Thursday, November 6, 2008

An exciting update

Michelle has given birth to her first-born - a sweet baby girl named Elspeth! Congratulations, dear friend! I know hearing that Mom and baby are fine comes as a great relief to all who contacted me, anxiously asking about whether I have any news. I admit I've been biting my nails.

Wishing you a wonderful and beautiful journey of motherhood!


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful-I just checked her blog last night wondering if there was any news.
Please express my congratulations to her as I know she does not have commenting on her blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

A big congratulations to Michelle! Please pass along my warmest regards,


Neuropoet said...

Please congratulate Michelle for me - I just saw the wonderful news on her blog this morning! Elspeth is a lovely name too!


Lady M said...


What wonderful news! I had assumed that baby probably arrived since she had not posted anything in a while. I am thrilled to hear that the little one arrived safely and it sounds like all are doing well!

Please pass on congratulations!

Melisa H

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Michelle! I am sorry she doesn't allow comments. I'm sure many people out there wish her well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Michelle!!!! I hope you'll allow comments soon. Beautiful story of the birth you wrote up ;o). Anne

Wenonah4th said...

Echoing others, I hope she checks here and sees the congratulations from your mutual readers!

Anonymous said...

congratulations and best wishes to Michelle. For a confused moment, I thought the new mom was Mrs. Anna and was concerned, as that blessed event is not due for a while....prayers always for you and your little one.