Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Purim, y'all!

Since I'm not sure if I'm going to have the chance to blog tomorrow (probably not...), I wanted to wish all my Jewish readers a very happy and joyous Purim! I also hope that Fast of Esther goes easily for you tomorrow.

I'll be spending Purim with my chatan and his family, and this is to be my last Purim as an unmaried woman (yay!). Strictly speaking, traditionally we aren't supposed to meet before the wedding at all now, because there's less than a week left; but since we still have so many things to do and arrange together, following this lovely custom just doesn't work for us.


On another note: I noticed many of the ladies who visit me asked questions about the meaning of certain words in Hebrew, so I complied a quick glossary of (mostly wedding-related) Hebrew words:

Ketubah - the marriage contract which states the obligations of a husband towards his wife. Signed before the young couple stands under the chuppah.

Chuppah - the wedding canopy under which the actual marriage ceremony takes place and blessings are recited. Consists of a cloth stretched over four poles.

Chatan - groom.

Kallah - bride.

Tallit - a prayer shawl men wrap around their shoulders. Tradition says that a groom should have a new tallit for his wedding, bought by his bride.

Kippa - a small cap Jewish men wear on their heads. Religious men normally wear their kippa all the time, and men from a less traditional background wear kippas on occasions such as getting married, visiting synagogue, or on holidays. (PS: sometimes also known as yarmulka)

Mazel Tov!
- called out loud when the marriage ceremony is completed and the chatan breaks a glass by stepping on it, a symbol of always remembering the destruction of Jerusalem. There have been some embarrassing situations when the glass was too thick for the groom to break, or even nastier - shards of glass stuck in the groom's foot. So we'll need to make sure our glass is easily breakable. ;o)


Julia said...

Thanks for the glossary. Some of us really need it! ;) Is a kippa the same as a yarmulke?

I chuckled over your use of the world ya'll. I'm in the Southeaster US and I use that word all the time, but I never imagined you would.

I can't believe there's only a week to go. I'm going to be dying to read your first post as a married woman.

PamelaK said...

Less than a week to go, Anna! Incredible! My prayers are with you.

Michelle Potter said...

I knew most of those words, or had picked them up from reading here, but it was nice to have you give a good explanation for each -- thank you!

I'm getting so excited for you as the clock counts down!

Haus Frau said...

Time has gone by fast, now that I view it in hindsight. In less than a week you'll be a married woman, seeking to love her God and her husband...and any future children you're blessed with. What a precious thought. What a precious reality it will all be.

I'm holding you in my heart and in prayer for this blessed time of your life.

yoshi3329 said...

Happy Purim! thanks for the glossary, I always wondered why jewish marriage end with breaking glass. Great to know! *waves*

Michelle said...

Happy Purim!!!

Thank you for the glossary - I'm happy to know that I was close on Chatan and Kallah.

I'm getting more and more excited for your wedding - and I'm halfway around the world!!!

You and your chatan are, and will continue to be, in my prayers!

Ways of Zion said...

Happy Purim to you too! We are still not done the baking....OIY! Will you please post some pics for us all to share.

neuropoet3 said...

I hope you have a blessed Purim, Anna. Only a few days left! I'm so excited for you! My prayers will be with you these next few days as you wrap up the "single" part of your life, and prepare to begin your life as a wife and mother (if God so blesses you).

Catholics begin our Triduum tonight - so I probably won't have time to check back here tomorrow either - but you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Peace be with you,

Michelle said...

hmmm, that reminds me - I oughta make hamentashen! - that was one of my favorite treats growing up Messianic. The lemon zest in the dough was really what made it good!

Rachele said...

Thank you for the glossary! I am so excited for you, the wedding is near!

Amy said...

When my college did "Fiddler On the Roof", the young man playing Motel was wearing jazz shoes (thin leather soles) and we used a light bulb instead of breaking an actual glass inside the cloth. One time he cut his foot on it and had to do the rest of the show with a bleeding foot. I'm sure it can be much more serious in real life, but this was the only thing I had to relate to this.

