Friday, March 14, 2008

Shabbat shalom

How are you, dear ones? I hope everyone are doing well. Things have been simply crazy around here in the last few days, and it seems that the tension is still building up, and will continue that way until the day of our wedding. It's hard to think about things other than the final fitting of my wedding dress; the decorations; the menu... and can you imagine that our home is still, well, empty. I mean completely! We just didn't have time to go out and buy things. We might have to kip on camp beds in the first day or two. ;o)

However, even in the midst of all the rush and craze, we do our best to find time to praise God for how abundantly He blessed us and how faithfully He has been guiding us through. I used to be worried about not "having it all together". Now I'm just concentrating on being thankful for everything I have.

This is just a friendly hello I'm sending your way, ladies *waves*. A lovely weekend to everyone and Shabbat shalom to all Beit Israel!


Kathleen said...

The same to you! Isn't God good?!?!

Rebekah S. said...

What a pretty picture and sweet post, dearest Anna! :)

Isreal and the Hebrew language are so beautiful!

I'm sure you feel torn in a thousand different directions, don't you? :) I'm happy to hear that you're taking the time to find peace and solace in God! Continue to take the time to spend special time with Him; that's the only way you'll successfully get through this busy, busy time! :)

Best wishes for a joyful Shabbat and a peaceful week!


yoshi3329 said...

*waves* tright back a ya!

By the way you've been tagged. If you'd like to play visit my blog for the rules

neuropoet3 said...

Only a few days left! You and your chatan are in my prayers during this hectic time. :) May you have a wonderful, restful Shabbat...

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful and restful Sabbath! Looking forward to more wedding updates from you in the future. :)

(How exciting!)

Michelle Potter said...

Same to you, Anna! Have a lovely and peaceful weekend! By the time you read this, I hope your Shabbat was peaceful.

Maggie said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy your first few days together as newly weds. Definitely think of it as camping out :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anna. Thinking of you often.... :o)


Bonnie said...

Hi Anna! I guess this is during your Sabbath time, but I just thought I'd say I hope you have a blessed day!

(I didn't intend that to rhyme!!)

Sabbath is such a haven to get away from the stress of everything happening!

AnneK said...

Shabbat shalom and hope you have a great week ahead. We recently went to a "Holy Land Experience" and I thought of you quite a bit!

Bonnie said...

Just something I'm curiuos about: your 'chatan' is your fiancé, right? Is that the Jewish word for it?

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of being torn in so many directions at once while planning such an important event. When I moved into my flat (as a single person), I lived for 3 weeks on a borrowed camp bed, with a borrowed "beverage fridge" a crock-pot one folding chair, my computer and a duvet cover over two stacked boxes for a table I even had 2 over-night visitors in that state! When I finally received my furniture it was quite a relief.

The joy you have is that when you come home after the wedding you can un-hurridly choose the right furniture and accessories. For now you can concentrate on borrowing or buying only the absolute essentials (crockery, bedlinen, cleaning utensil etc.) As you develop a routine with your husband you will see what the next "essential" thing to get is, then you can really search for the right thing to suit your needs. However if you know of some things already, put them on a gift wish list or mention it to people.

We finally got a sofa bed last week and now we have a bed that is wider than 90cm (3ft) to sleep in and we have been married 2 and a half months.

KTHunter said...

I hope all goes well with the wedding plans.

In some ways, a completely empty house can be a blessing. You are starting from the beginning that way, and you have complete control over what goes where and what you buy. No clutter!