Sunday, July 20, 2008

Have a wonderful week

Dear friends,

I hope you all had a terrific weekend. Thanks so much to all the ladies who kindly agreed to share their birth experience. I might as well warn you that there is probably going to be a lot of baby talk around here in the upcoming weeks/months! I look forward to that. ;-) Yes I realize not all readers of this blog are new mothers or expecting a baby, so please bear with me...

By the way, so far ultrasounds have been unable to tell us whether the little one is a boy or a girl. We might have seen that, if the baby hadn't been curled in a certain position that didn't allow us a glimpse. ;-) I suppose we'll find out later, but even if we don't, we won't mind so much - all we pray for is a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

It is one of those periods where there is so much to do and plan. A new marriage; moving into our first home soon; preparations for the arrival of a new little one... sometimes my mind is in a whirlpool and I just wonder how we are going to accomplish so much in so little time, but then I suppose the Lord will faithfully guide us through, as always.

Also, have I mentioned how incredibly fortunate I am to be the wife of such a sweet, loving, caring, supportive man? His resourcefulness and confidence in caring for us contribute a lot to my feeling of security.

Anyway just popping in for a quick hello today. Looking forward to many more interesting discussions in the upcoming week!
Just for inspiration, here is the story of Esther Segal, who gave birth to... not two, not three, but five babies at once! After long years of fertility treatments, David and Esther were pressured to abort some of their babies because the pregnancy was considered extremely high-risk. The couple made the brave decision to cherish and preserve all life, and were blessed by five children, three boys and two girls, who are now about 8 years old and thriving.
"Open up my mouth and my lips shall declare your praise"
I wish all my Jewish readers an easy 17-th of Tammuz fast.


lady jane said...

I followed your link to the story of quints. What a precious blessing!

Julia said...

I think it's going to be a boy. Don't mind me and my non-existent psychic powers.

a woman found said...

Wow! Congratulations Anna! I haven't been by for awhile and was smiling when I read you and your husband are expecting!

A reward from the LORD!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,

I have been reading your post since more than a year now and have followed your journey, its like reading a quaint victorian novel!! Im a christian lady happliy married and settled in the middle east- United Arab Emirates. I couldnt log on for more than a month and when I come back I see you are pregnant!! Wow!! So am I!! I am due in Dec 08. When you got married I was praying for you to have a baby soon since you seemed keen on it. I struggled to conceive for 2 years and dont wish it even on my worst enemy.So happy for you both. Keep well and healthy.

Harshika Johnson