Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The baby??

Maybe it's too early and it's all in my imagination, but it seems as though I've started to feel very gentle, unfamiliar activity in my tummy. It feels basically like someone is blowing bubbles in there! It happens unexpectedly and then it stops... and it makes me wonder, is the wee baby making his or her first attempts to let me know, "Mommy, I'm here"?

In the meantime, my husband and I are busy bees, working in the new house and transferring our stuff there. It's hard but satisfying work. Our lovely new bed has already been moved, so for our last three nights here... hello again, air mattress! :-)

I hope I won't stay too long without internet after we move, because I'm eager to give all you ladies a more detailed account of our doings. For now, though, it's just a quick hello. A blessed day to everyone!


Diana said...

You are feeling your sweet baby! Isn't it a wonderful feeling!

Anonymous said...

Anna, I'm sure you are feeling the baby at this point, it's hard to recognize with your first but by the second you can usually feel it moving around 4 1/2 months or so. It is very exciting and I am happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Anna, it isn't too early - that is exactly what you're feeling - isn't it amazing? It brings the whole thing out of theory and into reality, and is such a delight!
Congratulations on your new home - can't wait to see more pictures!

Sammybunny said...

YAY! What an amazing thing to feel the baby! Good luck, also, on continuing to move into your new house! I hope to see more pictures soon!

USAincognito said... cool!!

Bethany Hudson said...

I felt my daughter kick at 17 weeks, so it's not too early. How joyful!

~v said...

Yes, that is the tiny babe! Some people describe those first movements as though a soft feather was being rubbed inside or a little cotton ball is bouncing around. It's almost a little tickle! That is the baby, swimming around, enjoying the movement and all the space. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It's not your imagination, Anna....& it's the most wonderful, welcome feeling to a pregnant woman! The first time I felt it I cried with joy. :o)


MR said...

Hi Anna,

I've heard thin women feel the baby move very early. It's amazing, isn't it? I cried the first time I felt my son (I didn't know he was boy then...) move in my womb.

Bless you and your family!

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

Sounds like the first flutterings of your baby to me! Congratulations!

Millie said...

Congratulations, Anna! Feeling the baby move was the BEST part of my pregnancies! Loved it!

Don't work too hard :)

Melisa said...

I have no doubts that you are feeling your little one already. I felt my 1st at 14 weeks. I was sitting at my desk at work bent over writing and it felt like someone was "flicking" me with their fingers - except it was on the inside! I would sit up and it would stop - lean back over and it would start up again. Apparently, she was not amused with how I was sitting!

My second one, I felt at 13 weeks and the one inside me now, surprisingly early. One of my friends tried to tell me with this pregnancy that it was "gas". Sorry, I know what "gas" is and this was not it, lol - and being it is my 3rd child (6th preg.), I knew what I was feeling (location was correct to given the dr's office quick ultrasound I had just had a couple days prior).

So yes, you are probably feeling your sweet little one already! How wonderfully exciting - and a fabulous confirmation of the life G-d has blessed you with!

Just wait until you get to where I am (32 weeks) - those little flutters turn into belly rolling kicks and punches (and are great fun to watch!).

Neuropoet said...

Yes, Anna - that's your little one letting you know you're really going to hold him/her in a matter of months!

Hello Baby T!


Neuropoet said...

Oh, I meant to mention that with my first I felt him pretty early - but later on when he was bigger I absolutely loved watching him do somersaults - my whole belly would look like it was rolling... :) And when he had the hiccups - that was sooo funny :) - it was weird to feel hiccups jumping around inside me, but they weren't mine! :)


tales_from_the_crib said...

Congratulations on feeling your baby! I felt my current (2nd) baby about a month ago, and if I understand tickers correctly we're due about the same time. My first, however I didn't feel until about 22 weeks.
It is so exciting and wonderful!

Kacie said...

Hooray! It's so exciting, isn't it?

I felt our little boy around the middle of my 16th week, and my husband was able to feel him kick as of last weekend when I was almost to my 20th week.

The kicks are so strong that I'm almost certain they're visible from the outside! I never look fast enough to be sure, but I hope to catch him making my tummy move soon.

Michelle said...

You're not crazy - that is the baby! First timers don't often feel kicks until later. Me being a 3rd time veteran felt movement around 10 weeks because I was already keen on what that felt like.

ROSIE said...

