Thursday, May 1, 2008

Holocaust memorial day

In a separate post from the usual themes of this blog, and from my little woes and worries, I would like to make an acknowledgment of the Holocaust memorial day, which takes place today in Israel.

No less than six millions of Jews were murdered, starved and tortured to death in the modern, well-educated Europe of my grandmother's generation; no one can count the additional number of unrecorded murders. My great-grandparents, Simon and Anna Rosman, and their daughter Ibolya were among the victims of this inhumanely calculated slaughter. Their eldest son, Abel, lost his first wife and son, as the boy was brutally torn from his mother's arms and both were sent to their death. May their memory last forever; may the remaining branches of the Rosman family tree continue to expand and grow.

The Holocaust was far from being the first attempt to wipe out the entire Jewish population. Open the book of Esther and read it as evidence that Jews have always been persecuted. A small community, carrying a hidden secret that for some reason prevented their dissolving into the great nations that surrounded them, Jews have always been looked upon with suspicion that almost always escalated into hatred in time. Inquisition, exile, and massive forced conversion of Jews out of their faith have been common throughout history.

I'm not optimistic enough to believe that something has changed or will change. But I do believe that the Lord will preserve us, like He has preserved us until now. I believe He will carry us through the threats of death, as well as conversion and assimilation, both of which I consider equally dangerous.


Anonymous said...

this was truly a disgusting event that took place in history. On another note, I love the book of Esther and her story of leading the Jews through their persecution.

Thanks for this post and sharing your family history.

With love,

Terry said...

Yes, Anna, the Lord will preserve your people just as He always has. He promised the land on which you live to Abraham and his seed forever, and that his descendants would be great in number, so much that could not be numbered as the sand cannot be numbered.

Thank you for reminding us to remember the travesty and horror that took place during the Holocaust. We must remember our history so that we do not repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna, for bringing such an important day to us in the US. No one will ever forget what happened, and our children and our children's children will continue to be shocked and outraged by the past.

Thank you for sharing your family with us as well.


Anonymous said...

There were many such attempts, all equally horrifying, and my country, Spain, is sadly infamous for that too. I am a Catholic woman but I attended a sinagogue where we would learn a bit about Jewish culture, traditions, religion and languages (both biblical and modern Hebrew and some Yiddish and Ladino). I fell completely in love. It's no surprise that Judaism has survived all the horror: such beautiful and courageous sacred people...

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

I simply cannot put my thoughts into appropriate words, so a simple "thank you" for sharing your thoughts, Anna, will have to do.

ericashier said...

The Jewish people will always be God's chosen people...and He has indeed promised to preserve them till the end of time.

Today I was listening to a broadcast on a local Christian radio station talking about the Holocaust and the fact that there are still groups out there who have the gall to claim it never happened. The truth is that is was one of the ugliest chapters of human absolute horror that we cannot afford to forget. Today I pray for God's continued protection of His precious children and for His continued protection of the nation of Israel. I pray that we would never forget the horrors that Anti-Semitism (in even its mildest incarnations) can yield. As a follower of Jesus, I am committed to standing as one with Israel and the Jewish people, to never tolerate Anti-Semitism in any form.

Thank you for this important post, Anna.

Alexandra said...

God help us all in defending our brothers an sisters against the vilest of all hatred and prejudice - genocide.

Shannon said...

Hi Anna,
I will never forget what happened to you and your people. I learned about the Shoah in high school and it did and continues to touch me deeply. It is absolutely appalling that something of such magnitude was allowed to take place while the rest of the world watched. You and yours, will be in my prayers today.

Federica said...

Am Yisrael Chai

Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS picture heading your blog! Can you imagine how enormous the Jewish people would be today had those 6 million not been murdered? I think about that a lot sometimes.

My daughter said that her school had a Holocaust survivor talk to her class about how she was saved. I told her to pay attention when she has an opportunity like this because most likely there will no longer be any living survivors to talk to HER children.

Anonymous said...

God Bless all the survivors and the good people who helped them. May the deceased rest in peace.

A member of my family and his wife were able to escape Austria after the Nazis took over, but her entire family perished in the gas chambers. The stories I heard from him broke my heart.

May nothing like that ever happen again.

Coffee Catholic said...

When I look at the photo I see a group of human beings and I can't help but wonder, How is it that human beings did this to fellow human beings? How is it that human beings continue to hunt and exterminate fellow human beings?? Didn't we LEARN anything from the Holocaust?

I honestly don't know because amongst non-Jews it seems as if the Holocaust has been buried away out of sight.

People whine about "The Jews" always "going on" about the Holocaust but that's because they are too blind to see that forgetting the past is VERY dangerous. The Jewish people were the ultimate victims in that Hitler purposely went after them to exterminate their race. He used Darwinian Evolution to help dehumanize 6 million human beings because of their race! That's mean, what do you say to such evil?

