Thursday, October 23, 2008

Smooth sailing into the third trimester

Pregnant Mom, joyfully expecting her first baby.

Beautiful Jerusalem, with its multitude of views and people who came to celebrate Sukkot.

Reciting psalms at the Western Wall.
I wanted to post a little update on how the baby and I are doing, now that we have stepped into the third (and final - can you believe it?!) trimester. I'm about six and a half months pregnant now.
I feel wonderful, and so far, without any unusual symptoms. My feet stopped swelling entirely, probably thanks to the fact that the weather is pleasantly cooling down. I have experienced some discomfort in my pelvic area now and then, and from what I've read, it means that my body is preparing for delivery.
I sleep and eat well, and even though I don't know exactly how much weight I've gained recently, my tummy is definitely becoming larger. The rest of me seems to be more or less the same size as before pregnancy. I'm not following any particular nutrition regime, but I try to keep meals regular, varied, and balanced, as well as drink plenty of water.
I still move around quite smoothly, even though bending (or to be exact, breathing while I bend) is becoming more of a challenge. When I look down, I can't see my feet anymore. :o) I allow a bit more relaxed pace to my days now, but still manage to get all the basics done within reasonable time.
As for the baby, she moves around quite a lot these days, and I can feel her little rolls and flutters in just about every part of my belly. It's one of the most amazing sensations I've experienced so far - knowing there's a whole little human being inside me, in control of her own little body, and with sleeping patterns sometimes quite different from mine - try to fall asleep when your baby is tickling your sides from the inside! :o)
We haven't done any "baby shopping" so far. We already got or found quite a few baby items as gifts and hand-me-downs, in new or like new condition - baby clothes, bedding, blankets, and even the crib itself. It looks like we'll only have to buy a car seat and a few other items for baby and nursing mom as needed.
I haven't bought anything officially labeled as "maternity wear", either - I wear lots of layers, roomy shirts and sweaters, stretchy items and creatively adapted clothes. Also, I still wear many of my pre-pregnancy skirts, which have a tremendous advantage over pants in the sense that you can wear them higher or lower as your tummy grows. I might get an item or two for the winter, but overall, I feel it would be a waste to spend much money on maternity wear right now - it's only for a couple of months, and my next pregnancy might be at an entirely different season.
I hope all you fellow pregnant ladies are doing wonderfully and enjoying this very special season of carrying your baby. If it's your first baby, I also hope you're making the best of this time alone as a couple with your husband - an equally special season. Even if you aren't feeling particularly wild, it can be a good time to be spontaneous and easily do things which will require more planning once you have a little one in your home.
I can't believe that in about two and a half months, this little treasure is supposed to be in our arms. We can't wait to meet, hold, and get to know her.


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! I really like your outfit...what a classy mom-to-be!

Tracy said...

I'm thrilled that you are feeling well, and especially that the swelling in your feet has subsided. I so enjoyed seeing these pictures of you in your surroundings!

Trinity Mommy said...

I just found your blog through doing a search about transitioning from jeans to skirts and more modest clothing. WOW I am encouraged and inspired! I am just beginning my journey "back" to womanhood and am finding it isnt as easy as I thought! Thanks for sharing your story through this blog!

Ways of Zion said...

What a wonderful cheery update. Thank you for sharing with us. Oh and I love your pictures, you are simply glowing!

Marianne said...

Such a beautiful post, Anna. And you look so healthy and happy.

Mrs. Jacqueline said...

You're beautiful ma'am, thank you for sharing your pictures! You're also making me miss being pregnant :)

Lady M said...

I am thrilled to hear that your pregnancy is going so well and you are enjoying it!

Gideon arrived on 10/1/08 weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. While his first couple of weeks presented some challenges, he is doing very well now.

He jaundiced on us - worse than my other 2 - enough that they wanted him in the hospital for triple-light therapy overnight (it did the job) and then we had some weight loss/gain issues - turns out he has a short palate and because I am well-endowed, there was not enough room for everything he needed to get a good latch and a good feeding. So, while he grows, I am pumping all of his feedings. He still gets nursing time (we use the nursing supplementer at those times) so that it will not be odd to him when he is able to nurse effectively. We have one more weight check tomorrow, but are expecting no surprises. He should be well over his birth weight at that point.

