Thursday, August 28, 2008

More gifts for the little one!

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The next batch of gifts for our expected little treasure has just arrived! I received a sweet surprise from my friend Michelle, also a first-time expectant Mom: two adorable baby outfits, a cute baby cap, bib, and a pair of tiny socks. Here you can take a look at it, Michelle - as you see, all reached us in perfect condition. I also received a sweet, encouraging letter - what a beautiful envelope. Thank you, dear friend!

The previous owners of our house had a children's clothes store once, it turns out, and when I started cleaning and organizing our storage shed I found a real treasure trove: baby outfits; an adorable baby blanket; even a couple of baby sleeping bags! What a lovely discovery isn't it? They said they don't need anything they left behind, so it's all ours. There's also an entire wardrobe for toddlers and little children: dresses, pants, shirts, even underwear. All of it still in its nylon bags and with price tags. We'll have to sort through it all, and decide what we'll keep and what will be given away.

Like one of the ladies who replied to my previous post, I also plan to gently wash all the baby things before we start using them, just to give them a sweet fresh smell. I look forward to seeing all the little items of bedding, outfits, sweaters, shirts, pants and hats hanging on the clothesline, waiting to be used by a dear, darling, long awaited little one!

A blessed day to you all. Work week is done early for us this time, and tomorrow we're expecting to do something fun, followed by a restful Shabbat. Thanks to the ladies who sent me encouraging emails about scheduling while making plans for the arrival of a new baby. I so appreciate it, and hope to reply to all emails soon.

Mrs. T


Sammybunny said...

What a blessing to find all those clothes! How amazing is God!?

Mrs. Rabe said...

What a blessing, Anna!

It is so fun, to pick out those precious bits of clothing, and to be receiving gifts!

Enjoy this precious time!

Svetlana said...

When washing baby clothes, be sure to wash in cold water. I have a friend with a two-month old, and she says most of the stains come out in a cold wash, while cooking on in a warm/hot wash. Just thought I'd pass that piece of advice on.

Ways of Zion said...

How thrilling!

deb said...

This is surely a surprise gift from God. How wonderful that he is so obviously working in your life!

Anonymous said...

Also make sure to use an unscented laundry detergent or a baby detergent as their skin can be very sensitive and they can get a rash from the chemicals.

Tracy said...

What a sweet blessing to have found so many baby and toddler things that you'll be able to put to good use!

I had a chuckle this morning about your comment to me regarding the BLT. It MUST be your pregnancy making it look good for I KNOW that you'd never eat it. It's a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich served on toast with mayonnaise. :0)Perhaps you could try it minus the bacon.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any lavender in your yard? If you do, drape the baby blankets and sheets over the lavender to dry and they will smell sweet. If you tuck lavender in the drawers with the baby clothes, the scent will help lull baby to sleep. Much better for baby than dryer sheets which can trigger allergies.

Mrs. Anna T said...


hahaha! Yes of course I'd never eat it, but it still *looks* good, and like you said, I could try it without the bacon!


We have no dryer, so no dryer sheets for us of course. I just Googled "dryer sheets" to see what it is, actually. :-)

Kat with a K said...

Beautiful gifts! And that's amazing to find all those clothes - God is so good.

xoxo, Chloe said...

Neat! Little clothing is so adorable.

Michelle Potter said...

How exciting to find all those clothes AND receive that sweet little gift package! They'll be such a blessing once that baby arrives!

Kelly said...

How cute and what a blessing from God to find all those baby clothes. Isn't that amazing, what were the chances that the previous owner of the house owned a children's clothing store. How wonderful.

Ways of Zion said...

What a blessing for such a find! I've been enjoying reading your entries on pregenancy....brings back recent memories!

Luvs2BMommy said...

Hi Anna,

Isn't GOD SO GOOD! With my two Princesses (Princess Joy's skin is VERY sensitive to everything) I made my own detergent and it took EVERYTHING out. It is the recipe that Crystal Miller uses. I can look it up and send it to you if you are interested. It is basically ..

1 shredded bar of fels naptha soap
1 cup borax
1 cup Washing Soda

I boil a pot of water, put in the soap to disolve it. Add the other ingredients (watch out they can cause the pot to over boil so stir) until all disolved. Fill my two gallon laundry container up half way with warm water. Add the mixture, fill the rest of the way with cold water and stir. Let sit overnight to gel.

This takes out EVERYTHING, I have used it to pretreat stains that are "impossible" and it works.

What worked for my kids is only wearing clothes after they have been washed (new or used) and to only use 100 percent cotton clothes and sheets, etc. Who wants to sleep in polyester? Yet many babies can't sleep at night because that is what their sheets and pajammas are made of.

Many Blessings :)

Lady M said...

What sweet outfits! You will have so much fun dressing your little one when it is born!

My 9 year old has been doing laundry while I am on bed rest (yes, 9 year old's can do this - and very well!). She was so very excited when I let her wash and dry them. She has folded the first load. I am so thrilled that she is happy to help out. She said that folding the babies clothes was fun because they are so tiny and sweet looking (I agree!). Folding your little one's laundry is so nice - no idea why, it just is.

Katie said...

Anna! Today in class, my physics instructor mentioned that a woman's body produces a hormone that causes her to forget; scientistis think it's so that a woman forgets the pain of the childbirth so that she continues to bear children. I guess there is a scientific explanation for "baby brain!" :)

Christine said...

I second the opinion on washing in cold water. I once read that hot water makes protein stains, like blood or some foods, set in permanently. I put stained clothes in cold water and rub the stain with Kosher salt. I haven't had ruined clothes since!

Andrea said...

Anna, I got such a grin out of the BLT comments further up on the page. I don't know how much meat you are choosing to eat during your pregnancy (I know you mentioned you ate some salmon, but beyond that I wasn't sure) but if you are eating some, you could always make a BLT with turkey bacon; I find that turkey bacon, when cooked, has a similar crunchy consistency to pork bacon. Mayonnaise (at least the brand we buy) has no milk in it, so I think that would still be kosher. Or you could replace the bacon with cheese, which is something I do sometimes when we don't actually have any bacon in the house!

What a blessing to find all those clothes left there for you. I was so happy for you that I had to zip out into the kitchen and tell my sister about it, lol! We're both pretty thrilled for you and Mr T :)

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Much love,


Untypically Jia said...

Oh Anna I'm so happy and excited for you! I look forward to getting pregnant and having babies myself, so for the time being I like to live through the posts of my friends!

CappuccinoLife said...

Wow, a treasure trove indeed! See how God provides! :)

AE said...

Baby sleeping bags? I've never before heard of such an item, but I now must find one because they sound utterly adorable. Keep in mind I don't have a baby to put in it. I just want to revel in its miniature-ness. Even odder, I hate camping, so even if I did have a baby, the sleeping bag would never get used.

Kristy Howard said...

I am so very excited for you, Anna! There is nothing half as sweet as preparing for the arrival of a little one... expect, of course, loving the little darling once he or she arrives! Congratulations!

~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage