Sunday, September 7, 2008

A time for rest

Hi there! I hope everyone had/are having the most pleasant, enjoyable weekend. Here goes the account of mine...

On Friday I found myself down with flu, which meant cooking was thrown out of the window (it's lucky that I tend to do most things in advance, on Wednesday/Thursday). On Friday night I couldn't sleep - I felt I was burning with fever, but we had no medicine for fever or flu or sore throat, not to mention even a thermometer to evaluate how high my fever is (we're well-equipped for the rough times, yeah! :o)). My husband stayed awake for hours, taking care of me and bringing me wet towels until my fever went down and I could fall asleep. On Saturday I still didn't feel my best, but I received plenty of loving care, which made me feel very pampered and lucky :-)

Today I'm feeling much, much better, but still intend to take it slow. Reminder to self: equip our home with basic medicine and a first aid kit.

On another note: the image you see in the picture above was hand-painted on our bedroom door. Someone of the previous residents of this house (we aren't sure who) was very creative and did a great job at decorating the doors and walls. We love these little works of art. It gives such a warm feeling to be in a home that we know was actually lived in and loved.

Well, I'd better go and make a nice and slow start to my day. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Your friend,
Mrs. T


Luvs2BMommy said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling poorly, I got bronchitis when I was sick with my first Princess and it was horrible.

I have found eating a clove of garlic (chopped and in some honey) every couple of hours with the onset of any type of sickness and taking some ascorbic acid (vitamin c) can knock it right out of you. This helps not only pregnant Momma, but toddlers too.

Many Blessings :)

Mrs. Anna T said...

I know garlic has many wonderful qualities; unfortunately, it's the *one* thing I haven't been able to eat throughout my pregnancy so far. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,
Sorry to hear that you didn't feel well, but glad that you're now better. Hope you stay well throughout your pregnancy!

Have plenty of rest and eat well,


Michelle Potter said...

So sorry to hear you were sick! Are you not able to go to the drug store during the Sabbath? Do remember to go soon so we won't have to worry about you being caught like that again!

Coffee Catholic said...

I've been down all week with a nasty virus that won't leave! It seems something is going around ~ even as far away as Israel! I hope you feel better soon. Here's to a return to health!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Michelle - the drugstore is closed on Shabbat, but if I really needed medicine for fever, I could have asked one of the neighbours. Thankfully, we live in a community where it's still acceptable to ask for a cup of sugar of whatever. :-)

Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't, though, because only today I learned what would be considered safe for use during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Sickness visiting our house as well...I've been unable to determine what it is, & it's affecting each child differently. Hmmm....
I'm sorry to hear of your bad luck with the flu. That can really drain a person's strength. Please be good to yourself!


NoFreeLunch said...

Have a refuah shleimah (speedy recovery)!

Bethany Hudson said...

Anna, so glad you hear you're feeling better today. Take care of yourself and that lovely little girl!

Laura said...

It has got to be hard to be sick and pregnant. I got sick right after I gave birth. I was nervous about continuing to breast feed while sick but everyone promised me it was perfectly fine. Hopefully you were able to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Have a good week.