Thursday, November 27, 2008

From yesterday's walk

Pine cones. Aren't they simply beautiful, and beautiful in their simplicity?

Me, doing a bit of tree-hugging. Can you believe I still fit into this pre-pregnancy skirt?! And it doesn't even have an elastic waist band!

Some lovely cyclamens, leaves and flowers, growing in the wild. Apparently, they love to grow right in the shade of pine trees. The area looks very promising - many leaves, and a few first blooms. We will need to get back there in a couple of weeks - I hope the patch is covered with cyclamen blooms by then. One of my favorite Israeli wildflowers.

Today, we are hosting a party in honor of our new home. We're only inviting our closest family, which means there will be about twenty people. :o) As you can imagine, this means I must do many preparations, so I will leave you with just a quick hello for now. Wishing all you ladies the most wonderful weekend!


Rose said...

I had no idea cyclamens were an Israeli wildflower! We grow them in pots and enjoy them each year.

Dear Anna, you look marvellous!

From your Aussie pal, Rose

Mrs. Anna T said...

Rose, cyclamens grow in the wild all over the Middle East, I believe, including Israel, Lebanon and Iran.

There are also some cultivated cyclamens, which are usually bigger than the wild variety, and often have brighter colors (like strong pink).

We thought of taking some of these beauties to re-plant in our garden, but were hesitant. Cyclamens are protected by law in Israel - they became nearly extinct a few years ago because of people picking them, and we wouldn't want to risk destroying such beautiful flowers for our self-indulgence.

Slice of life said...

Hello there, just popped over from Frugal green.

I have only read a small amount from your blog, but I have already found a gem in the links on the side bar for modest clothing. Thank you and I will return

lady jane said...

I rec'd a cyclamen plant a few weeks ago as a gift. The blossom is deep red and sooo lovely. I had no idea this plant is Israeli. How perfectly perfect!

You're lovely, MrsAnnaT. You're glowing and beautifully 'with child'. What a blessed time in your life, dear friend.

((( hug )))

Ways of Zion said...

you look amazing! Good for you throwing a party...such fun...btw love your headcovering I have the same one (which needs to be washed ;-( )

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun at the party.. I always enjoy family gatherings (even when it means extra work :D). You look glowing and the pine cones are so pretty!


Andrea said...

Wow you guys still have flowers! What's the temperature there? We're buckling down for our second snowfall here, and currently enmeshed in a lovely, thick fog that makes the house feel very cosy indeed.

You and the baby look lovely-- I am sure the word has been woefully overused in this context, but "radiant" really does seem to apply, here!

Sue said...

Oh, you are such a lovely pregnant lady!

I love cyclamens. I had never heard of them until I came to Japan. You can see them in pots all over the place at this time of year, but not in the wild (as far as I know, anyway). I have some on my balcony.

Susan B said...

Dear Anna,
I hope you had a lovely party. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures, you look so wonderful!! I'm using pine cones as the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving meal. I think they are beautiful too. Take care.

rhonda jean said...

Hello Anna dear. I just popped over to say hello and here I find a lovely photo of you and your hidden baby. You look so healthy and happy!

Further to your comment yesterday on my blog, I wanted to tell you that buckets to catch the cold water in Aussie showers is almost common now. It's a great thing you're doing. In countries such as ours, every drop helps.

Your advice to Courtney is wise. She can't go wrong following your lead.

I hope your party is going well. I am there in spirit.

My best regards to you and Mr T.

Anonymous said...

I hope your party went well.

You look very well, it is amazing that you still fit into your pre-pregnancy skirts - I can't even fit into many of my pre-marriage skirts and that is in less than a year!