Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful times

From our lovely trip to the seaside, last Friday. Don't you just love the picture of that mossy rock? And those two dogs playing in the water were simply adorable. I wish we had a better picture of them. What a beautiful afternoon it was - just a few hours before the peace of Shabbat reigned over us.

A gift received by mail from a sweet friend I met through the blogging world - beautiful dishcloths, a lovely tablecloth (not displayed here), a pot holder, a very cute doily, and a sweet card with the kindest words of friendship and encouragement. How blessed I was to receive this package! How thankful I am to all the dear ones who generously shared their time, creativity, and friendship, and sent us wedding gifts - lovely, timely, practical gifts, which immediately found a use in our little home. It seems that we have been magically provided with all those things we simply didn't have time to buy in the flurry of wedding preparations, then settling into our new home.

And, last but not least, a simple but yummy dish we enjoyed for yesterday's dinner - pasta with baked veggies and fresh homemade tomato sauce.

I had an eggplant and a zucchini sitting at the back of my refrigerator, so I chopped them, salted, peppered and olive-oiled them, and threw them into the oven for 40 minutes. I think they can be good grilled as well.

Then I took one small onion, chopped and sauteed it until golden-brown; three large, ripe red tomatoes, which I also thinly chopped and threw into a small pot together with the onion. I let it all boil and bubble and simmer until the tomatoes let out their juice, and then I salted, peppered and added some sweet chili sauce to taste. It smelled terrific!

I served all this rich goodness over two cups of cooked pasta, and it was eagerly consumed by myself and my hungry husband.

By the way, the plate you see in the picture is one of a set we got in the first days of our marriage. A neighbour who hardly used them meant to discard them in order to free up space in the cupboard, and we eagerly volunteered to give them a place in our home. They are good, sturdy ceramic dishes, and even though they are a bit heavy, I love them.

Hope your day was equally lovely. I'm looking forward to more days of savoring the summer, the sunshine, the gorgeous mountains around us, my dear husband, my home - and plenty of good company, long, easy conversations, laughter, and delicious food!

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Kacie said...

Such lovely photos! Anna, I think you're so pretty. How come we never see you smile in photos? :)

Thia said...

What a blessing to live close to the shore! The color of the water is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing that dish. It sounds like a simple, healthy dish, perfect for summer.

zetor said...

Lovely photos Anna. Your recipe looks tasty. One of my daughters visited this weekend and made a similar dish , it was delicious.
Have a good day!

USAincognito said...

Beautiful photos of the beach! I miss living by the ocean....someday I hope to live near the beach again.
Your pasta dish looks yummy!! :)

Michelle Potter said...

Oh, the beach! I so want to go to the beach! Last night my mother said she might take the kids and me some weekend soon! :)

Cindi said...

What a beautiful place you live. Thank you for the great recipe! I hope to try it soon for my family.

Sammybunny said...

Wonderful pictures and it looks like a wonderfully filling and healthy dish!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kacie, Ana you need to post more pictures and with you smiling! You're gorgeous!

Samara said...

What pretty pictures! Your dinner photo makes me hungry. I've been tending a small garden this year (pictured on my blog) and am eager to enjoy the first homegrown tomatoes, eggplant and okra. Fortunately our local markets are full of good produce already!

What kind of sweet chili sauce do you use? I had not heard of the sweet kind, only the hot stuff (with which I have been known to douse my pasta). I also like your sharing simple veggie-based meals, as we eat mostly vegetarian as well.

Hil The Thrill said...

Smile, Anna! You are beautiful!

Terry said...

Your pasta dish looks very tasty. And I always enjoy the scenic photos in your posts. Lovely.

C.A. Worcester said...


Beautiful pictures. Reading your post made my evening more peaceful here in Kansas. :-)

I am glad you expanded a little on your abortion post. I understand where you are coming from a little better. It kind of scared me a little when I read the first post you did.....NOT that I thought you were "pro-choice". That would be a complete 180 from the person you seem to be here on your blog.

The sun has gone down here and the there are night birds chirping....the lightening bugs are out and you can see them glowing out in the fields around our house. My husband just put my porch swing up today....on a big huge tree branch. Now I can swing with my little ones again. Nothing like a big porch swing. Do you have those in Israel?

Hmmm, oh the pasta dish looked great. My daughter grills the vegetables and does the same thing....salt, pepper, olive oil. To die for. In the winter, you can do the same thing like you did, but if you add parmesan cheese (Glatt Kosher) it is WONDERFUL.

Talk with you soon Anna!!! Shalom!

C.A. Worcester said...

I am an idiot......I think I wrote "Glatt" kosher about cheese. I think I was trying to impress you with my kosher "knowledge". Ha. Right. I looked up Glatt and now understand what it means. Still friends? :-)

Laura Brown said...

That pasta looks gorgeous! Thought it had avocados in it at first; I haven't seen courgettes/zucchini that size and colour since I moved to the UK.

Fruitful Vine said...

Oh my goodness! I've found you again. I lost most of the blogs on my blog reading list from last year and now when I accessed an article on ladies against feminism today it was one by you. You're married now I see. Congratulations! Your posts are still so encouraging. God bless you.

Jennifer said...

Israel has some of the most GORGEOUS coastline I have ever seen. The water is so blue and clear. Thanks for posting those pictures Anna!