Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish readers! Yesterday, my husband and I lit the very first Hanukkah candle in our home - what a special moment. To the rest of you dears, I wish a very pleasant holiday season. To all of us, lots of good food and spending time with family.

Thank you for all your kind, thoughtful words of advice about the headaches I've been suffering. I'm happy to say that it seems I've nailed down two major triggers of headache: energy-saving light bulbs and computer screens. Replacing the light bulbs, cutting down on overall computer time and working in stretches no longer than 15 minutes has helped tremendously, and yesterday and today my headaches have been much more manageable.

Being sensitive to energy-saving light bulbs explains why I've previously suffered from headaches during the evening and night - after I've been exposed to them for hours. I wanted to pass this along, in case it helps someone else who is suffering from migraine-type headache. I'm no longer sleep deprived because of the pain, which makes things so much better. I still plan to visit a neurologist, but since I'm so close to my due date, I'm pretty sure we'll take the "wait and see" approach anyway.

Added: thankfully, reading a book or doing needlework do not have the same effect as reading from a computer screen, and don't seem to be headache triggers. I'm so glad about that. Give me an evening to curl up on the couch with a good book and some crocheting or knitting, and I'm happy.

I still feel as though I've been a bit under the weather, perhaps even with a little cold thrown in, but now I can pick things up again and do bit by bit all the things I planned for the next two weeks - clean every nook and cranny, wash the baby's little outfits and blankets, and pack my bag. Oh, and I should also cook and/or bake something for our neighbour next door, whose baby boy was born three days ago. :o) Won't it be fun to have two little babies in two houses side by side?

Reducing time spent in front of the computer screen means I might be late in replying to emails, but eventually I believe I will answer each one. Thank you again, ladies, and I hope to "talk" to you soon!

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Tracy said...

Oh, it WILL be great fun to have two babies side by side! I hope your headaches continue to improve.

Erik said...

Oh wow, am I off! I was SURE it started today! This will be my boy and I's first year of celebrating so we might be a bit awkward in our celebration but we will make it fun one way or another.

On the headaches... Not sure what type of lights you are using, but I know some of the lights flicker very rapidly. Most of us don't pick up on this flickering, but some people do and it is the source of the headaches. Similarly, the refresh rates of the flat panel monitors can cause the same problems. I dont have a problem with the lights, but I do with the monitors.

If you can't avoid the lights, try wearing sunglasses. That should help you out with those. For the monitor, check and see if you can up the refresh rate. A higher refresh rate will smooth out the screen and alleviate or eliminate your headaches. Or, failing that, switch back to an old LCD monitor. They can be bought used for super cheap. Just keep that refresh rate up.

Rosemary said...

You had been on my mind a lot.I was so upset that you were suffering severe headaches. I am glad that you have been able to find some relief. Take care and happy nesting.

Rachel said...

I don't know what kind of energy saving light bulbs you were using, but the compact flourescent ones have mercury in them and are NOT good. While being so energy saving, they are very dangerous if broken and require a lengthy clean up procedure! I hope this isn't a contributing factor to your headaches.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Erik, the thing with Jewish days is that they actually start at night. :o) It can be confusing.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy the headaches have improved some. I don't suffer very often from them, myself, but when one does come....well,as you say, it's agony.

Your first Hanukkah as husband & wife! How exciting! I wish you & Mr. T a blessed week ahead. :o)

as always,

lady jane said...

Hanukkah blessings to you and your dear husband, Anna.


Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah!


Marianne said...

Happy Holidays to you and your family, Anna.

Lady M said...

Happy Hanukkah!

I have a very good friend who's daughter is very much bothered by the "energy" saving bulbs and by the traditional fluorescent bulbs (like what would be found in an office).

Getting the good old original light bulbs in your fixtures should help tremendously (especially since you will not be in a work environment).

Have a wonderful week and enjoy what sleep you can get over the next couple of weeks - take lots of naps - you will miss them and the nighttime sleep, lol!

Bethany Hudson said...

Happy Hanukkah, Anna! I'm so glad to hear that you've found your heaache triggers and are able to manage things better. I am so jealous that you have a neighbor with a baby! (And that you actually know your neighbors). We only know a few of ours, as people are typically very private in this part of the US and also very busy (ie away from home ALL the time). Not the best atmosphere for a housewife. It can get sort of lonely. I would love to have other women around during the day with little ones!

Anonymous said...

A Happy Hanukkah to you and your family, Anna! Have a blessed and joyful holiday season. This year, too, as it was last year, your writings have been very inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts with us readers. :)


Jennifer in Toronto said...

Dear Anna,

I am a fairly new reader, but have been thoroughly enjoying reading your posts.
It is good to hear that your headaches are improving, they are never fun, especially in pregnancy! You are right, it will be great fun to have another baby next door. Best wishes to you as you prepare for your daughter's arrival, and blessings for a very happy Hanukkah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah, Anna!
I'm glad to hear you're doing better.
You are in my prayers for sure....

Blessings to you and your family!

Tracy said...

I celebrate Christmas. I want to wish youa very joyous Hanukkah!!!
I would love to learn more about how you celebrate it!!

Rose said...

Happy Hanukkah Anna!

I'm so glad you found the cause of the headaches and are able to reduce them.

Best wishes from your Aussie mate, Rose

Relle said...

Hi Anna!
I hope you make many warm memories with friends and family this holiday season! I'm glad you found the triggers of your headaches. I've heard that those kinds of light-bulbs can be a nightmare for headache sufferers. Sounds like your busy preparing for the baby! :o)


Otter Mom said...

Happy Hannukah!

You might see about different eye glasses, I've heard of people who have to have special lenses because of eye-related computer screen problems.

Samara said...

Happy Hanukkah, Anna! I dreamed last night that you were in labor for Hanukkah :) One of my best friends and her husband also lit their first candle last night, part of a revival of their faith that they'd set aside for most of their lives. Now that they are parents, much has changed for them and for the better. It made me think of you- hence the dream. Hope all is well for you during the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah to you and your family!! You know even though you don't celebrate Christmas, it is prefectly good that Christian's celebrate Hanukkah or the Feast of Dedication! We know and understand the miracle of the oil and the cleansing of the temple after it had been defiled! We praise the Lord for His faithfulness to His people everywhere! He always has and will keep His promises!

Susan B said...

Dear Anna,
Happy Hanukkah to you and your husband. I pray it is a joyful time for you.

I am glad to hear that your headaches are improving, now that you have discovered the triggers.
Take care.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Mrs Anna, I'm not the least bit Jewish, but I'd like to wish a Happy Hanukkah to you.

Mother of Dog said...

Happy Hanukah, Mrs. Anna T! Here's one secular Jew that absolutely loves your blog, and admires your faith. :)

Tal said...

חג שמח!

Slice of life said...

Happy Hanukah Mrs Anna and family.

Allison said...

I have not independently researched this, but I have heard that the wavelength of fluorescent bulbs can cause migraines.

Related, the blue wavelengths emitted by televisions and computers suppress melatonin production. Shutting off these devices a few hours before bedtime or covering these screens with a blue light filter (about $60 for a computer screen) will improve your sleep.

Finally, regularly cleaning the computer screen will cut eye strain. Eye strain can cause headaches.

Happy Hunukkah! I think the warm, crispy latkes more than make up for the gefilte fish in a few months :)


AnneK said...

We are busy with Christmas celebrations here, but wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and a safe and healthy delivery.


Lena M said...