Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too much for me, or a day in my life

Like several other bloggers, I took up Jenny's offer to write about what I did today - after reading Jenny's disclaimer that I can reveal as much or as little as I like. ;-)

Just to fill you all in, this month I'm doing the Public Health part of my nutrition training program - which is, praise the Lord, the final part and will be over in two weeks. I passed my exam already. I think the knowledge I gained during my studies, while not strictly necessary, will be beneficial for taking care of my family, and perhaps I can do some counseling from home - as time allows.

This part of my studies is much less stressful than working in a hospital, and I enjoy it more, but it means that this month, my husband and I spend a lot of time away from home. And I must tell you this adds a stress. I crave the peace and quiet of being my own boss; I long for sweet lovely days filled with caring for, and improving our home. I'm so happy that in only two weeks, this race will be over - and I'm even more thrilled that my husband doesn't expect me to be the one who provides for our family.

Around here, working as a nutritionist almost always means you won't have a full-time job. Most nutritionists work part-time, and one might think that's a nice option for women, especially those with small children. However more often than not it means that they will juggle two or three jobs and lead extremely stressful lives. Again, I must say how thankful I am that my husband doesn't want any of that. One month of hopping here and there is tolerable (barely), but years and years of running around without ever being able to catch up on anything? *Shudder*

Anyway... today I had a relatively simple day. I woke a little after eight (leaving a sleepy husband in bed). We slept at my in-laws' last night, so before going out I picked up the sandwiches my mother-in-law kindly made for me and drank a cup of tea. From 9:30 until 14:30, we had studies, and later I had a doctor's appointment. After that I went to my mother's and spent some time with Grandma, and just rested and relaxed.

Soon I will sign off and we'll finally go home. There will be no studies tomorrow, so I will have a long weekend ahead of me, and two days entirely free to catch up on housework and laundry, and maybe I will even be able to do some cooking and baking for Shabbat in advance, instead of doing it all on Friday in a mad race against the setting sun.

I wish you all a lovely day and weekend and remain your friend,

Mrs. Anna T


Holly said...

It's so nice to see you back to updating more often :) I enjoy reading your blog and learning about your life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anna, for allowing us a peek into your world today. :o) I can tell how much you enjoy the ordinary events in your life...they probably seem anything but ordinary, actually! I know you have waited eagerly for this time to become reality for you. By the way, I think it was sweet of your mother-in-law to pack sandwiches for you. I hope that over the years, you & she will grow to be good friends.


Liedeke said...

Hi Anna,

Sounds like a busy time, indeed! My formal education ended several years ago - before I 'discovered' some fitting home making skills.

Sometimes I long for those days of sleeping in and getting ready quietly with my husband and treating my studies as an easy day time job.

Now, we both work part time outside the home and our girls, well - they hit the ground running :-). I love it, but our mornings are definitely not quiet! I don't believe I'd take another job - there are other things to be done. Catching up will always be more difficult than keeping up and staying in tune. That goes for personal relationships as well as laundry.

About preparing meals in advance: that's a great idea. For me, cooking is a relaxing activity, so I tend to cook in advance (or bake or preserve) in the early evening, to cool down from the day. If cooking serves this purpose for you as well, early evenings may be a good time to do it.

Don't forget to enjoy your life!


tales_from_the_crib said...

I'm so glad that you will be able to stay at home, it really is such a blessing. Hope the doctor's appt. goes smoothly and well.

Jenny said...

Hi Anna, thanks for joining in. I hope your last few weeks of disruption fly by.

Katie said...

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks, but I've never commented before. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man (but still in college!), and your blog is a refreshing change from the things I see around here (I can't imagine that the things I see here are any different from the ones you experienced in college).

"I'm even more thrilled that my husband doesn't expect me to be the one who provides for our family."

I know what you mean, but I think that what you do IS providing for your family. Providing doesn't just mean making money, as money isn't everything. A home doesn't make itself :)

Dulce Domum said...

It was nice to read about your day. It's good that Jenny's ideas has bought together so many women from different cultures and traditions.