Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring cleaning and a happy Pesach

Hello again, dear friends. How lovely to be back online for a couple of hours and have an opportunity to say hi to all of you. How wonderful it was to get back and read all your sweet comments and emails.

I love and enjoy my quiet life, even in the midst of Pesach cleaning. It's amazing how much there is to do, even in a small household of only two people – and before we have accumulated any clutter at all! I can imagine that as our possessions grow and our family expands (Lord willing), cleaning will become more and more of a Mission Impossible every spring.

It's amazing, however, how much gets done without the distractions of TV, computer or even radio around. All I hear are the soft quiet voices – birds chirping; children playing outside; wind rustling through the trees. All my life, I have lived in an apartment building. Most of my life, I have dreamed of living in a little house with a red tiled roof. Now that this dream has come true, I feel so blissfully content (while trying to get over the fact that there are so many more insects in your home when you live closer to earth! I hardly notice an occasional spider anymore).

I have more than enough work, but it doesn't mean I "do" something all day long. There is plenty of time to rest, relax, think and write. In our achievement-driven world, this alone is enough to make a person feel guilty. That is why I rejoiced when my wonderful husband said the following words to me the other day:

"I hope you never, ever have to work outside the home. I love the way you care for our home. I love the way you wait for me with a smile when I come back from work. Sure, you have been doing things all day, but you feel a sense of satisfaction because you do it all for us. You aren't exhausted from running around and trying to have it all together. You aren't a slave to another man's schedule. In the evenings, we have plenty of time to sit together and talk, without arguing about whose day was more difficult. I just love it."

My heart simply surged with pride for my husband, for him seeing the importance of a woman being home. He worded it just perfectly.

By the way, I would like to address a question I received by email. Sheila asks, "I was wondering how you interpret, "She makes linen garments and sells them, And delivers sashes to the merchant." (Proverbs 31:24)

This verse talks about a woman who makes profit of the work of her hands, and there is certainly nothing wrong with a woman making some money. However, I believe it was seriously taken out of context in many cases, when it is literally forgotten that there's a myriad of other things the Proverbs 31 woman does. And it's highly unlikely that she does it all at once! I don't think Proverbs 31 is centered on the wife making money – though if she is in a season of her life when she can spare the time and energy, she can find an activity that is both refreshing and profitable, provided that it doesn't steal too much time away from her family.

With this, I will finish for now – not before I wish a very happy Pesach to my Jewish readers, of course! I hope you stocked up on matzos and did all your cleaning by now. And to all of you, I hope you are enjoying this lovely spring, no matter where you are! I look forward to talking to you soon, and remain your loving friend,

Mrs. T


tales_from_the_crib said...

congratulations and your home sounds lovely...i'm so pleased for you and your husband's happiness!

Terry said...

Great to hear how wonderful things are going for you and your new husband. It sounds like things are coming together in your home very nicely.

Your mention of the misinterpretation of the Proverbs 31 woman is interesting. I agre with your assessment.


Sammybunny said...

It is so lovely to hear from you, Anna! I am so happy for you and your dear husband! I can only hope that I hear those words from my future husband when the time is right in our lives! You are such an inspiration to me!

Sheila said...

Thanks Mrs. T for answering my question. It sounds like you have a very honorable and honoring husband...what a blessing!

I agree with your assessment of the Proverbs 31 wife and I too feel like everyone is so focused on making money or acheivement as you put it, that not many see the value of a wife who has gentle and quiet spirit rather than an envious and contentious one because she's competing for the respect she thinks only comes with a paycheck and a "professional" title.

It's so refreshing to hear your simple's great gain for you and your husband.

May you always continue in it!
And happy Passover to you!
(my sons and I are doing a study on Passover for our homeschool this month!)

Ways of Zion said...

And to you as well! we are in the middle of a crisis....we can't find any store that carries matzos and that means a few hours int he car to drive to a huge city center to find it.

That and Baby still hasn't arrived!

So glad that you are enjoying married life, it is SUCH a blessing!

LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

One thing to observe about that verse is that she let the merchant do the selling. She probably didn't sit in the marketplace all day. She made things and someone else took them to market.

Kittee said...

Your husbands words are truly touching! You are so blessed! I too have been engrossed in spring cleaning and I also get a great sense of pride and contentment from keeping a clean house! I just posted on this very subject yesterday. Great minds think alike. :)

Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

I say, "Good for your husband, for realizing just how important your work at home is!" Nothing could please a keeper of the home more, than to hear her husband express gratitude for her. Bless you both.


Amy said...

How did you support yourself before you got married?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Amy: I worked, mainly from home, giving lessons and doing translations.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful your husband realizes the value of a woman at home! Reading your posts makes me long even more for when I'm married--there's something so fulfilling in simplicity and serving your family. Have a lovely day! :)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I truly love your posts, they are so calm and refreshing.

lady jane said...

