Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I love being pregnant

I'm a first-time Mom-to-be, and only "halfway there", so undoubtedly more surprises await me along the fascinating journey towards motherhood! However, I must tell that so far, I've been enjoying a simply wonderful pregnancy. I didn't have permanent nausea even during the first trimester, my energy levels are high enough to feel productive and creative (with proper adjustments), so far I was spared many of the pains and discomforts reported by other pregnant ladies, and to sum it up, I'm savoring every moment of this special time! Here's more on why the past months have been so sweet...

The top ten reasons why I love being pregnant:

1. It's wondrously magical to know that God Himself created and placed this tiny new life in my womb. I feel His loving presence like never before.

2. Every day brings something new to be excited about, as I watch how my body and spirit change in order to nurture this new life. There's so much to see, feel, learn, plan, and look forward to.

3. I have a pampering, sweet, kind, loving, protective and caring husband, who calls me several times a day to make sure I'm getting my rest, reminds me to eat well, and then rubs my feet when he comes home from work.

4. Nothing can be sweeter than feeling the gentle (for now!) bumps and movements of my baby.

5. Now is the perfect time to enjoy the wildest combinations of food - I can eat tuna salad with canned pineapple, and respond to inquiries by saying it's a pregnancy craving.

6. I get to enjoy teeny tiny, cute baby things - clothes, bedding, soft cushion toys - buying, making, and receiving as loving gifts. Oh, and I can freely sigh with delight when I see sweet little baby shoes.

7. I can blame my absolute and total lack of understanding of everything that has to do with mechanics or physics on "baby brain". :-)

8. When I notice that my feet swell, I can guiltlessly put them up and indulge in a thirty-minute break of good reading or crafts in the middle of the day.

9. It's time to try new, interesting, beautiful, feminine styles that suit the changes in my silhouette - and bask in compliments from my loving husband, who adores the "pregnant look".

10. It's delightfully interesting to "equip" our expected baby in creative, inexpensive ways - find and restore, get used items from friends and family members, buy second hand, make it ourselves, or see how we can do without!

I would love to hear from all you Moms and Moms-to-be: what do/did you love about being pregnant, and which memories from that time are of a special significance to you? If you'd rather share on your own blog, you are most welcome to post a link! Happy pregnancy to everyone.


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post, Anna! I hope you're having a lovely day! :)

Julia said...

Awww! I feel warm fuzzies.

My favorite part of being pregnant was watching and feeling the baby roll around inside me.

Kacie said...

I agree with everything on the list, and I'll add:

- I love how my hair is much thicker and shinier than ever! And my nails, too!

- My skin hasn't been this clear since I was like, 11 years old.

- I'm eating healthier than ever.

- My husband and I get to share a new experience together (during pregnancy and delivery) and I know it is bringing us even closer together.

- I can't wait to teach my son all sorts of things! From how to walk, paint a picture, speak, and of course learning about his Creator.

Erin said...

I know you love baby clothes. May I reccomend the knit Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It is the weirdest pattern I have ever knit (and it is all knit no purling required) but it makes the cutest baby jacket. Oh and it is quick and easy.

MR said...

Hi Anna,

What a beautiful post about the baby in your womb. I can completely relate. I had a perfectly healthy, uneventful, sickness-free pregnancy and relished in EVERY moment. I know I was REALLY REALLY lucky, but I like to think that I'd have been as happy during any pregnancy.

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Tracy said...

I loved being pregnant too, Anna. Every. Single. Time. I loved feeling the baby move and watching my husband delight in my pregnant figure.He loved the way I looked!

All of the preparations are fun; thinking of names, etc.

Nursing a baby is even better!

Anonymous said...

Have you found out whether you're having a boy or a girl? Or are you choosing to wait until your baby is born?

Michelle Potter said...

I have a love/hate relationship with pregnancy. I get so hormonal, with terrible mood swings -- I just can't stand that part of it. But honestly, even though I do get bad nausea, heartburn, and other discomforts, the physical symptoms seem "worth it" to me. I'll gladly spend nine months throwing up for those precious moments of sitting quietly with my arms around my tummy, feeling him kick, talking softly to him. I love that during pregnancy I can carry my baby everywhere without straining my arms or get tired of holding him.

