less fancy food and drinks, and no fireworks, etc... but I don't mind at all. I know it will be a very dear and special day no matter what the outward details look like.

Actually for someone shy like me, it could have been very comfortable to have a super simple wedding ceremony, with only family and closest friends invited, but that's rarely an option with Israeli Jewish weddings. Extended families tend to be big, and our number of approximately 150 guests is considered a small and intimate circle.

I hope everyone had/are having a lovely weekend. Shabbat was beautiful and relaxing, especially in contrast with the mad rush of every week that passes by. Around here, you can already feel that spring is in the air. The air is warmer and sweeter with every day, and it feels like it's hardly going to rain until next winter.

Dear ones, there is so much I would love to talk about; so many interesting articles to review; so many questions to answer. However, at this moment I have only wedding plans on my mind - as I'm sure you understand, with the Big Day looming closer and closer (I do hope I can reveal the date soon enough... ;)). It was lovely to pop in for a little hello. A wonderful day to all of you!


Persuaded said...

sweetie, i was honored that you stopped by my blog and took the time to leave a comment during this oh-so-busy-time in your life:-)

praying for you daily m'dear((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Did you take pictures at the wedding? I would love to see them.

Anna-please fill us in on your wedding plans! We are all so excited for you!


Lydia said...

I'm sure you're in quite a tizzy these days! It's a beautiful ring, and I'm sure it'll be a beautiful wedding.

Michelle said...

Anna, we're all just so excited for you!

Jaime said...

it's a beautiful ring; enjoy every moment of the planning! :)

Bbowzwife said...

Hello Anna,
Your ring is beautiful and I think it will suit you perfectly! I know that this time is going to be very busy for you but if you could keep us updated, however briefly, I know we would really appreciate it! I am so excited for you! I especially hope you will post a wedding picture. I just know you are going to be a beautiful bride! Oh, and personally, I really want to see you in your first head covering. That symbol is the one I'm looking forward to so much because I know it is such a huge symbol!

Rachel said...

Oh the ring looks very beautiful, good choice.

It's funny you say 150 guests is small, I find that rather large. A year or so ago a friend of mine was married and I was shocked that 200 came.

No matter how many guests, simple seems to be the best for weddings. Then the attention can be focused on the joy of the bride and groom rather than all of the fancy entertainment provided. personal opinion there


Michelle said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous ring! My husbands and mine are yellow gold with Ani Ledodi V'dodi Li inscribed in raised Hebrew letters on them. My engagement ring is set with a solitaire blue Montana sapphire (I was never much of a diamond girl)

Lady-in-the-Making said...

Oh Anna! What a beautiful ring! And it will be made by someone observant of Shabbat! How glorious! I'm so thrilled for you. God bless you and your upcoming marriage.

Calamity Jean said...

Love the ring...what a classy choice! You have great style. I attended a large hispanic/catholic wedding this weekend. It was my first expereince with this type of ceramony. It was beautiful and I thought of you and your current preparations. I hope that you are soaking it all in and enjoying every moment.

Tracy said...

It's beautiful! Will your husband wear a ring?

Kelli said...

Oh my, your wedding band is absolutely beautiful, Anna! I've never seen one quite like it, it is very special. Thank you so much for sharing your wedding plans with us!

neuropoet3 said...

I'm so glad you're able to enjoy Shabbat during this busy time! The weather here is still cold, but we were able to go to the park and play today - not a bad way to spend my birthday. :) It was a fun family day... :)

Peace be with you,

Karen said...

It is a very unique looking ring. I hope you have a wonderful wedding!

Leigh said...

That ring is beautiful and unique!! I am SO happy for you!!


Anna S said...

I do hope to keep all you ladies posted. Yes, my husband will also wear a ring, although his will be a very simple one.

Anonymous said...

Anna, will you continue to blog after you are married? Also will you be taking your cats with you to your new home?

Reader in USA

Sarahndipity said...

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I'm so happy for you. It will be the best day of your life. :) I'm very shy too, but I turned into the biggest extravert at my reception b/c I was so excited. :)

Anonymous said...

With the date of your own wedding approaching so quickly, it must have been even more meaningful to attend the one you did on Thursday.

I think of you each day, praying that your plans are moving along unforeseen roadblocks!! Like your other readers, I am so looking forward to seeing photos of your dress, your chatan, all your family & dearest friends around you.

Much happiness, dear Anna, these last few days/weeks before your wedding! God's blessings!


Kelly said...

Wow, what a lovely wedding band. Thanks for sharing Anna.

Anna S said...

To Reader in USA:

I certainly hope I will continue to blog, if my husband approves; I'm not sure exactly when we'll get a computer and internet connection in the new home, though.

About the cats, we'll have to ask the owner of the apartment we're going to rent.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Anna,

Your ring is so lovely : )

Been blog hopping less lately and am late wishing you congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Truly, i pray you will have great joy and contentment Anna : )

Peaceful Week : ) Wendy