Why didn't we see this with the Tutsis and Hutus of Rawanda?? Or the Muslims and Christians of Bosnia?? Because, so many have "gotten over" the Holocaust and "moved on."

Thank God the Jews haven't done that!

It does not bode well for anyone to forget the Holocaust because the Holocaust also claimed other lives ~ the retarded, the handicapped and those who hailed from other religions who did not agree with the Nazis ~ like Catholics. We have Holocaust victims that are Saints: Saint Edith Stein, Saint Maxamillian Kolbe... it's not just "The Jews" that need to always remember the Holocaust even though the Jewish people seem to carry most of that burden by themselves because the rest of us have become so lax. It affected many of us outside of Judaism and so railing aginst "The Jews" for not "getting over" the Holocaust and "moving on" is downright stupid for anyone and everyone. We all need to remember because when we forget we have racial genocide in places like Rawanda and Bosnia and so many other places that have, since the 1940's, gone after and exterminated human beings because of their race. If we non-Jews made as much of an effort to remember the Holocaust then the genocides that have taken place since the 1940's would not have happened!!! Or at least we would have swiftly invervened! But in our "getting over the Holocaust" and our "moving on" we've thrown the doors wide open to the same evil and the same turning of a blind eye that allowed the German people to stay silent while the Jews were being slaughtered.

If it wasn't for the Jewish people keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive and unforgotten the rest of the world would be in a lot more trouble then it is now!!

yoshi3329 said...

Wow! thanks for sharing your family story it was really brave of you Anna my people have gone though a lot of things too so I know how you must feel on this particular day.

Sheri said...

Anna, thank you for this reminder. And, our family will keep praying for and supporting Jewish families across the globe... when I was 16 I went to Poland and walked through what remains of the horrific concentration camps Auschwitz. It felt like being around pure evil and my heart was sick the entire time. Actually, I can't begin to put into words what it was like.

Any how, thank you for this reminder today. May God continue to bless and protect your beautiful family!

singlemomforgod said...


Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for your blog template. It certianly creates the tone needed to grasp the deserving powerful message. God will perserve your people as he promised. Continue to tell your story and those branches from the Rosman Family tree will keep sprouting.

Anonymous said...

It was a horrendous time in history.

I think you're right in saying, "I'm not optimistic enough to believe that something has changed or will change." I think that history tends to repeat itself, but I know that the Lord will protect his people. He always has.

Gen 12:3 "I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you..."
I know which side I'm on!

Anonymous said...

It is not unrealistic that we should be reminded of this terrible time in history. It's a sobering post you share with us, Anna...but so, so important. Many thanks, & God's blessings,


deb said...

I was just talking the other day to my youngest daughter about how brave her great grandparents were to leave Austria in 1939 when the Nazis invaded. Everytime I look at my children I am so thankful for the fact that my husband's grandparents were willing to abandon their lives to escape to America.

lady jane said...

Someone wisely said (Jane paraphrased) that if we don't learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.

Members of my paternal family were sent to the camps and lost their lives there. It doesn't go without remembering.

1.5 years ago we visited Washington DC and one of our main plans was to spend time at the Holocaust Museum. Some walked through quickly, seemingly not understanding the importance. Others, including us, walked through ever so slowly, stopping, praying, weeping. I encourage every person to take time at the Holocaust Museum...if and when you visit the DC area.

Bless you, Mrs.AnnaT

C.A. Worcester said...

Dearest Anna,

Shalom! Your post is such a witness to the world. Showing God's promise to protect and prosper His chosen people. He is faithful, is He not?

"Shema Yisra'el, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai echad."

(Hear O Israel, the LORD our God, the Lord is One.)

May God bless you and your family Anna. May He prosper and protect you all. May He give you comfort and peace regarding your forefathers and may He give you and your children remberence of them and thier gracious deeds.

Hoping you had a beautiful Shabbat with your new husband.

Your friend on the other side of the world.....

C.A. Worcester

Dawn said...

I don't know much about the Holocust but I enjoy learning because it's important to know what happened.
I thank you for sharing a piece of what you know and what happened within your own family.

Yes, God will preserve! What a glorious promise to hold on too, isn't it? :-)

I hope you and your hubby have a blessed week ahead!


Anonymous said...

It is a great tragedy that happened. My grandmother's (Jewish) foster sister and brother managed to escape as refugees from Austria before the war however their mother stayed behind to look after her disabled husband, after the war my grandmother's sister found out what had happened to her parents but never could bring herself to talk about it. I am grateful that my great grand-parents took in the two children who's grandchildren now have children - there is someone to tell the truth of what happened.