I have a couple of pictures posted here:

Sounds like you had a wonderfully busy time during Sukkot. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures that you do - my children enjoy them as much as I do (you know - a real live person who lives way, way far away, lol!).

Courtney said...

you look so good anna! you've got that "glow". I am excited to hear what you will name your baby girl.

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

You look absolutely beautiful, Anna. It's hard to imagine that you're in your third trimester already! Where did the time go?

Aelwyn said...

You definitely have that mother-to-be glow! Although, really you are already a mother, not a "to-be".

Seeing you at the Western Wall reminded me that when I was pregnant, I would read the Scriptures aloud so that the baby could hear them, particularly the psalms. Perhaps, in her own way, your little one is praying too.

Sammy said...

I'm 35 weeks pregnant now and have been reading about your pregnancy from the beginning. You mentioned in this post that you've started getting some baby things. I'm Jewish and I've always thought that we aren't supposed to get anything until the baby is here. I've certainly been getting things because it's so impractical to think I'm just going to get everything after the baby is here, but I've been feeling somewhat guilty about it. Do you know anything about this?

Heather said...

I thought I would throw in some advice about nursing clothes. I have had good luck with nursing tank tops. I tend to wear a lot of layers too, and it is nice to not have to have my stomach exposed in order to feed my little one. Just an idea. I have 4 and I wear them everyday.

Mrs. Anna T said...


We certainly didn't buy anything for the baby, because of the custom you've mentioned, but we didn't refuse gifts. Most of the things are stored at my mother's home, until the baby's birth.

Anonymous said...

You'll probably need more baby things than you think you do now!! Just be prepared...and realize motherhood isn't quite as romantic as we picture it while pregnant!! It's great, but it's also a lot of work (and not a lot of sleep!) I hope your blog will reflect this, as it seems many women only share their joys and not their stuggles!

Kristi said...

You are looking wonderful! I really like the outfit you are wearing in those pictures. It is great when you can make your non-maternity clothes last so long into a pregnancy.
I pray you have a wonderful 2-3 months of carrying your baby inside, and then of course, a smooth labor and the joy of carrying your baby in your arms!

Mrs. Anna T said...


Let's put it this way: I've talked to people, and many told me they ended up needing items they didn't think about at all prior to the baby's birth, while at the same time not needing things that were supposed to be "absolute must-haves".

We'll just get what we need when we need it. :-)

You're right when you mention most women don't like to mention their personal struggles on public forums. I try to strike a balance between being real and not complaining too much - after all, I want to keep positive and offer encouragement.

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Mrs. T,

You have such a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing your joy through this blog. Thank you, too, for sharing your photographs; it's been a "few" years since I lived in Israel as a girl, and your photographs bring back happy memories.

Agape always,
Cynthia Berenger

Bethany Hudson said...

Yay for the third trimester! I think it was my favorite part of pregnancy, not the least because I could feel my daughter moving so much throughout each day. It made her seem so "present". Plus, getting that belly is too fun! My husband always says he's looking forward to the next time I "look pregnant" :)

Susan B said...

Anna, Thank you for sharing your pictures. You look wonderful. I remember when I was pregnant (many years ago)with my daughters, feeling them kick was one of the wonders of pregnancy. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh congratulations, Anna! This was my favorite part of being pregnant with my first child. Tho it was the worst part for my second! And you are soooo right about not really needing the "must haves". Wait and see what you really need. I found that I never used a baby bathtub, I bought a bath sponge for around five dollars and I'm still using it for Serena; all I need to do is fill the big tub about two inches, lay the sponge down and then in goes baby. This also worked out great for the first few baths before the cord fell off since she doesn't get submerged.

My personal nursing advice is to get help now; take a class and make sure you have contact information for an LC handy, and be sure to set up a meeting with one at the first sign of any possible nursing trouble. If I had done that with my children, I would likely have had better success.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Looking great, Anna!.....& very stylish too, I must say.


Hills of Joy said...

I love the photos! I so enjoy seeing pictures of beautiful Jerusalem! And of course, you!!

