Monday, August 11, 2008

First gifts for the tiny one

babygifts 002, originally uploaded by Anna's musings.

Today, I received a package by mail from a far-away blog friend; it contained our very first baby gifts - how exciting! When I opened it, I saw adorable, soft knitted and crocheted baby clothes; a beautiful crocheted baby blanket; a sweet cushion doll; a very cute baby book; and my favorite, the book "Crafts for Baby - Beautiful Gifts and Practical Projects"

After quickly browsing through "Crafts for Baby" I saw, to my delight, that it contains plenty of lovely ideas on how to get creative in anticipation of a little one! The first section gives detailed explanation on some basic stitches - valuable information for beginners such as myself. Then there are instructions for making adorable baby projects such as a quilt, cushions, blanket, soft toys, clothes which look very simple (even in my eyes) to make, and more. I think that working on these projects could be especially fun and exciting with older children by your side.

Thank you again, dear one, for sending this precious and sweet gift for the little one on the way!


Milena said...

I still have the soft, pearlescent peach blanket my mother knit while she was pregnant with me. I look at it and think of the love and anticipation she felt as she worked on it. It is not simply a blanket, but a lasting expression of love.

I'll be eager to see what you create!

Tammy said...

What sweet, thoughtful gifts! :o)

I still have the pretty handmade things that were given to us when expecting our first baby. (That was six babies ago!) There's just something special about wrapping up your baby in something sweet and handmade.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift! You'll have so much fun getting ready for the new little one!

Miss Amy Smarty said...

Oh my goodness! I SO had that "Pat the Bunny" book, and I think my mom still has it somewhere. :) It's the best!