Of course, I love the newborn stage, too!

Ways of Zion said...

What a lovely post! What did I enjoy? The priveledge to carry a child, being BIG and not feeling fat (big dofference) eating steak a lot! feeling the bumps and kicks, oh simply everything!

Gothelittle Rose said...

I think what I liked most was being able to get away with going barefoot in church during the summertime.

tales_from_the_crib said...

Even with every symptom available, you still enjoy all those wonderful things you listed...far better than I could.
Thank you for succinctly explaining things in such a lovely manner.

Sammy said...

Mazel Tov! I'm also pregnant with my first--28 weeks. And also like you, I love it!

However, I hate to break it to you, but "baby brain" really doesn't start until the third trimester. I know, I know. I thought I could blame my forgetfulness on it too. But I have been told by my midwife, by books, and by friends who have been through this before that baby brain is a third trimester phenomenon. Sorry! :-)

Kari said...

I'm with you - I also love being pregnant, although I didn't escape as nausea-free as you did!! :) I love pretty much everything about it, but the best thing is feeling baby move about (and seeing my stomach roll around!). We're at about 8 months right now, so the little one is getting be not-so-little and very strong. How awesome to get to carry this little miracle that God put together so perfectly!!

Bethany Hudson said...

Wow, I couldn't have put it better myself, Anna. I loved each and every one of those things about being pregnant! (Except my feet didn't swell until the last couple weeks of pregnancy). One of my favorite things was my walk to my prenatal appointments. We live just down the street from the hospital where my midwife worked and where I gave birth (I actually walked to the hospital the night I was admitted to give birth!) It's a lovely street lined with trees, and it takes about 10 minutes to stroll there. I just loved walking down the street, so proud of the little life that everyone could see was growing within me, and enjoying some fresh air before I got to see an ultrasound of hear my daughter's heartbeat. I'm looking forward to putting my little girl (now 13 months--how the time flies!) into her stroller and making the same trek down the same street with a new life in my womb, soon, God willing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I just adored being pregnant. I wonder if some of our relative "ease" with pregnancy, though, comes from being so young (I was 22 when I was pregnant with Sophia). I'm curious whether as I continue (again, God willing) to have children as I age if pregnancy will become more of a challenge!

Kelly said...

LOL, love the list. I enjoyed "baby brain" the most. I know that sounds weird. But as a person who was/is known for her memory it was, frustrating at first, but then I came to enjoy being able to "forget" things and blame "baby brain". I never actually forgot things on purpose but it was nice to see others, my DH mostly, keep track of things for me for a while. I guess it was just nice to not have so many responsibilities for a bit. And honestly there were many funny moments too, that eventually I came to enjoy.
Sometimes the best solution is just laugh and go along for the pregnancy ride.

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

Near the end of my pregnancies, when the baby's movements could be seen with the naked eye just by looking at my tummy. Those movements were much more uncomfortable, true, but sometimes you feel that it was a hand or a foot or an elbow, etc. I found that utterly fascinating!

Melian said...

One of my favorite things is the way that strangers suddenly feel like friends. I didn't have trouble with strangers touching my belly or anything like that. But people were quick to start a conversation, and there were so many fun things to talk about! I had a lot of clerks, passersby and fellow waiters-in-line congratulate me or say they would pray for me. I'm not obviously showing yet this time, but I look forward to getting to share my excitement with so many people!

Melisa (aka Lady M) said...

In the midst of limited bed rest, I have hit nesting! Yikes. For me, that entails wanting to get out all of the stuff I know we need in place before Jr. gets here. We are down to 23 days before we cross the 37 week line. Seems like a long time, but really is not.

I love having my children (7 & 9) experience Jr. kicking and moving around. On Mon. night, my husband brought in the clothing containers I needed to go through. It was such fun to hear the oh's and ah's along with the high pitched comments of "How Cute" and Daddy, can you believe I used to wear this tiny outfit (makes both mom & dad teary eyed!).