You look so content. Everthing in life involves some hard work, and of course, parenthood is no different. I think we are all adults and realise that parenthood brings with it some challenges...
but there is no need to always state the obvious, but rather rejoice in the blessings - which you do beautifully. Your posts reflect a heart that embraces 'come-what-may', with faith and peacefulness. You DO appear very balanced in my opinion ;o)

Enyoy this blessed time together as husband and wife, joyfully anticipating the soon arrival of your precious baby girl...


ps. I hope my comment hasn't doubled-up... I think I lost my first one, so redid it.

MamaF said...

Hello Anna,

your words took me back in time, the first pregnancy is such a blessed time. Not that the following are not, but the first time you experience the feeling of a 'new human being' inside you... well words can't describe. Can't belive MY first born will turn nine in april ! Enjoy every second of your child before and after her birth ! Stay well !

Joann Allen said...

Anna~ I have probably a dumb question but I will ask it anyway what is this holiday you are talking about Sukkot?? I obviously am not Jewish so don't know a lot about the different holidays celebrated. If the answer is rather long maybe you could just point me in the right direction to find the info. I had never heard this Holiday name before.
Your pictures are great, it is just beautiful there. You are looking well also.

Mrs. Anna T said...


Just Google "Sukkot" or "Feast of Tabernacles", and you'll get plenty of info!

Buffy said...

You are looking very healthy and sound like you are enjoying this period of pregnancy. I hope you still have time to blog next year!!

Joann Allen said...

Anna~ Thank you I will, I always enjoy reading or hearing about different religious holidays.
Thanks again

Dawn said...

Lovely pictures Anna! Ever think about professional photography? :) Even with a digital camera my pictures comes out all blurry and Oh well! just a few short weeks, your wee one will be here! Hooray! I think all of your blog readers can't wait for the blessed day. :-)

Michelle in Scotland is in labor, well, the beginning stages of labor as I type this. :-) She lost her mucus plug already and is having really hard contractions on and off. Thankfully the midwives arrived at her home on Wednesday. So pretty soon you and I will know if she has a boy or girl. :-)

Have a safe and blessed weekend with your hubby!

G-d Bless You!

H and S said...

I agree with Heather about the nursing tank tops.

They are FABULOUS and will continue being worn long after the birth. They make a great substitute for maternity bras, which I always found uncomfortable over the top of the tummy, especially in the last few weeks (currently I'm in my fifth pregnancy).

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. It appears that there were many Ethiopian people there. Is this correct? We have adopted children from Ethiopia, and they are such beautiful people!
And, you do have that pregnancy glow to you! Motherhood IS a beautiful and wonderful thing! There is no higher calling in my opinion that to be entrusted by God, the care of these precious gifts He blesses us with!
God bless you as you journey through your final phases of pregnancy and enter into glorious motherhood!

Rose said...

You look so beautiful and radiant Anna.
I can't believe that you are now already 6 and half months pregnant.
Thankyou for sharing your day with us.

Many Blessings

Mrs. Anna T said...


Wow! Can't believe this! I hope all goes smoothly for Michelle.

The pictures were taken by my husband. He's really quite good at photography. Maybe once he'll go professional.


Yes, these are Ethiopian Jews in their lovely traditional costumes. We couldn't resist capturing them on a photo!

Sheri said...

You look beautiful! I am so happy for you Anna, and I'm praying for you, your husband, and your precious baby girl!

CappuccinoLife said...

Ohhh! Ohhh! I spotted some beautiful Ethiopians. :) My Ethiopian husband has always been fascinated with the Jewish community in his country (sadly dwindling). They ahve such an amazing story!

I'm glad you and baby are doing well. You look great!

Mrs. Anna T said...


I don't think the Ethiopian Jewish community is dwindling; I suppose most of them are simply in Israel now, right where they belong.

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful mama!!!!

-Rachelle PW

Karen said...

You look beautiful! I didn't wear much in the way of maternity clothes at all with my first baby either. I wore mostly things with elastic waists and big t-shirts!

Anonymous said...

Anna - You look so beautiful!

I enjoy reading your blog and love seeing the pictures. You live in such a beautiful place.

Thanks for sharing your life with us!


Emily G. said...

Anna, you look beautiful! I am in week 28 with my first. I've been enjoying following your pregnancy as it is timed so closely with my own. I bet you are so excited. I hope and pray things continue to go well for you in these last ten weeks!