Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcoming a new week

Sunday mornings, which are very similar here to descriptions of Monday mornings throughout the world, are normally busy. There's work left from the weekend to do, and also plans to make for the week ahead. If I use my time efficiently, Sunday is productive and helps me set the entire week in motion. If not much gets done on Sunday, I will often see during the week that I am no longer in control of what I need to do. This Sunday was especially important, since we'll be absent from home for a couple of days during the week, which means appropriate planning is needed.

From a post on the wonderfully inspiring "Down to Earth" blog:
"My simple life is about a mindful rhythm of work that bubbles along at an easy pace, it's about consistency of purpose and it's about focus and getting my jobs done."

This morning, to my disappointment, started a tad late, but later on I managed to catch up and all my morning jobs were done before lunch. Bedding was changed, and now our bedroom, with clean fresh sheets and blankets and plump soft pillows, looks wonderfully inviting. Laundry was washed and hanged outside to dry in the cool wind and sunshine.

By the way, to the ladies who asked about how we manage with only one load per week, I thought about this long and hard and I suppose our "secret" is quite simple: we only wash what needs to be washed. Nothing is tossed into the hamper simply because it was used; an item is washed when it's dirty, stained, sweaty and/or smelly. Thus, while we do change our underwear every day, our upper layers of clothing don't really need to be washed that often. This saves us water, electricity, detergent, and wear and tear on the clothes, not to mention valuable time.

After quickly washing the dishes left from breakfast (and, ahem, last night's dinner), I started the daunting task of setting the second bedroom - which, to my shame, has fallen into a state of complete mess - in order. I made some very satisfying progress there, as well as in tidying up our living room, and even puttered around the garden a bit before going on lunch break. Now that lunch is over, I will start afternoon chores, such as making dinner, and after kitchen is cleaned up, I look forward to a quiet hour with my crocheting and a good book.

Wishing a wonderful week to all you ladies,

Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

As you say, you're description is very much like my Mondays. To me the start of each new week is almost like New Years; time for a fresh start. This is why I plan all of my most important chores for Monday and Tuesday (bathroom and kitchen, respectively) and save things slightly less important (dusting the Living Room) for Friday.

With another little one in the house, I've finally seen a significant increase in the number of loads of laundry that I do each week. She spits up quite a lot so I have to change her clothes far more frequently than I would otherwise (the smell of formula spit up is horrid).

God Bless!

Anonymous said... load a week. I am so jealous. I do 3-4 A DAY. And we don't just chuck things in the wash either...sheets are changed every 8-10 days, each person has a bath towel for 3-4 days, kids' pjs are worn for 3-4 days (in the summer, of course, these are all changed more often).
However, all the kids' clothes are pretty much washed every day. They need it...think little kids and preteen boys. Except for jeans and jean skirts, which go for 2 or 3 days. And hand towels are changed everyday, as are kitchen towels.

So much laundry. Guess I should be grateful we have so many clothes to wash.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Well, as I pick up hints from Moms, I expect we'll do much more laundry with a little one around, and even more with a few of them. :o)

Dawn said...

With it being just me and my beloved, I end up doing about 3 (sometimes 4 if I am doing bedding that week)loads per week. I don't mind. Laundry is my favorite chore!
We chose not to have a dryer and hubby still hasn't put a clothesline up so I use drying racks. My mom thinks that makes me They do the trick for us. :-)

I have been working on our 2nd bedroom as well and it is looking much better, but not all the way finished yet.

Hope you have a safe and productive week ahead dear one!


Lori said...

I love clean sheet night! And of course it's o.k. to wash last night's dishes with the breakfast dishes. Relaxing together in the evening is important! Always love a fresh start.

Krystyna said...

I've previously noticed a fairly large gap in mentality between the Western world and ex-communist countries in the area of washing clothes. I first noticed it when I read a frugal tip on a US website: to wash trousers every other day as more often isn't neccessary and less washing will reduce wear. I was quite shocked as in my part of Europe those garments would get washed after at least a week of wear (unless dirty, sweaty etc). Obviously things like shirts are a different matter, but I'd be willing to bet a difference still exists there.

But I'm still not sure how you manage the one load a week, though :) In a comparable household, I think we do two, but then, I've never really counted.

I like the spot of sunshine in the picture, by the way.

Anonymous said...

And wishing you a wonderful week, too, Anna!! I feel exactly as you do regarding the beginning of the week....I can budget my time wisely, or, "if I fail to plan, I've planned to fail." I've learned this the hard way (I'm ashamed to say)...planning makes all the difference!


Susan B said...

Hi Anna,
Sounds like a lovely, but busy day! Mondays are always a fresh start to the week for me too. I love tidying up from the weekend, and starting my daily cleaning chores. (I also love it when the sheets are freshly changed and I get into bed at night.) (0:

Anonymous said...

I envy your life as a home maker. I will be one soon, but God isnt letting me yet. I find your posts encouraging though, and give me ideas to prepare my self for whenever that time comes.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Krystyna: my husband has a neat clean job, which means his clothes are hardly ever really dirty/stained. He can wear the same pair of jeans for weeks, and believe it or not, they'll be clean. He won't let me wash them unless they are actually sweaty. :o)

His parents are from north Africa, and water was scarce in the desert. Perhaps that's why even now, doing laundry more often than necessary is considered a waste.

Otter Mom said...

When we first got married, my husband was employed by a company that painted parking lots. We eventually opened our own business in the same industry. There is very little else that will get clothes quite as dirty and smelly as working out on a hot parking lot that's been baking in the sun all day long, especially if it's freshly sealcoated. I used to literally have to wash his jeans with 409 cleaner to get the dirt out. I was very glad when he went back to school for his degree and got an indoor job! There are a lot of things that we wear more than once between washing, but it depends on the days activities. Have a good week!