Monday, December 8, 2008

Days are speeding by

Good morning/afternoon/night, everyone! After a weekend away from home, and my husband working from home yesterday, it's hard to describe how fast we rushed through the last three days. Now I'm here on my own, fully geared for a day which will hopefully be both pleasant and productive.

Yesterday we had plenty of sunshine around here - not so good in terms of rain (so far, this winter has been pretty dry, which will hopefully change yet), but on the other hand, excellent for laundry, rows and rows of which are now hanging on the clothesline, waiting to be taken in, folded, sorted and put away.

There's also a sinkful of dishes to be washed; rooms to be tidied; some errands and grocery shopping; and before I start dinner, I hope to get some work done on a couple of continuing projects I'm tackling around here, trying to complete as much as I can before our little one arrives.

So now that I'm energized by my morning cup of cocoa, I will roll up my sleeves and get to work. I'm wishing all you ladies the most wonderful day!

* Picture: Mr. Duck used to be very suspicious of us at first, but now he has been successfully tamed and roams our yard at all hours.


Margaret said...

lol! I just have to laugh at your comment about the cocoa, because I love to have cocoa in the mornings too!

Out Back said...

Dear Felicity,

I feel a a sense of excitement happening with the impending arrival of your sweet little babe. Only one month to go, then you will be kept very busy.

I am a regular visitor to your blog although I don't always get to leave a comment. I enjoy reading about what is occuring in your life and I wish you, your husband and soon to be baby all the very best.


Tracy said...

I think it's funny how the duck has become used to you. Oh, those last few weeks before the baby arrives: it seems there's always something to be done. Just make sure to take it slow, place your hand on that precious belly, and enjoy this side of the pregnancy, too!

Betsy said...

Hi Anna,

I enjoy reading your blog so much. I have two little girls myself, ages 2 years and 8 months. I see a lot of similarities between us, we both love being busy and getting things done!

I know it's unasked for advice which can be very annoying, but as you enter your last few weeks of pregnancy I wanted to encourage you to try to get rest every day, and even nap if at all possible. Your body is putting forth a great deal of energy and is preparing for a very strenuous event, giving birth, so it is the wise and responsible thing to do for your daughter, husband, and yourself to make sure you are physically prepared. Think of it as part of your exercise routine. Or consider birth like a major sport event such as running a marathon. No one would attempt that without weeks of preparation and very thoroughly resting up before so as to have full strength!

I moved two months before my first child was born, and had a very hard time feeling like the house wasn't ready for my beautiful daughter to come home to. But it would have been far wiser and healthier for all of us if I'd been more at peace with getting adequate rest before the birth. My second birth was far easier on everyone because I made naps a higher priority. Don't worry about what baby thinks about the house, she'll be much better off with a rested, peaceful mommy. Plus when people come by after the birth and ask if there's anything they can do to help, you can give them a task and let them have the joy of knowing they are blessing you and your family.



Mrs. Anna T said...

Hi Betsy,

To be honest, I'm not so concerned about setting up a pretty room for the baby - I know she will need a clean, warm, and thoroughly aired room, but other than that, I don't fuss.

I *am* trying to complete a few projects which will be more difficult to do with a little one around, and as this involves bending, lifting, going up and down the stairs, etc, I consider it also an important part of exercising.

As for naps, I would gladly take them - if I didn't "suffer" from energy bursts which lead to insomnia... which means I simply can't sleep. When I'm tired, I try to listen to my body and sleep, though.

Ace said...

Hi Anna, Glad to hear you are well. I just had to laugh when you said you suffer from energy bursts that lead to insomnia...LOLO. That is part of the plan too. I had two babies in two years and had this happen while I was pregnant as well. You later realize that the times you are up now...that is when your baby is going to be up.

With the second one I started training her in the womb that night was night and we were laying down (as much as I could) but both of my girls still wake up when my dh leaves for work at night. Just like I would wake up and have some insomia at that exact time when I was pregnant with both of them.

I finally accepted the fact that I would never sleep like I used to again for quite some time and just went with it, my body certainly knew what it was doing. Great thing for you is this is your first and you can lay down and sleep whenever she does. I lay down and nurse allnight and get some blissful sleep that way (so sweet to cuddle too). Ah, those were the days :)

BTW, keep the duck around. He will probably make your little one laugh on days when she is sad or teething. Love my dog even more on those days when only watching a dog roll over will make them giggle.
Many Blessings:)

Dawn said...

Mondays always seem the busiest days after Sabbath. It's a good feeling though. :-)

I hope you get everything you need to accomplished this week!

Blessing to you and your family for a nice and safe week.


American Maiden said...

Mrs. T,
I have been so challenged and encouraged by your blog. I don't know how you feel about receiving blogging awards, but I gave you one on my blog!

Ways of Zion said...

What a nice photo of Mr. Duck! have you thought of getting chickens? What a good idea getting jobs done before Baby arrives, I always tried (usually not getting them all done) making a list of things in the house "trouble" zones to work on before baby!

Cannot wait to "meet" your little blessing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna! I, too, enjoy reading about your day to day happenings and am looking forward to the birth of your babe. reading your post reminds me of what they used to call "in the old days", nesting. A few weeks before baby comes, mama usually gets this huge burst of energy and does a spring cleaning, of sorts, preparing for baby's arrival. Since my baby is now 33 years old, it is hard for me to remember those days and I would be okay to have a few of those days again!!! Regina

Kate Anderson said...

Hello Anna!

Just wanted to say Hi! I came across your blog the other day while googleing something else. I just want to say I already adore you! :-) I love what you stand for. I am so intriqued by your Jewish heritage as well. I myself am Christian but am learning so much about the Jewish faith. Right now I am doing a bible study that is all about the Jewish marriage ceremony and traditions. The whole Bible (that I read old and new testments) is one big story about a wedding between God's people (the bride) and the messiah (the bridegroom). It is so fascinating!!! I also am in a class right now on the Torah. I am learning so much. I even have my sabbeth days starting Friday at sundown now and take them through Saterday. I am IN LOVE with the Jewish faith and traditions. The way you talk and what you stand forl...we really have So much in common. I so respect the way you are living you life. I so wish we could have coffee :-) Do you live anywhere near Toledo OH? Hope you and your hubby are well. Take care.

27 - Toledo, OH

Mrs. Anna T said...


We live in Israel. :o)

Mrs. Anna T said...

... and yes, we're thinking of getting a couple of chickens, just not sure what breed yet.