Friday, October 10, 2008

Past the fast

For everyone who might have been concerned, I'm putting on a little note just to tell that we passed Yom Kippur without any unusual symptoms - Mom and baby both seem to be doing just fine. Spending over 24 hours without food and water was difficult, but not more than when I wasn't pregnant.

I've heard reports on the news of some women who were prompted to give birth a few days sooner than expected because of the fast, but as far as I know, none of the deliveries were significantly premature, and would have happened any day anyway.

Next week, we are preparing to celebrate Sukkot - our first time as a married couple. What fun!

Looking forward to the chance of a longer post, and to catching up with all you ladies.

Mrs. T


Sarah H said...

Tag, your it! See the fun game that we bloggers like to play.

Ways of Zion said...

Sukkot is one of our favs!

Um I guess I'd better start getting ready!

elena rulli said...

It's good to know that you had an uneventful and safe fast, I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday, too!

Samara said...

Happy New Year! I am glad to hear that your fast passed uneventfully.

I loved seeing Sukkot celebrated by the families in our old neighborhood- their structures were very creative and they usually stacked the palm fronds at the curb afterward.

Aelwyn said...

Although I was raised as and still am a Christian, I always thought Sukkot was such a fun Holy Day. In fact, many Christians believe that the Feast of Tabernacles will be celebrated by everyone some day in the heavenly kingdom.

I bet it will be even more fun when the baby is old enough to help decorate the booth.

Ace said...

Hi Anna,

Glad to know you and Baby are doing well (and DH too, of course). I have a question. I hope not to offend but to honestly ask a question.

I am wondering if you are seeing some signs of the end times? I know you are not a Christian, but I know we have the Old Testament in common and I think that some things that the Old Testament talks about is going on. I was just wondering if you see any of this.

Again, I hope not to offend. I am honestly curious. If I offended you, please know I really enjoy your blog and wish you the best.

Many Blessings:)

Jan Hatchett said...

Dear Mrs. T:
So glad to hear that your family made it through the fast in good health!

I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, as it reminds me so much of what it was like to be young and newly married.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

What about the rights of an unborn child. You would support its right not to be aborted, so why are you risking a problem by not eating. This child has the right to be adequately nourished. The choice isn't yours!

Mrs. Anna T said...


As you, hopefully, know very well, the unborn child isn't nourished like a baby once it comes out of its mother's womb. The unborn baby receives its nutrients through the blood flow - straight from my "stores" - and not from my stomach.

Do my "stores" become depleted after just one day of not eating? Not if I'm adequately nourished every day. The blood continues to flow, and the baby receives what she needs. It is NOT like leaving a newborn child without food or water for 24 hours - which isn't supposed to happen, because children under 12 don't observe fasts at all.

One thing, at least, you got right: the choice isn't mine. As a religious Jew, I cannot just say I won't fast on Yom Kippur because I'm pregnant, while pregnant women have been doing this since the fast was established without any negative consequences.

By the way. Next time, sign your comment.