What a joyful, miraculous experience, isn't it?! :)

I have always cherished that time in my pregnancies, when I first felt tiny bubbles and flutters. Later, movements were more pronounced and conveyed so much personality of the little ones!

One of my daughters used to get hiccups every day in utero. The movements were very rhythmic and steady for about ten minutes at a time, different than usual movements. The hiccups made me feel as though I were being tickled from the inside...I would be laughing and squirming around. Made my husband laugh!

May G-d bless you all as you complete the process of this move...


Kristi said...

That is definitely it! It's the most wonderful, amazing thing to experience as you anticipate meeting this new baby. Enjoy it!

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

Aren't the first movements so exciting. I remember lying on my back reading and feeling Peapod's itty bitty bumping for the first time. Truly an amazing feeling :D

Summer said...

I felt my baby move for the first time in the middle of the night, exactly when it was 20 weeks old. Like you, I just felt little bubbles. I had been told by the doctor that it could happen any time after 18 weeks so I'd guess that what you are feeling is the baby saying hello :)

Summer said...

Oops, I should have also mentioned that I will be praying for your move. Moving house has always been very stressful for me so I pray that you will feel the Lord's peace over the next few days. Summer

Anonymous said...

I felt my first baby right about where you are, 18 weeks. It's so wonderful, isn't it? You will be feeling more and more movement in the weeks to come!

The second, third, etc. you may feel sooner. I felt all my babies right around 17-18 weeks.

God bless you as you move!


Judy said...

Yes, that's what that is all right! It's the most amazing thing, isn't it? I LOVED feeling my babies move!!

Anonymous said...

No, it's not too early! Isn't it the most wonderful feeling? I felt my baby start moving at 16.5 weeks. (I'm 32 weeks now) I started feeling the baby move from the outside not too long thereafter, so your DH might be able to feel the baby from the outside in not too long.

Amber said...

COngrats! Its one of the most exciting times in a pregnancy!

I also had a question. What are the triditions on head covering? Did you cover before marriage, or is it just after? I would love to know the triditions!

Lauren Christine said...

How exciting! What a beautiful blessing :)

Andrea said...

Anna, that must be so exciting for you! They used to call that sensation "quickening" - when the baby quickens in your womb. It's a rather quaint, old fashioned word but I like it; I still think of it every time somebody describes the sensation to me.

My mum felt me move at 21 weeks and with my sister she recognised the feeling much earlier, and says now that she probably felt me earlier too, she just didn't know it was me! I must have become more insistent ;)

This must be such a full, rich time for both you and Mr T, air mattress or not! I am still quite comfy on my own air mattress, actually, and will be until I can bring my own mattress up from my grandmother's house. It's sort of a prolonged state of camping out, isn't it?

Much love,


lady jane said...

The flutterings of life. How joyous, incredible and humbling. How sweet. Thank you for sharing this precious news with us, Anna.

I'm praying the remaining time needed to move to your new home will be smooth.

Bless you dearly.

Mrs. Anna T said...


The tradition for Jewish women is to only cover their hair when they are married, these days.

Luvs2BMommy said...

Hi Anna,

I felt both of my Sweet Ones around 12 weeks. Not constantly, but I would feel a gentle bump every once in a great while. It was amazing, LIFE INSIDE YOU! The Holy Creator is kniting together and eternal soul inside you. Amazing! Why so many Women give up Motherhood is amazing to me. I know some have no choice, but many I know find it abhorrant and a waste of time. But truly, it is an amazing time of working hand in hand with the Creator.

Don't forget to take it easy. I was so fit when I got pregnant the first time it was so hard for me to take it down and relax, but it is really important to pace yourself and rest for the Baby.

Many Blessings :)

Susan B said...

That's so exciting! Feeling the first movements of your child is so wonderful. Congratulations!

God bless you.

Coffee Catholic said...

Don't let anyone tell you that it's too early to feel the baby! I was feeling mine in my 3rd month and everyone said, "No, your not feeling the baby. That's gas." It used to drive me nuts hearing that hahahaha!

Melian said...

Since you are undoubtedly feeling your wee babe, let me warn you about something I wish people had told me! Everyone talks about how the baby "kicks" and it does feel that way for a while. Later, when the baby has grown much larger, there is much more pushing and stretching going on than kicking. Brief, hard kicks I was prepared for. Hours of stretching and pushing in very uncomfortable ways...I just wasn't prepared for that! Even when it gets annoying, it's a wonderful thing to be assured that your little one is alive and well!