Thursday, September 18, 2008

The happenings of this week

zfat1, originally uploaded by Anna's musings.

Since tomorrow and Saturday I will be taking my usual weekend computer break, I decided to take a few minutes today to share with all you ladies a bit about what we have been doing this week.

We have been away from home since Sunday. My mother is on a trip abroad, and asked us to live in her apartment while she is gone, to look after Grandma. Of course, we agreed - spending time with Grandma is always a privilege. It's also a good opportunity to run a few errands here while we are close to civilization :o) - and pack some of my things that still remain in my old room, waiting to be taken to their new home.

Our old washing machine, which we got as a gift when we were married and have been using for the past few months, seems to have reached the final step of its long journey. Even when it isn't broken, it isn't entirely functional. I brought all our things that needed to be washed, and took advantage of Mom's washing machine. Yesterday, we took a plunge and bought a new one, expecting the amount of washing to increase dramatically once our little girl joins us. So far, with only two people in the household, we easily got by with just one load per week - but we imagine that's about to change. :o)

I had the chance to meet with a few friends, who were in awe of my growing tummy. I've even been asked whether I'm feeling comfortable growing so big and round - to which I can truthfully reply that so far, I'm entirely at ease, even though I'm keeping in mind what you ladies told me about difficulty to find a comfortable sleeping position once you're in your last month.

I'm looking forward to seeing Mom when she returns next Monday - hopefully refreshed and relaxed after her vacation. Then we will happily go back home. There's so much to do in our home and garden that I can't wait to get started.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

Mrs. T., I am just curious--do you live in one of the disputed communities around the Palestinian border? I don't know the geography of Israel at all well, and am just wondering if there are other remote places like those communities in other parts of Israel.

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

It might be hard to find a comfortible spot to sleep in the last weeks, but I always loved the mornings. I would wake up, always on my side and it was like my little baby was curled up next to me sleeping too. I loved laying there, so relaxed, prodding my belly guessing about which little bump was which little part.

Even durring the hard times, there is always a little bit of joy to be found if you activly look for it.

Luvs2BMommy said...

Hi Anna,

Loved the picture. I need to visit Israel one day, it is so beautiful!Good move on the washing machine, laundry multiplies for some reason when you have children :) Though Robyn at has a great method for handwashing. As for the sleeping positions during the last months I found that I slept best in a recliner or on my side with a body pillow. If you don't have a body pillow you can use 1 pillow behind your back, one between your knees, 1 under your belly and one for your head. Yep, then there should be just enough room for your dh to squeeze in the bed too :)

Many Blessings :)

deb said...

You sound like you are such a joy to have as a granddaughter. I know some young couples who whine and complain if they have to spend a day with their elderly grandparents. I hope that my boys marry a girl like you.

Anonymous said...

I pray your grandma is doing well, Anna. She must be so pleased at the thought of having a great-grandchild in just a few months, eh? :o)

wishing you blessed, peaceful days-

Mrs. P said...

What an incredible picture at the top of the post! You just don't get those kind of views around here! Breath-taking!

Enjoy your weekend rest.

Mrs. Anna T said...


We live in our God-given land of Israel. Nothing can be "disputed" about that. Do excuse me, but I'd rather not reveal our specific location due to security reasons...

Jo said...

Goodness gracious that is an awesome picture, Anna! It's just gorgeous. I must say that reading your blog (since you "came out" of course) has begun to fill me with the desire to visit Israel. I'm doing a bible study that's increasing that desire. Perhaps this is God telling me something.

Enjoy your weekend and the incredible beauty that surrounds you!

Autumn said...

Your pictures of Israel are always beautiful.
Glad to hear that you are still feeling fine, and that you enjoy visiting with your Grandma!

Joanna J. said...

I enjoy reading your blog, so you've been tagged!

Lady Violet said...

That is a beautiful picture but I am distracte by something you said. You only do one load of laundry per week!!?? How does this happen? I do at least 4 but I should be doing more like 5-6 just for two of us! One load would be such a breeze. I cannot imagine it, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Just had to comment that I am beyond jealous that you only have one load of laundry to do per week! That will soon change :)

With three children and my husband and I-I am doing about 10 loads per week. That includes linens and clothes. It's a constant chore!

Mrs. Anna T said...

To tell you the truth I'm not sure how come I only do one load per week, while some two-people households do much more... perhaps I don't change our bedclothes and towels that often? ;-)))

I do have to add some items are hand-washed, though.

Anonymous said...

I do four full loads a day....if I skip a day the laundry just piles up.
(Linen is changed once a week or so, and each person has their own bath towel, which is changed every 3 days or so. But the kids' clothes are usually chucked in the machine daily).
Thank the Lord for washing machines and driers.