Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For some encouragement and a smile...

... Go visit Lady Lydia, who does such great work at inspiring us young wives in our duties at home.

... Have a look at Michelle's journey towards healthy, wholesome eating. This one made me laugh so hard I nearly spilled my glass of water all over the keyboard!

... Visit the lovely Jewels, who shares so much beauty and peace through her writings.

... Read Amy's inspiring thoughts on lifelong learning.

... Join Jess as she, once again, so eloquently expresses her thoughts on intimacy in marriage.

... And relax with Jenny, who lovingly shares about the simple and most beautiful things in life.


There's so much good stuff out there today that I feel more like a reader than a writer at the moment!


Alysa said...

Thanks for sharing those, Anna! I must say, that's my usual participation in the blogsphere, too... reading, rather than posting! It can be so encouraging and uplifting, not to mention such a wonderful source of learning.

Can I share another of my favourite blogs? Another homeschool mother, with eyes that behold the beauty in simplicity, and graciously transforms them into words and photographs:

May God bless you as you continue your reading!

justme27 said...

Those were some great blogs that I've not had the pleasure of reading before.

Thanks so much!