Sarah said...


I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago but I have really enjoyed reading about your life and your development as a homemaker.

I wanted to wish you congratulations on your marriage. I am getting married on Easter Saturday (22/03 - 3 days!) and am really excited. It has been lovely to watch you prepare for your wedding as I have been preparing for mine. I am really looking forward to you telling us all about how you set up home with your chatan and what you learn along the way. I am a student and, in line with my fiance's wishes, am continuing with my course but I feel that I have a very steep learning curve ahead of me with regards to housekeeping and homemaking! It will be lovely to learn from you as you go!

I won't be able to send my good wishes on the day itself as we are going on honeymoon after the wedding but my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that the Ketubah was such a nice idea-that the husband makes promises to the wife and they're in writing.

I'm excited for you! I remember how much excitment was invovled in those last days of planning.

One question-I know that at your wedding men and women do not dance together. Will you be able to dance with your husband? Will you post pictures?


Terry said...

Thank you for the glossary! And I hope you had a wondeful Feast of Purim. Esther was a true queen. I love her story.

Mrs. Garner said...

I've been reading your blog for ages and never commented. I am not Jewish but I think the Ketubah is a wonderful thing. We had a Ketubah made for our Christian wedding. I like the idea of having a marriage contract. The symbolism in our Ketubah is wonderful. The artwork is of a fertile valley. We asked the artist to write our Ketubah in English. I'm glad we did it. It hangs in our bedroom with our signatures and those of our witnesses.

Mrs. Bethany Hudson said...

Happy Purim, Anna! Interstingly, my husband and I "revamped" the tradition of the ketubah in our own wedding (we're Christian). We had my little cousin carry a large illuminated Bible down the aisle, rather than flowers, and before we said our vows, we signed our names in the Matrimony section of the Bible. We plan to pass the Bible on to our own children to use in their weddings one day.

Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Anna dear. I haven't had time to visit you as often as I would like but I know the time of your wedding is drawing close, so here I am.

I am really pleased to know you've spent more time thinking about your marriage rather than your wedding. I have no doubt your wedding will be a joyous occasion - how could it fail to be?

The big task ahead of you to making a good marriage. That's the difficulty. I believe, having read your blog over the months, that you'll work hard at it. Marriage is a constant work in progress - even when you're well into it, like I am. It will be the most difficult, engrossing, exhausting, maddening and bewildering thing for you. It will also be - at the same time - the most beautiful, life affirming and amazing wonder. I wish you and your future husband my very best wishes for a good life together. And I send you much love - today and on your wedding day.

Autumn said...

I hope you post wedding pictures! I bet that you are so excited!
What do you do to celebrate the Feast of Purim? Besides the story of the Resurrection, Esther is my favorite Bible story.

ruizbe82 said...

Happy Purim, Anna! I will be going to my first Purim party tonight. I'm so excited!

Also, have a wonderful and restful Shabbat (your last as a single woman?!), as I will not come by your blog again before next week!

Sheri said...

Anna, I also want to thank you for the "definitions". I am learning a lot about Jewish traditions from your upcoming wedding plans and am so enjoying it! You and your Chatan are in my prayers...

Sherry said...

You're in my thoughts and hardt-felt prayers these few days before you marry. How sweet this time is. Busy, yes, I'm sure. But sweet through and through. Precious blessings...


Emily (Unfurling Flower) said...

Anna - I want to wish you an incredibly happy and wonderful weekend before your wedding on Tuesday. I hope that everything goes to plan! And make sure you take time to enjoy your last weekend as a single woman :) Blessings to you and your chatan. I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and new marriage!

Anonymous said...

Anna, 3 more days.. 3 more days! Are you excited? I'm excited for you. I'm sure these times are the busiest for you. I'm waiting for the pictures.. =) Good luck! Oh, and thank you for the glossary. When you mentioned kippa I had no idea but when you say it's the same thing as yarmulka, I went "oohh!"