For this pregnancy, I will remember that it has had more high's and low's emotionally than my first 2 (and the 3 losses afterwards were low's - not much high's here). The fact that we had gotten rid of half our saved clothes - the weekend we now know that we got pregnant. I had finally had bought perfume again after not wearing any for so long - because I got out of the habit because of nursing the first 2 for well over a year with both of them.

There was the pure denial in my head that I was pregnant again - and as time went by, it was obvious and things were going well this time! The fear in the first trimester (when I lost my last 3 babies), the elation to make it to the 2nd trimester and how quickly that sped by, to the next road bump of mild preeclampsia (a new one for me).

Probably the hardest for me is that my mom will not be here for this one (she passed away 4 years ago). She always came for that 2nd week after baby was born. I won't have that blessing this time around.

There are so many memories that go with this pregnancy - such very different from my other pregnancies. Truly, each pregnancy is different!

Kaeus said...

any new clothes in this house get washed before theyre worn - especially baby clothes. one of my favourite parts of my last pregnancy, and one im looking forward to again, is seeing all the teeny tiny little baby clothes on the clothes line, and knowing that soon i'll be holding the baby theyre meant for.

and of course the tiny things just look so cute on the line. i plan on taking a picture this time round so i can look at it and go gooey for ever.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I too loved every minute of pregnancy. It reminded me of my engagement, in a way - it's this sort of special, set apart time of joyful anticipation and preparation, and everyone is interested, but also there is that very private, wonderous joy of waiting for such a happy event. I loved feeling my little man move around, and I was always talking to him, singing to him, patting his little bottom. He was very big, and got very, very active there toward the end, to the point where people sitting across the table could see the acrobatics in my belly, and were a little disconcerted, but it always made me laugh. And I loved having this most precious thing always with me, close, day and night. Not that that has changed too much even yet, at sixteen months ;-)

Jordin said...

You have a great list! It brought back great memories for me! With a newborn, I just don't have time to stop and ponder those things anymore... ;)

Oh, I LOVED to feel Johnathan move. Absolutely precious. More than that, though, I loved to see him move! My tummy would constantly change shape; I could see him rolling around, or kicking aggressively. Matt often put his head against my belly and the baby would give him a good "kick" hello!

It sounds like you're doing an excellent job cherishing these memories. I don't know if you're doing this or not, but I kept a small record of what happened each day of my pregnancy--for future reference in future pregnancies, and for Johnathan to see when he gets older. Some entries say, "You're kicking me right now," or "Wow! It felt like you just flipped around!" I recorded when I felt sick, or what happened at each doctor's appointment. I love that book now, and it'll be so helpful in the future!

Thuis en onderweg said...

Dear Anna,

thank you for your sweet post!

Thinking back to my first pregnancy, one thing I loved especially about being pregnant was that I had something inside me that helped me keep warm during the winter!

I also enjoyed getting to know our child and learning a lot about his character, even before he was born.

Many blessings,


Summer said...

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with our first child and like you, I LOVE being pregnant. I love feeling the movements, seeing my body grow, planning and preparing the baby's room and imagining what life will be like when he/she arrives. I thank God every day that He has blessed us in this way. Summer

Mrs. Anna T said...

Sammy: shhh... don't let my husband hear you. ;-) If I can't say I have baby brain, there's no way I can explain why I became so awfully prone to forgetting, dropping, spilling, and tripping over things. :-)))

Anonymous said...

I loved being pregnant until week I just want the baby out!!! :-)

Jeannie said...

I can't wait to see how you feel at 39 weeks! I hope and pray you continue to enjoy being pregnant until you are holding your precious infant.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and have finally met my discomfort quota. I loved being pregnant until a few weeks ago, but now in August in the states- I'm fed up with it, and ready to hold my son.

Anonymous said...

I'm just now coming out of lurking and posting a link to my blog. I loved this post so I thought since you invited us to join you in a "10 things I love most.." I would!

Karen said...

I love daydreaming about the new little person who will be a part of our family, wondering what her personality will be and what new adventures we'll have together. It's funny how when you have a baby, after a while you can't imagine life without them!

I always think that first cry sounds exactly like "I am here, I am meant to be here, take care of me!"