Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another week on its way

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful weekend. We spent a lovely, relaxed Shabbat here at home - which ended way too soon. Though of course, it means there's another week to look forward to!

Sunday mornings around here are probably similar to Monday mornings for most of my readers. I like to begin my week in a slow manner. On Sundays, we usually still have plenty of leftovers and bakery from before Shabbat so there's no need to cook, and the house most often needs just a general tidying up. It's a perfect day for planning what will need to be done during the week, digging in the garden, and doing things I normally don't have time to do.

I spent some time pulling weeds today, and in the process uncovered a patch of mint which unexpectedly sprung up thanks to the rains we've had lately. What a nice surprise - I hope now it can grow freely. I once wanted to plant some mint in a pot on a kitchen shelf, but never got around to that.

Last night, my husband and I spent about three hours figuring out the secrets of my sewing machine, and much to our pleasure it finally seems to be doing what it's supposed to do. I truly couldn't have done this alone, so I'm very thankful for a pair of skilled manly hands here around the house. I hope to practice a bit more once I finish my lunch - which includes, today, leftover bean-and-veggie soup, leftover potato salad, and some liberally buttered home-baked bread from Thursday.

The picture above is of a fluffy chicken we saw not long ago. I find the thought of having a few of these cuties around here nearly irresistible. Anyway, we are still trying to figure out what it is exactly, because there was no one to ask. I thought perhaps one of you ladies might know and tell me.


Andrea said...

Your Sunday sounds lovely! So very relaxing; I wish you all the joy of it :)

I'm sure you probably have a reply or two waiting in moderation already, but your feathered friend looks like a Silkie to me :) They are a funny little bird in a lot of ways-- they have five toes on each foot, black skin, and are so sweet and calm that they're often kept as pets. They're not very prolific layers but the hens are supposed to be pretty much unsurpassed as mothers-- even the males have been noted to have strong parental instincts. I spent a lot of time this summer looking into the possibility of a small chicken coop, and I found that this was one of the breeds that appealed to me the most.

Ace said...

Hi Anna, I LOVE YOUR NEW PICTURE! You look so happy! The joy of marriage and Motherhood all over your face. God Bless you honey!

I just wanted to pass something on I learned from other nursing Moms. Do not eat anything with any kind of mint in it once you have your baby and while you are nursing. Maybe not for at least a month before you give birth.
It will decrease your milk supply..a LOT. I was having weird problems with supply and couldn't figure it out. I was drinking mint tea all the time. Once I stopped it took at least a week to get things straigtened out and then I never had a supply problem again.

I also stayed away from using most essential oils (there are warnings on most of them for pregant and nursing moms, the oils are absorbed in your skins right away and can affect the baby). I was using mint in my cleaning products and soaps (mixing them by hand) and to keep pests away. I did still use my mint castile soap, but mostly on my face.

Ah, but mint smells so clean and lovely when your pregnant :)

Many Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new photo of you smiling on your side bar!


Mrs. Anna T said...

Ace - yes, I've heard I should avoid certain herbs, such as mint and salvia, as well any teas made from them, while nursing. Thanks!

Leanna said...

Your new photo is just beautiful - you are just glowing! That's a very nice looking chicken too. I've never seen anything like him before. If you do get some chickens I wonder how they'll get along with the duck. :-)

Naomi Rebecca said...


Great new picture on your side-bar. You must be getting excited about your new addition. :) We are half-way along and starting to look forward to #5.


Anonymous said...

I just had to say that I, too, like your smiling photo. Although your others always reminded me of the Mona Lisa-so serene looking. :-)
Your Sundays and ours are very similar-my dh goes back to work on Sunday and we begin homeschool on Sunday so that we can take off all day Friday to prepare for Shabbat.
It won't be much longer now for baby-although the last 2 months were always the longest to me.
Chickens are loads of fun-we've had white leghorns and currently have buff orpingtons. I think you'd enjoy having a few.

Emily G. said...

I agree that it is probably a Silkie, but I've never seen one without feathers on its legs. Usually their legs and feet are completely covered with fine, downy feathers. Silkies are an ornamental breed, not much used for anything but exhibition showing. They do lay, but not as prolifically as a breed meant just for laying.

Here's Wikipedia on Silkies:

Cute new photo!

Anonymous said...

I've just come across your blog from the comment you left on Rhonda Jean's Down-To-Earth blog. I really like it and look forward to visiting again!


Susan B said...

The new picture on your sidebar is lovely. You look so happy and content, as I'm sure you are. Your Sunday sounds so lovely too, nice and relaxing. The pictures of the flowers are very pretty. Are they from your yard?

Bethany Hudson said...

I am loving that chicken! I have never seen a chicken that looked like it had fur instead of feathers.

Stephanie said...

That IS a cute looking chicken... It looks like its playing dress-up in a fur coat!

I always enjoy reading your posts! Blessings to you and your family.

Bonnie S said...

Hi Anna,

yes that is a Bantem Silkie. They are lovely chooks. I used to have one! They lay small eggs.

lady jane said...

What an absolutely breathtaking photo of you, dear Anna. You're beautiful and the joy known in your heart is so evident. I agree with Leanna - you're glowing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna,
I agree with the lady who posted first - that is definitely a Chinese Silkie :)


Mrs.KAOS said...

Sewing machines can be little rascals; but the joys and benefits of sewing far out way the occasional difficulty the machine will give a person. I hope you enjoy your sewing and your week.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Susan, these aren't from are yard; my husband took this photo when we visited his old school a couple of weeks ago.

ladyakofa said...

Great picture you have on the side bar, Anna!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Oh, and thanks for telling me about this little chicken, everyone! I've read a bit about silkies now, and they look too cute :-) . I suppose other breeds can be more practical in matters of eggs though.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what kind of chicken this is....he's kind of cute, isn't he? I want to say that I like the new photo of yourself you've posted.


Andrea said...

Anna, how practical they are really depends on how many eggs you need. If you eat a lot of eggs and/or if you want to make a business selling them, you would definitely need several prolific layers. Since I had no plans to market the eggs and we don't even eat a lot of eggs in our house (we mostly use them for baking) Silkies appealed to me due to their temperament and also because I liked the thought that I wouldn't be wasting any of their hard work ;)

Anonymous said...

Careful with the mint! It spreads like wildfire if it's even given half a chance. I still have to weed out a whole load of stray mint over the rest of my herb bed at home.

I do like the new picture of you :-)

God Bless