Your dear husband's words remind me of the scriptures that say ('jane' paraphrased). . .

* she'll do him good and not evil throughout his life

* he'll sit at the gates of the city

Bless you AnnaT, as you walk in your role as wife. It's lovely.

elena rulli said...

What a wonderfully sweet and intelligent husband you have, Anna! It is rare to meet someone who truly understands your heart, but you are a beautiful person and you deserve no less than that!
I wish you both to keep living together with so much love and heart communion :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you. It's wonderful when a woman is able to find and then marry the man who knows her true heart's desires. I am unsure of your age, but I do feel that you are a young woman who knows her own heart well and this in my opinion makes you wise beyond your years.

The area where your home is located sounds so beautiful. I absolutely agree with you about TV being a distraction. When my husband and I first got married we didn't have a TV for over 2 months. Now we have one, but use it only once a week for our "movie night" when we indulge in our free library DVD rental. I love visiting your website because it's nice to know that there's other women out there like myself that enjoy being a stay-at-home wife/mother too!

Ruth said...

What an amazing and wonderful husband you have, dear Mrs. T! He sounds sweet! Have a very happy Pesach, both of you! :->

Catherine R. said...

This is very inspiring to hear that you are so content at home. I can tell you are sincere. I admit I still am trying to transition properly. I have been addicted to TV and other time-wasting activities for a long time as well as the disease of busy-ness. It is nice to see that you are not feeling guilty when you relax either.

Andrea said...

It's finally beginning to feel like spring here, too-- I love that feeling of a new season coming in!

It made me smile so very much to read what your husband said to you; Anna, I am so happy you found someone whose heart matches your own, and who rejoices to see your happiness. Certainly you could have found somebody who would have INSISTED that you stay home, or somebody who reluctantly gave in to your ideals, but . . . instead you found someone who simply delights in seeing YOUR delight. I think that is a beautiful picture of a marriage, and a beginning rich with promise.

Blessings on you both, Mr and Mrs T, and regarding Pesach cleaning-- just be glad you don't have a hamster! Their dratted feed gets into EVERYTHING!

Kate said...

Chag kasher v'sameach! I'm looking forward to a lively seder and lots of time with family and friends this Pesach, and wishing you the same.

Michelle said...

How refreshing to be able to have a hubby who complements you in that way!
One thought I had on the Prov. 31 verse - I completely agree with your view of it and what I had to add is that in those sorts of cultures, a woman with children would often bring her children with her to her selling booth for the day.

Anonymous said...

As a woman (unmarried) who works, who loves her job and who plans on keeping working even if I marry, I am fascinated to read about your simple (and clearly very happy) life.

I believe that we learn from our differences, and I certainly have learned a lot from reading your blog. Although there are some things that I disagree with, I still enjoy reading about your life, and find aspects inspiring.

Thank you for letting us glimpse your life.

Sarah K

Tricia said...

I like what you have said about the Proverbs 31 woman. I think it is also important to remember that this woman did all of her work in the context of her home. She was not working for her personal gain, nor was she desirous of "climbing the corporate ladder". Instead, all that she did was done for the good of her home and her family. Working for her family, in the context of caring for them, is a different matter than one who neglects her home and family for her work.

Krystyna said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your new life :)
About the dream of living in a little house - isn't it funny how children, even those living in the biggest, ugliest post-soviet high-rise blocks, always draw houses with four windows, a red roof and smoke coming out of the chimney? At least I've never seen anything different :)

Have a happy Pesach!

neuropoet3 said...

Mrs. Anna T. - I am really enjoying the little glimpses of this beginning of your married life. :) It brings back so many wonderful memories for me. May your Passover be a blessed one!


Buffy said...

Your life is perfect!!!

I hope you had a very happy passover.

Jill said...

Anna, how lovely to see how you are settling into your married life, it sounds like your hubbie is a wonderful man, i think you are a "perfect match". I am so interested in your life in Israel, and I am totally ignorant of the Jewish religion and customs, so I find your blog really really ineresting.

I look forward to seeing your new life develop over the coming months/years.


Anna said...

Congratulations on your marriage, and I am so glad that you are enjoying your new life. I hope things are continuing to go well for you. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you Mrs. Anna T! Dont you just LOVE the Mrs in front of your name?!

I like most of your readers would love to see more pictures of your lovely home and country side.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, especially the quote from your beloved. (o:

Buffy said...

I am just dropping by to let you know that I gave you the Blog of Distinction Award. You can read about it on my blog if you like. Don't feel you have to do anything about it, I just wanted you to know, if you didn't already, how much I appreciate your blog.